7 Best Free SIEM Tools in 2024 (Open Source)

Published Date : Nov 24, 2023
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Best Free SIEM Tools

Here are some of the best free SIEM tools for you to try in 2024. Try out any of the best SIEM software you like. 

Information and event management systems for security are widely employed by enterprises of all sizes, even the ones that are quite small. Open-source security information and event management systems are attractive to new users due to the inexpensive licensing costs and expanding feature sets offered by these systems. Which open source free SIEM tools [security information and event management (SIEM)] systems are now available, and how do their features compare to those of the standard business offerings?

The best SIEM software solutions used to be reserved exclusively for big enterprises; but, in recent years, these systems have become more popular among organizations of all sizes. Open-source security information and event management systems are attractive to new users due to the inexpensive licensing costs and expanding feature sets offered by these systems.

Which open-source security information and event management (SIEM) systems are now available, and how do their features compare to those of the standard business offerings? Let’s try to find out the answer.

Top 7 Best Free SIEM Tools for You in 2024

To figure out which one of the best free SIEM tools can fit your requirements, just go through the entire list and read the description to make an informed decision.

1. FortiSIEM


FortiSIEM is the first one of the best free SIEM tools that gives users access to a broad variety of capabilities. It is designed for use by security operations teams. This platform is capable of automating operations such as the creation of asset inventories and using cutting-edge behavioral analytics in order to rapidly identify and react to potential threats.

In addition to this, this is the best SIEM software that has a configuration management database (CMDB) that is completely integrated. FortiSIEM provides a scalable and all-encompassing solution by combining previously separate capabilities, including visibility, correlation, automatic reaction, and remediation.

All of these solutions, unlike other ones in this SIEM tools list, have the fundamental and fundamentally important capabilities of Security Information and Event Management, which include Log collection, Normalization, Notifications and Alerts, Threat Incident Detection, and Incident response. These are the fundamental and fundamentally important capabilities.

Because they are SIEM tools are open source, the general public may use them as they are, while others are modifiable and flexible enough to allow for customization.

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2. Exabeam


Exabeam, another one of the best free SIEM tools, gives customers an easy-to-implement security information and event management platform that is of the third generation. Their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service is a cutting-edge solution that improves security operations.

Best SIEM software services enable businesses to recognize dangers, protect themselves against cyberattacks, and prevail over adversaries. Users get an edge in their fight against insider threats and other types of cybercriminals when they make use of the cloud-scale security log management, behavioral analytics, and automated investigative capabilities offered by Exabeam.

Why is the tool in this SIEM tools list? Among the many many features the ones that rule them all are: strong analytics of behavioral patterns; an investigative process that is fully automated; and management of security logs on a cloud-based scale.

3. Blumira


Blumira, is one of the few best free SIEM tools that offers an all-encompassing solution for IT teams that integrates SIEM, endpoint monitoring, and automated detection and response. This makes the experience of using XDR more simple for IT personnel. Blumira facilitates the identification of possible dangers by capitalizing on its threat detection skills and using these capabilities to their fullest.

Real-time notifications are sent out by this best SIEM software within a minute after initial detection, giving teams the ability to react to threats in a timely manner. Its platform provides prioritized discoveries that have been carefully vetted by its security engineers; this alleviates a significant portion of the load associated with manually reviewing alerts. As the tool manages detections and visibility into the rules, lists of manual and dynamic blockades, and isolation of hosts with automation; it’s amongst the top ones in this SIEM tools list.

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4. Panther


Let’s have a look at the next one of the best free SIEM tools. Panther’s integration with the organization’s cloud data platform makes the process of consolidating security data more simpler, hence making the process itself easier. This best SIEM software simplifies the configuration process for customers by offering pre-built log parsing and detection rules, which results in an increase in operational effectiveness.

In addition, Panther provides versatility by enabling the production of individualized real-time alerts via the use of Python. This SIEM tools open source facilitates the delivery of timely notifications on the user’s chosen platform. A number of well-known destinations, including Slack, Jira, PagerDuty, and others, are automatically supported by the platform out of the box.

5. Security Onion

Security Onion

Security Onion, yet another one of the best free SIEM tools, is a Linux distribution that was developed specifically for the purpose of enterprise intrusion detection and monitoring, sometimes known as ESM. Doug Burks, who went on to establish Security Onion Solutions in 2014, was the one who came up with the idea in 2008 and developed it.

It is a versatile best SIEM software that provides intrusion detection systems (IDS) for both host-based and network-based environments, in addition to Full Packet Capture (FPC).

This one is a feasible alternative in this SIEM tools list, to consider for your company if it is looking for a tool that will make threat hunting and corporate security monitoring, and also delivers the capabilities that are often connected with logging systems. There are so many security technologies that are included in the collection that is known as Security Union.

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6. Splunk Free

Splunk Free

As the name of one of the best free SIEM tools describes, Splunk Free is the free version of Splunk Enterprise, which is the premium version of the software. Splunk Enterprise is an all-encompassing SIEM solution, and it’s free version shares a lot of its capabilities.

However, the free version of this best SIEM software may not be able to manage all of the security demands of your firm, particularly as it continues to expand. You get access to Splunk Free forever, so there is no temporal limit on how much data you may index each day, and the limit is a generous 500 megabytes.

This feature of the SIEM tools open source indicates that you may add some of the new data each day, and as soon as your data size reaches a certain threshold, you can switch to the corporate version. In a nutshell, Splunk is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, both of which enable it to become more adaptable over time and to respond in a more astute manner to potential dangers.

7. Logit.io


Logit.io is the last name on the list of the best free SIEM tools. It offers a SIEM product that is based on hosted ELK and comes at a very reasonable price. ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats are the individual components that make up the ELK Stack. These SIEM products are complementary to one another. In addition, this is the best SIEM software that is an essential component of the design of OSSEC, Apache Metron, SIEM Monster, and Wazuh, which are all programs that are discussed in this blog.

SIEM as a Service is a managed solution that Logit.io provides. It has all of the main components that businesses need in order to protect their operations, and it does it at a price that is among the most competitively priced in the sector. You can be certain that Logit.io offers an optimal solution for scalable Security Information and Event Management thanks to its high availability and service level agreements (SLAs) that go up to 99.999%.

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Summing Up the Best SIEM Software of All Time

We hope that after reviewing this list of open-source best free SIEM tools, you now have a better notion of which application will serve your purposes the most effectively. Even though the tool is widely regarded as the greatest open-source tool, none of these free and open-source products are going to cut it when it comes to providing a solution that is suitable for use in a business setting.

All the SIEM tools (open source) provide a solution that is enterprise-grade in both power and flexibility, and it does it at an affordable price. We cannot recommend these products more highly. In the end, the level of intelligence that these applications have more than compensates for itself.

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