Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps, Tools & Sites in 2024

Published Date : Apr 25, 2024
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Best Free Private Instagram Viewer

You can view a private Instagram page or account with the best applications in this article to protect your treasured ones from online crimes and fraud.

Do you know the number of Instagram users is more than the population of many countries? Yes, it is something strange but true. It is the incredible features of this application that make it a celebrated social network. An option to make the profile private is one of these features. If a profile is private, you cannot get a sneak peek into the user’s life unless you use a private Instagram viewer to view their activities on Instagram.

Though a behavior that resembles stalking is not something we recommend, it is sometimes essential to protect our loved ones from harm. Hence, you can view private Instagram pages to know what your child or a dear one is up to to keep them safe online.

However, finding a reliable tool to see private Instagram is an uphill task. You may get trapped by notorious minds who disguise themselves as such applications to steal account information.

Hence, we researched deeply to find and list the truly trustworthy private Instagram account viewers in the subsequent section of this article. Let us dive right into it without wasting precious time.

Top 7 Best Private Instagram Viewers in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Below are the top applications for seeing private Instagram accounts safely and without getting noticed by the target person.

1. Glassagram


Let us take a look at Glassagram. It is one of the best private Instagram page viewers with seamless data synchronization, an option to download Instagram stories videos and posts, real-time stories watching, a single dashboard for all accounts, and these incredible features.

Key features of Glassagram

  • You can use this app to view the target’s GPS location and phone calls
  • It allows you to configure settings, block users, and unfollow the activities of the target phone, such as messages and calls
  • There is a keylogger to read whatever the target types
  • Glassagram allows you to view the target device’s photo gallery
  • It gives you complete access to the private Instagram account of the target
  • Glassagram needs no jailbreak or root

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2. Spokeo


Here comes Spokeo. It is not only a tool to see private Instagrams but also a protected Tweets viewer. We included Spokeo on this list because of its complete Instagram activities tracking, fast search query processing, stealth mode, and the following attractive features.

Key features of Spokeo

  • It records the target’s text messages, location information, call logs, and calls
  • Spokeo records the internet searches, downloads, and browsing history of the target
  • With Spokeo, you can view the detailed information about any unknown number
  • It supports all popular social networking applications, such as Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

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3. mSpy


We cannot skip mSpy when discussing the best private Instagram account viewers. It is a top-rated app for accessing all activities and data of the target user’s Instagram. In addition to direct message monitoring, mSpy lets you view the account followers (whether or not you follow them), see all videos, photos, and other Instagram media, and offers the following features.

Key features of mSpy

  • There is a stealth mode to keep your presence hidden from the target
  • It boasts round-the-clock customer support
  • You can view the target’s Instagram activities remotely
  • In addition to Instagram, it supports Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media apps
  • It encrypts the data to keep it protected
  • You can see the target device’s location in real-time and set dangerous zones to get notified whenever the target leaves or enters these zones

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4. xMobi


Let us introduce you to xMobi. It is an advanced Instagram hacker you can use to get all the information from the target’s Instagram account. It lets you view all the posts and stories, followers’ reactions, and read chats. Additionally, xMobi is a popular app for viewing the target’s hidden photos and videos, list of followers, and making password changes. Furthermore, the following are some other exciting features of this one of the best approaches to seeing private Instagram accounts.

Key features of xMobi

  • You can use xMobi without having an Instagram account or going through human verification
  • It lets you download photos from the target Instagram account
  • There is a built-in keylogger that records whatever the target types
  • It has a stealth mode to ensure your activities remain hidden from the target
  • You can track calls, SMS, web browser history, and GPS location of the targeted person
  • xMobi supports Facebook, Twitter, and all major social media platforms besides Instagram

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5. Eyezy


Next, we have Eyezy on our list of the best viewers for private Instagram accounts. It is an easy-to-use application that allows you to track the activities of any Instagrammer without getting caught. Moreover, it boasts a social spotlight (a tool to see active and deleted conversations), an in-built GPS, and the following remarkable features.

Key features of Eyezy

  • It notifies you when the target sends or receives any direct message on Instagram
  • Besides Instagram, Eyezy supports WhatsApp, Hangouts, Snapchat, and other social media applications
  • It lets you perform an advanced analysis of the target’s WiFi network

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6. Phonsee


Here is another private Instagram viewer called Phonsee to ensure the well-being of your dear ones. Available for Android and iOS devices, Phonsee boasts GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities, text message scanning, call monitoring, access to the target’s contact list and emails, an option to save Instagram photos to any device, and the following notable features.

Key features of Phonsee

  • You can delete your Phonsee profile whenever you want
  • It supports video call recording and conversation screenshot capturing
  • Phonsee lets you view the time and date of each photo or video on the target device
  • There is a keylogger that records everything ranging from login credentials to search queries to ensure nothing remains hidden
  • You can view a complete summary of the websites the target has visited along with the date, time, and frequency of visits

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7. UMobix


Here we have UMobix, another private Tweet viewer and Instagram spy application. It provides full access to the target’s Instagram account. You can use this app to read the target’s direct messages, scrolling news feeds, monitor their followers, and get notified whenever the target logs in to Instagram. Moreover, below are a few other remarkable features of this app.

Key features of UMobix

  • It boasts location-tracking capabilities
  • UMobix captures messages, documents, photos, sent/received videos, and audio recordings
  • There is a stealth mode to hide your activities from the target
  • UMobix is well-known for its user-friendly interface
  • You can use keywords to search the target’s messages
  • The keylogger logs everything the target types, such as passwords and keystrokes
  • UMobix boasts support for more than 30 social media applications and platforms

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Best Private Instagram Viewers: The Conclusion

Above is a roundup of the best apps to view private Instagram pages and accounts. You can use these applications to know everything about the target’s activities on Instagram. However, please put these apps into action only for legitimate purposes and refrain from violating anyone’s privacy. On that note, let us sign off for now with a promise to see you soon with another helpful software recommendation or tech guide.

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