6 Best and Free Duplicate Video Finders for Mac in 2024

Published Date : Jan 31, 2024
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Best and Free Duplicate Video Finders for Mac

Here, in this article, we talk about the top paid and the best free duplicate video finder software for Mac to effortlessly find and delete unnecessary videos.

Creating and downloading videos has become common with the rise in the popularity of video-sharing communities/social networks like YouTube, Instagram, etc. However, sometimes, multiple copies of the same/similar videos may accumulate over time. These accumulated videos then eat up your Mac’s storage space, leading to many performance issues. Hence, the best duplicate video finders for Mac are necessary to find and remove these space-hogging videos.

The best duplicate video finders for Mac scan every nook and corner of your device to locate and help you remove unnecessary videos. If you are wondering where to get the perfect software for your requirements, you may concentrate all your attention on this article.

Through this typewritten note, we acquaint you with a thoroughly researched list of the best software to find duplicate videos on Mac. Let us begin with the same without any further ado.

List of the Best Duplicate Video Finders for Mac in 2024

Below are our top picks for the best duplicate video finders for Mac that we curated after much research and comparison based on various factors, such as scan speed and performance.

1. Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder

Let us kickstart our list of the best programs to find duplicate videos on Mac with Duplicate File Finder. It is among the most powerful yet easy-to-use tools to find and remove twin videos, folders, and even similar pictures.

The software takes just a minute to scan your device and lets you get rid of all duplicates with just one click. Moreover, it boasts many useful features like “Auto select” that make duplicate video removal a cakewalk.

Furthermore, the following features are also a reason this software appears at the top position on this list.

Key features of Duplicate File Finder

  • Supports almost all extension types
  • Highly accurate byte-to-byte results
  • Option to skip specific files or folders from the search
  • Recovery of removed duplicates from Trash
  • Smart duplicate cleanup hints
  • Lets you define duplicate file size to be searched
  • Option to merge folders and organize files


  • Configurable auto-select rules
  • Duplicate removal history viewing
  • Apple notarized
  • Ready for M1


  • Large memory consumption in the case of many similar folders

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2. Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Next, we would like to introduce our readers to Cisdem Duplicate Finder. It is among the best duplicate video finders for Mac due to a lot of reasons. For instance, it supports external hard drives and network volumes.

Additionally, the software uses advanced algorithms to make content-based video comparisons to find and delete exact duplicate videos. Furthermore, the below features also justify this software’s position on our list of the best free duplicate video finders for Mac.

Key features of Cisdem Duplicate Finder

  • Ignore list to keep specific files/folders out of the scan purview
  • Removes duplicate photos for Mac, music, documents, and archives as well
  • Finds and deletes duplicates from online cloud storage like OneDrive
  • Side-by-side previewing of duplicates before deletion
  • Lets you scan files of a specific type or size
  • In-built search and auto-mark tools


  • Customizable and easy-to-use
  • Frees up a considerable amount of storage
  • Smart and precise duplicate detection


  • No warning when taking major actions like deleting videos
  • Slow scan speed as compared to similar software

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3. MacKeeper

MacKeeper Duplicate Finder

Try out the next name on this list of the best free duplicate video finders and removers. MacKeeper is an all-rounder app that allows you to improve the performance of your Mac. With Mackeeper on duty, you don’t have to bother collecting junk, slow-performing PCs, and others.

Key features of MacKeeper

  • Free to download
  • Improves the device’s speed
  • Reduces clutter


  • Multiple functionalities.
  • Smart UI


  • A paid version is more effective.

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4. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder

Next, we have truly one of the easiest-to-use software to find duplicate videos on Mac. A simple 3-step process is all it takes to remove all duplicates, such as videos, photos, and audio files using Easy Duplicate Finder.

Moreover, features like the removal of empty folders make it one of the top duplicate video finders for Mac. Furthermore, the following are some other notable features of Easy Duplicate Finder.

Key features of Easy Duplicate Finder

  • Removal of duplicates from cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Folder comparison mode that selects a master folder and compares others against it
  • Smart technology to identify true duplicates
  • An assistant tool that helps to decide which duplicates you should delete
  • Undo option to recover accidentally deleted duplicates


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Lets you examine detected duplicates effortlessly
  • Flexible search options
  • A plethora of scan modes


  • A bit pricey
  • No explanation for failed operations in finding mode
  • Lets you sort only 10 groups per scan in the free trial

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5. Gemini 2

Gemini 2

Let us now take a look at Gemini 2. It boasts a beautiful interface along with excellent capabilities to find duplicate videos on Mac. We like this software, particularly for its deep and fast scans.

In addition to it, its smart selection algorithm observes and saves your choices for future scans, making it one of the best free duplicate video finders for Mac. Moreover, the following are other attractive things about this software.

Key features of Gemini 2

  •  Monitors your Mac for new duplicate videos
  • Finds duplicates from even hidden places in the storage
  • You may delete duplicate videos manually or use the Smart Select option to do it
  • Replaces duplicates with links to save storage space
  • Option for the addition of selection rules


  • One-click deletion or restoration of videos
  • Exclusion of specific file types from the scan
  • Finds similar videos as well


  • No extra cleaning features
  • Not completely automated
  • The free version does not delete duplicate videos of more than 500 MB

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6. Tidy Up 6

Tidy Up 6

Lastly, we have Tidy Up 6 to conclude the best software to find duplicate videos on Mac. It supports a variety of video formats. Moreover, there are two scan modes, simple and advanced, to find duplicate videos.

Furthermore, the below features add to the usefulness of Tidy Up 6 and make it one of the best trial-free duplicate video finders for Mac.

Key features of Tidy Up 6

  • Adobe Lightroom support
  • You may search for or exclude hard links from the scan
  • Lets you use multiple criteria to find unique items
  • File type-based organization of search results
  • Allows you to preview videos


  • Customizable scans
  • Supports multiple file types


  • The interface is not beginner-friendly

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Summing Up the Best Duplicate Video Finders for Mac

Above were our top selections for the best paid/free software to find duplicate videos on Mac and delete them. You may read and compare all their features, pros, and cons carefully to choose the right software for your requirements.

If you know any other software that should also be a part of the above list, you may notify us through the comments section. Also, you may drop your questions about this article, if any, in the comment box.

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