Best Free Autotune Apps for Android 2022

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Best Free Autotune Apps for Android

This list shares some of the best autotune apps for free for Android in 2022 that will help you create a masterpiece out of simple audio. 

Acoustic songs are quite great, but when paired with some slick tunes, you can get an output so amazing, it leaves everything behind. Autotune helps you a lot with this. There are tons of software available for desktops/laptops to help you with auto-tuning. But did you know that you can also add autotune using some apps on Android?

When you look for an app to autotune on Android, you will find a plethora of apps offering different kinds of features and functionalities. However, as there are so many alternatives available at your disposal, it comes quite confusing to select and download one.

Hence, to help you even further, we have assembled this article. Here we will list the top best autotune apps for free on Android in 2022. Using any of these tools, you can easily apply the perfect background tone to your songs, audio, and videos as per your requirements. Let’s have a look at the list of apps below for more details.

List of the Best Autotune Apps for Free on Android

We are providing all the top best autotune apps for free on Android right below. Check out all the apps and their features before you download and use one. Compare and choose the best as per your requirements.

1. Voloco


As far as best autotune apps for free are concerned, the Voloco app will always be on the top of this list. The app is amazing and offers the best services of autotuning. Additionally, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices. So, you can download the app for either or both platforms as per your needs.

The app consists of over 40 different autotune filters to help you get the best experience. One of the best features of the app is that you can add multiple filters at once to get a combination of different tones for the audio. Moreover, you can also extract vocals or beat for any audio with this smart alternative for the best autotune apps for Android.

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2. AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule

Smule is one of the most popular and commonly used social media and creativity apps like TikTok. From the house of the same, we get AutoRap by Smule as the next name in this list of the best autotune apps for free. The best feature offered by the app is a list of over 5,000 different racks to autotune. The app works in integration with Smule. Hence, you get a variety of filters for the video as well.

From the app alone, you can either save your creations or share them on social media platforms and flaunt them to friends and viewers. As there are tons of users of this one of the best free autotune apps, you get the chance to battle with other rappers and show off your skills.

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3. StarMaker


StarMaker does what it says, makes a star out of any individual supporting his/her skills and talents. Hence, the app is amongst the top best autotune apps for free. If you love to conduct or join music parties like karaoke, then you can use the app. The app provides tones and lyrics to get you the best and the most amazing experience with your friends and loved ones.

The app is the best source to perform duets and rock the floor with your partner. StarMaker also has online games to make the experience more interesting and hooking. Here’s the best part about the tool, if you think you are talented enough, the app allows you to share your creations online with the community. So, you can see that the app is aptly placed in this list of the best autotune apps for Android.

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4. Tune Me

Tune Me

Tune Me is the perfect tool for you if you are looking for one of the easy-to-use best autotune apps for free. The app allows you to download different beats and set the same on your audio as required. The amazing interface of the app allows you to control and manage the position, playback, and every other attribute related to the audio.

You can save the outputs from the Tune Me app to your audio gallery or share the same with other platforms. Fior the best experience, the app offers over 500 different tones for free. Moreover, the most unique feature of the tool is that it allows you to create or use your offline tone as well. If you think the app lacks some specific feature, try other best free autotune apps.

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5. RapChat


The next name on this list of the best autotune apps for free is RapChat. With the help of this app, you can apply the required tone to any audio as per your requirements. If you are into hip-hop and rap music, then this app is the perfect alternative for you. The app allows you to record songs and even apply over 100,000 different beats from the library. All this is free of any cost.

Record as many acoustics and vocal songs as you want and apply the desired effect with a single tap. Straight from the app, you get the option to flaunt your creations to other platforms or keep them private in your storage. Lastly, what makes the app one of the best autotune apps for Android is the opportunity to share the outputs in the community and win prizes.

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6. Super Voice Editor

Super Voice Editor

Another worth mentioning app on this list of the best autotune apps for free is Super Voice Editor. Using this app, even a beginner can add the desired effects to the audio with ease. Apart from audio recording, the app also offers features to edit and trim the same as required. You can also modify existing files.

Apart from autotuning, the app also allows you to add funny voices of creatures, characters, and whatnot to the audio. A great feature used very actively by the creators of the app is the feature to share the outputs to TikTok straight. So, the app is a worthy name in this best free autotune apps list as well as a great way to edit audio.

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7. Spire Studio Controller

Spire Studio Controller

Next is the Spire Studio Controller app, one of the greatest additions to this list of the best autotune apps for free. The app allows you to record and edit the audio from any type of Android device. Additionally, you can also get the app for iOS if desired. The app has the capabilities of a professional autotuner, allowing you to layer 8 different tracks.

You can select from the list of tracks or tunes available and unlock the one(s) required. The interface of the app is quite advanced for its time. This means that you can easily operate and manage all the tracks, tunes, and more. This app is a reliable name on this list of the best autotune apps for Android for professionals and beginners.

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8. OffTop – Auto Tune Rap Studio

OffTop - Auto Tune Rap Studio

If you were intrigued with RapChat and AutoRap by Smule, two of the best autotune apps for free, then you will love OffTop. This is a great solution for all your professional music recording requirements. The app contains a gallery with multiple tune tracks to select from.

With a single tap, you can record as many tracks as you want, collaborating with others. Here is the unique feature of the app that you may not find on other best autotune apps for Android. OffTop allows you to store your creations on cloud storage, without any limitations.

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9. The Voice

The Voice

The next on this list of the best autotune apps for free is The Voice. The app is developed after taking inspiration from the music reality show called The Voice. The app works more like Karaoke. You can pair up with your partner(s) and sing your heart out. Additionally, you will get the on-screen lyrics of millions of songs to choose from.

You can select from a variety of special effects available on the app and create a musical masterpiece within a couple of minutes. One of the best features of the app is that you can even duet with other singers across the world. This is amongst the best autotune apps for Android and worth trying at least once.

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10. Auto Voice Tune Recorder

Auto Voice Tune Recorder

Let’s end this list of the best autotune apps for free with a banger named Auto Voice Tune Recorder. This is an amazing tool that allows you to record audio and manage existing recordings as well. And of course, the autotuning features offered by the tool are quite amazing and helpful in creating a masterpiece.

Apart from tuning, the app also offers the services of one of the best voice changer apps for Android. The smart interface of the app allows you to manage the audio intensity, speed, and volume in the form of different sliders. Lastly, all we have to say is that this is amongst the best autotune apps for Android that offer different editing features for you.

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Best Autotune Apps Free for Android: The Conclusion

So, here we conclude all the apps provided above for autotuning on Android devices. We hope that we were able to cater to your requirements with at least one of the apps provided if not more. However, if you still want our help in any way, we would be so glad to assist. Write your queries in the comments below and we will respond to you as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions required to this list of the best autotune apps for free, then too, drop down in the comments below.

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