The 9 Best Fishing Games For Android! (2020)

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Best Fishing Games

Amongst various other gaming categories available on Play Store, Fishing games have earned its own spot. Initially available in a 2D environment, these games have evolved with time to provide a more realistic and 3D experience. 

Ample of advanced features like a multiplayer option, high-end graphics have been added to these games. But with so many options available in the market, choosing the most suitable types can get nerve cracking at times. 

Here, we have prepared a list of some of the best Fishing Games for Android gadgets. Pick one today, and enjoy fishing on your mobile screen. 

9 Best Fishing Games For Android 2020:

1. Fishing Strike 

Fishing Strike - Best Fishing Games For Android

Although Fishing Strike is a relatively new entrant in the list of best fishing games, it has managed to gain a lot of popularity in a short time. This action-packed game features a lot of destinations for catching fish. 

Players are required to catch fish, which they can sell to buy new equipment and anglers. It is a multiplayer game where you can compete with other players. 

With advanced functionalities, the Fishing strike is a challenging, realistic, and addictive game. Download it today to experience real-time fishing on your mobile phone.

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2. Fishing Adventure 

Fishing Adventure - Best Fishing Game

Developed by Owings, Fishing Adventure earns a spot in the list of best Fishing Games 2019. It is a lightweight game and offers smooth controls, amazing graphics, challenging stages, and addictive gameplay. 

You can use a harpoon to catch fish and place them in the fish farm to generate gold. 

This incredible game enjoys a good customer rating, along with millions of downloads. 

3. The Fishercat

The Fishercat - Best Fishing Games

Next in the list of best Fishing games is Fishercat. It is developed by LoadComplete, who has also developed the famous Devi Enter game. 

This offline games come with an easy to use interface and offers very simple working. You visit the sea, use your harpoon to catch fish from over 80 different species. 

Download this stunning game using the link below and discover its hidden secrets. 

4. Desert Island Fishing

Desert Island Fishing Game For Android

Developed by Springloaded Ltd, Desert Island is a beautiful android fishing game. It makes the best choice for people looking for a simple, fun, and addictive game. 

This advanced game has a lot to offer to start from 7 types of islands, hundreds of fish to catch, and numerous hidden secrets and upgrades. 

It is a small-sized game and enjoys a good rating on Play Store. 

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5. Hooked Inc.- Fishing Game

Hooked Inc.- Fishing Game

Hooked, Inc is the most suitable game for Android users. It is an idle option for people who want to build their fishing empire and offers a lot of upgrades, hiring, money management, and much more. 

Players are required to recruit and increase their team size to unlock new places and catch more fish. This legendary fishing game is worth a try. Download the game with the link given below. 

6. Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook - Best Fishing Games For Android

Developed by Mobrix, Fishing Hook has a lot in store to offer. You can catch big and rare fish, go to famous places, sell them, portray your fishing skills, and many more.

Its incredible graphic makes its realistic gameplay. Another added advantage is, you can play it offline without any internet connection.

7. Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash - Best Fishing Games

This is amongst the most popular and highest-rated games currently available Google Play Store. You can take part in many challenging missions, catch various types of fish, and play like a real-time player against a player mode. 

This marvelous game offers high-end graphics along with intense gameplay. Download it today using the link given below and enjoy a realistic fishing experience on your Android gadget. 

8. Ace Fishing 

Ace Fishing - Best Free Fishing Games

Another best and Free Fishing Games comes from Com2uS, the developers of the Chain Strike game. The game features a lot of different places to explore your fishing skills, which include China, Amazon River, Hanumana Bay, etc. 

It’s a simple game to play but at the same time quite challenging to master. With its 3D graphics, beautiful destinations, intense gameplay, and variety of fish, this game deserves a try. 

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9. Monster Fishing

Monster Fishing - Best Fishing Games For Android

Nexelon Inc. develops this offline game. It features more than 250 different species of fish, challenging missing, fantastic gameplay, and stunning graphics. 

The game revolves around four significant steps, catch, earn, upgrade, and repeat. All-in-all its a fun and straightforward game, and you should try it once. 


If you love fishing and want to experience a real-time fishing experience on your mobile phone, then our list of best fishing games for android will help you. 

From basic to advanced, the above list includes some of the most popular and loved games; pick one for yourself and start digital fishing today.  

Image Source: Google Play Store

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