Zoom Adds New Features To Help Companies In The Transition And Maintain Social Distancing Norms

Published Date : Feb 06, 2021
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Zoom Adds New Features Help Companies In Transition Maintain Social Distancing Norms

Zoom Kiosk mode helps in getting back to normal or hybrid working conditions. The new features of Zoom will have the virtual receptionist to greet and monitor air quality. The virtual receptionist can be accessed through a touch device having Zoom. availability of rooms, pair zoom room with mobile, whiteboard sharing, and manage air quality are some prominent features of the Zoom Kiosk mode.

The company took blog posts to share new features of the Zoom kiosk mode. The new offering by the video conferencing service will help the user in getting back to the workforce and to collaborate with in-office and remote workers. Features will help the user to get back into the office as seamlessly as possible, stated by the company in the blog post.

The feature is now ready to use according to the company. This will help in maintaining social distancing in meetings and receptions. Neat sense will help the user to monitor and manage air quality, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels easily.

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Users can pair their devices to join meetings, the mobile client will be placed in the companion mode during that time. Using the Zoom room controller app users can start or join the meeting. The app will eliminate the need to share controls, in-room controllers.

Admins of Zoom room can request the Zoom room appliances user to set up a screen PIN for Home devices. The users can also receive and display meeting reactions on the screen.

Zoom rooms, kiosk mode is different from the zoom video calling service as it is meant for meeting places. The zoom room costs $499/ year for a single room.

After the visitor enters the lobby, they will need to touch the monitor to start a call with the receptionist. Using Zoom the receptionist will enable the visitor to enter.

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“The receptionist doesn’t need to be in office,” Harry Moseley, Zoom’s chief information officer, stated on Monday. “They can be at their own home. They can be anywhere. They can actually be in a different country, and they can support multiple buildings.”

The new kiosk mode will help a company in reducing the workforce. They can even work remotely for the entire building instead of having one present on each floor.

The analyst expects to see a downfall in the growth as the Jan 31 quarter can expect growth of 331%, the quarter ending April expects 153%, and the year ending they are expecting 38% growth.

In the end, Moseley said, “This is the first iteration, if you will, of many of these things.” The beta version has the enhanced voice command for Zoom Rooms, which will be available soon for the users also.

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