XBox Game Streaming to Be Introduced for Windows 10 and iOS in 2021

Published Date : Dec 14, 2020
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XBox Game Streaming to Be Introduced for Windows 10 and iOS in 2021

The most recent days have come filled with surprising treats from Microsoft that users would not prefer to avoid. There is now an expansion of gaming availability, some notable cloud updates and a set of Tuesday patches to look up to.

The recent and much-speculated announcement from Microsoft has finally brought in the confirmation about the gaming availability of Xbox game streaming on Windows 10 and iOS along with cloud updates and usual Tuesday patches. 

Xbox Game Streaming on Windows and iOS

Microsoft, in a recent announcement, has finally confirmed that Xbox game streaming will now be hitting Windows 10 and iOS. It is something that was flying in rumors all this time and now has come to be true. This update is all set to hit in Spring.

Microsoft had announced the launch of Project xCloud during last November which was dated to hit Windows 10 in 2020 but it failed to come to fruition. However, now it turns out that the project was still in the light and now the games will now be steamed seamlessly by fans. 

Users will be able to reveal in-game availability using the Xbox app or browser on Windows and iOS. It will have the support all Windows 10 PCs and users can count on accessing and running some prominent AAA games this time.

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Users will be able to enjoy such games from anywhere if they have data connectivity to keep the PC company. Besides, they will be able to make the best of this platform by updating the Xbox One Controller driver on Windows.

As far as iOS is concerned, users will be able to access Xbox game streaming via browser once it is out. Unfortunately, they will not be able to find any Xbox app on the App Store due to Apple’s imposition of limits on apps.

Final Patch Tuesday of 2020 and Cloud Services Updates

Apart from the Xbox game streaming on Windows 10 and iOS, Microsoft is also in the news with the final Patch Tuesday of this year. This pack of Patch Tuesday patches is, however, looks small compared to others this year.

Besides, Microsoft has announced a plethora of updates which include the availability of Azure Digital Twins. The company is also planning to introduce a Danish data center which will increase the availability of its services like SharePoint. 

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