Google News Showcase to Allow Users to Access Paywalled News Content

Published Date : Dec 04, 2020
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Google News Showcase to Allow Users to Access Paywalled News Content

Google News Showcase, launched in October by Google, has made catching up with news content for readers. This initiative was launched with a $1bn investment as a contribution to maintain the feasibility of news partners across the world.

The good news is that the search king is now rolling out a number of changes in News Showcase. These updates are claimed to be improved at usability and become more accessible for news publishers as well as the users.

Google will soon be there finally releasing the update for News Showcase that will enable users to access paywalled content. This update will be backed with Google’s partnership with a selection of news publishers. 

What’s In

The news publishers Google has partnered with will be paid to allow users to access paywalled news content on News Showcase and these publishers will be able to be interactive with readers, given that users will register with them. 

This update has an easy approach as it allows users to fetch quality content from news platforms they wish to read. To enhance it, Google will add a News Showcase panel where users will be able to find must-read articles and that will be picked daily.

Then there is For You feeds where users will be able to view the national and local publications. Apart from that, there will also be a dedicated space for News Showcase publication on Google News.

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A Gathering of Major Publications from Across the World

The take of Google on news content using the News Showcase has opened doors for users to be able to read important news and a number of publications around the world have signed into it.

When it comes to the publications, it is safe to say that there has only been an increase in the number since the launch of News Showcase. The publications have come from different corners of the world to join this platform initiated by Google.

There are about 400 news publications from countries like the UK, France, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Canada and Australia. Users can expect publications from more countries.

Google’s News Showcase have some new renowned publications like  Le Figaro, Le Monde,  L’Obs, and L’Express in France, and La Gaceta, El Día and Página12 in Argentina. 

Google News Showcase is only servicing in Germany and Brazil currently but users can expect it to be launched in other countries like India, Netherlands as well as Belgium.

Coming to its availability on various devices, the product has been introduced on iOS and it will soon be available on the web. Thus, the news will reach readers the most convenient way possible. 

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