WhatsApp Chat will now be different in design – (Line Separators Removed)

Published Date : Jun 15, 2021
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WhatsApp Chat will now be different in design

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is set to roll out a new feature for its users. The new features list includes some of the best options which can make the interface much better and attractive. The company keeps on changing some of its offerings to make it more user-friendly.

In last week’s update, the software got away from the line separators. Users must have observed the line separators in the chat list, but now the company has removed them to offer a more aesthetic look. After this update, the company is currently looking to add back the notification color to green for Android smartphones.

According to a source, we got confirmation about the latest beta version, which has recently replaced the old text color with green text. The new version will offer green text in the notification section with “quick actions.”

The company is switching back to its old color of notifications because the users have lately complained about the poor contrast, which is making it challenging for them to read the text. The user who has a dark theme with a greyish effect can even face more difficulty reading the text.

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Apart from this update, the company has also removed the line between the chat list, but this update is also for Android users only. The Apple users still have to wait for this update.

To check this feature in the app, you need to wait a bit as the company has rolled out this feature in beta version only. Android users can easily download the beta version from Playstore and check how it goes with the new color scheme.

Here is how one can download the beta version easily from Playstore:

  • Open Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp.
  • Now click on the WhatsApp option and scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  • On the bottom, you will observe an option stating sign up for the beta version app.
  • Now click on “I’m in” and confirm.
  • After some time, you will witness a new update available on your Google Play Store.

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Using these steps, you can get access to the beta version of the application and use it. Apart from this, you can even sign up for the beta version from the browser if the slots are full.

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