9 Ways to Improve eCommerce Shopping Cart Conversion Rates

Published Date : Nov 10, 2020
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9 Ways to Improve eCommerce Shopping Cart Conversion Rates

With the market going digital, eCommerce has become one of the major platforms to increase market share. However, it is not possible unless the traffic on the website seals the deal. Converting digital traffic to buyers requires modern techniques. With more conversion rates, the sales volume increases, and the eCommerce platform garners confidence in consumers’ minds.

Improving the Conversion Rate

One has to follow specific rules and regulations, tips and tricks, business models, and ethics to succeed in the e-commerce business and increase the consumer base. It is not always a cakewalk as it sounds but often requires professional help so that your small business can sustain the online market pressure and have positive growth. So it’s always better to hire an agency like 2x.marketing, etc for taking care of your eCommerce store.

The Typical Flow

One can observe that the eCommerce conversion rate increase depends on various unique features and tools. They can be unique products, strong customization filters, attractive displays with details, prompt delivery period. Consumers spend more time on an eCommerce platform with these features and often fill their shopping carts and seal the deal. 

1. Using Various Tools

Many digital tools available these days. They can monitor the customer behavior pattern, gauge their social activities. These tools allow optimizing the online platform and giving more customized prompts. Ideas of client preferences get mapped, observing their other online social activities. 

2. Offering Prompt and Free Delivery

Customers are more eager to get fast delivery as butterflies fly inside their stomach as they purchase something online. They are also too price-conscious while shopping online as they can compare across various platforms. Free delivery is one of the best options to convert visitors to customers.

Let’s take an example of buying printer ink from Amazon vs YoYoInk. Both sites sell printer ink but most of the customers end up buying from YoYoInk because of the free delivery option. However, platforms should introduce it judiciously by adding the delivery cost to the product. Marketing is a psychological game, and one who can break this barrier can win the race and increase the market share across and segments. 

3. Offering Flash Sales or Time-Bound Coupons

One of the essential provisions of increasing the conversion rate is to offer flash sales or time-bound discount coupons. Customers like to eat free pies without thinking about how it is possible to offer. Luring the customer and converting them to buyers. These coupons or flash sales increase the conversion rate for a limited period and help clear stocks or increase market penetration and share. 

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4. Having a Smooth Checkout Process

Many customers add products to their cart but turn a blind eye during the checkout process. If the store checkout process takes more time, the payment gateway is limited or slow; the consumers may feel uncomfortable and retract from completing the transactions. Therefore a smooth checkout process, ordering as a guest, and an easy payment gateway can increase the conversion rate. Making a crisp and single page checkout process helps to hold on to the prospect.

5. Staying Competitive in Pricing

Customers and visitors of any of the eCommerce platforms are not fools. They compare similar products across various eCommerce platforms for the price, delivery, offers, etc. Consumers only seal the deal with the platform offering the lowest price and without any hidden conditions. It isn’t easy to have brand-loyal customers unless they are quite competitively priced or at par with other platforms.

6. Adding High-Quality Still Images and Video

Like physical stores where light and proper display play an important part in drawing attraction and confirm the deal, it is a bit difficult on eCommerce platforms unless the contents and images are of high quality. Many times supportive HD videos help to gain the confidence of the visitor and increase the conversion rate. Providing many details with pictures and videos and fine prints increases the client’s imaginary capacity. Just don’t limit yourself with these things. Give importance to product packaging too. Like using direct thermal labels to print the product description. This gives a good high-quality look and adds value to your product branding.

7. Using Instant Chat Software

eCommerce conversion rate depends on how well the platform can convince the customer with the product details. Often customers have extra queries. Customers can face delivery, shipment, or refund issues. Live chat software can quickly solve these problems. Therefore, incorporating live chat software can increase the conversion rate or guide the existing traffic towards successful checkout. 

8. Tracking User History

Most of the eCommerce platforms have registered customers. People abandon products in shopping carts for various reasons. It is best to track the visitor’s cart and loom for cart abandonment. Sending emails reminding the customers about the abandonment or giving some discount or coupon code often brings back the customer to complete the checkout. Using specific software to track cart abandonments and sending special offers substantially increase the conversion rate. 

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9. Maintaining High Site Security Levels

Customers use debit, credit, or other online payment methods while doing online transactions. They are quite skeptical about site security and hacking. Increasing the platform security levels and letting the customers know about them can increase the conversion rate. 

In Conclusion

One can easily increase the conversion rate following the above methods in their eCommerce platform. Ultimately, the sales revenue that matters and inducting the above techniques can increase traffic and shoot up the conversion rate.

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