Top 10 Best Deal Apps For Best Discounts in 2024

Published Date : Jan 17, 2024
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Best Deal Apps For Best Discounts in 2024

Finding discount coupon apps can be a time-consuming task but can save you a massive chunk of money. 

Scrabbling around a newspaper cutting, clipping discount deals and getting an extra discount at the supermarket can make anyone’s shopping experience pleasant.

However, busy with our office routine, most of us do not get time to look out for discount coupons and shopping deals. This is where discount apps like Groupon come to our rescue and make your shopping spree a rewarding experience. 

These apps are relatively easy to use and offer multiple categories or searches. Choose the best apps for shopping deals and save some serious time and money. 

Here, we have shortlisted some of the best discount apps for you. Let’s have a look at a few of them now. 

10 Best Deals Apps For Shopping 2024

1. Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

Honey is a dream app for busy online shoppers and works perfectly well on various browsers, including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. 

You can apply the discount coupon at the checkout stage. With Honey installed on your smartphones, you will receive a popup at the checkout stage with all applicable discount codes and automatically use the best available deal. 

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It also offers a stunning rewards program, which means you can rewards points for all your shopping, which can be redeemed for gifts later on. 

Make your shopping an adventurous ride with Honey.

Download App: iOS 

2. Ibotta


Ibotta is the best discount app for grocery shopping. For our digital generation, Ibotta is the best online platform to look for online offers and discounts. 

You can browse for offers based on the popularity of the store and grocery department to find out the various deals. It also includes fabulous offers on beer, spirits, and wines.

Once you have finished shopping, you can scan the barcode of all eligible items which will then be reviewed and coupon value will be added to your account. Once you reach a limit of $20, you can ask for a cashback using PayPal.

Download App: Android and iOS

3. Groupon

Groupon - Best Deal App For Shopping

Be if beauty, spa’s, fine diners and grocery stores, Groupon has an extensive list of deals to offer in various categories. 

You can customize your search and look out for real-time available deals. Purchase your favorite deal and track them easily from your smartphone.

Download App: Android and iOS

4. ShopKick


If your like earning reward points on every shopping, then shopkick is the app for you. This reward and deal app add on to your point basket on every purchase you do. 

It also alerts you about the various discounts offered by stores. You can easily compare and plan your shopping to earn maximum reward points. 

These rewards points can then be exchanged for gift cards. This fantastic discount app works well on iOS and Android gadgets and costs nothing at all.

Download App: Android and iOS


This is one of the best mobile couponing apps and provides you with ample ways to save money. It connects users to their stores via loyalty cards. You can add discount coupons to your account, visit the store, shop, and then enjoy additional savings at the time of checkout. 

Even if you do not have a loyalty card, you can get your shopping receipt verified with and enjoy the available discount. 

This free discount app works reasonably well on Android and iOS platforms.

Download App: Android and iOS

6. eBay


eBay is a long known name in the market of discount apps. Just like its web version, you can easily access the worldwide marketplace from your smartphone. 

Install it today to compare prices, buy and sell products, and get notified of bid alerts on your phones.

Download App: Android and iOS

7. Walmart: Shopping & Grocery 

Walmart: Shopping & Grocery 

Walmart gives you an option to buy stunning products at the lowest available price without even walking out of your house. 

It works on an in-built scanner with which you can check and compare prices of various products at the store. 

iOS and Android platforms are best suited for this application.

Download App: Android and iOS

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8. Milo


Known to have one of the biggest databases, Milo can be used to check and compare prices of over 3 million products. 

User can check, review, and compare product prices and make plan their shopping accordingly. 

It works best on both iOS and Android platforms.

Download App: Android and iOS

9. LivingSocial


Shopping without having the best deal isn’t shopping anymore, especially in the case of online shopping. To find the real deal and discount use the LivingSocial app. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Using the app users can get a deal for 50-90% discount on websites. Other than this the deal you promote of the app will be available for you for free. That’s how great offers are there in the app.

Users can download the app from Google Play Store and App Store. 

Download App: Android and iOS

10. The Coupons App

The Coupons App

Many offers from stores near you including Forever 21, Gamestop, Kohl’s, Dollar General, etc. The app has been in the market for more than 12 years now. Since 2008 it has been downloaded by more than 10 million people. One of the best deal apps you can find on the internet is ‘The Coupons App’. All deals from your favourite stores are at your fingertips. Your saved codes will automatically apply while you place an order. Other than this the user can get free items in the giveaway. 

Download App: Android and iOS


Searching for the best discount coupons is a time consuming and almost impossible task with our busy lives. However, if you’re still looking for some deals at your nearby stores, choose from one of the coupon apps mentioned above apps to plan your money-saving strategy. 

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