5 Best Money Making Apps for Android & iOS in 2020

Published Date : Sep 07, 2020
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5 Best Money Making Apps for Android & iOS in 2020

In today’s interconnected world with high-speed Internet at the fingertips, making money has never been easier, you could earn cash by using mobile apps for things like playing games, watching videos, surveying, exercising, downloading apps or as simple as taking pictures.

So, if you’re looking for new ways to earn a few extra bucks, look no further than your smartphone.

There are various money earning apps available for Android & iOS devices which lets you win real money & rewards like gift cards, recharge coupons, PayTM cash, etc.

Here’s the list of best money-making apps that will give you clear insight on how to earn money online without paying anything.

Let’s jump right into the world of online money earning apps.

Best Money Making Apps That Pay You Cash For Real

1. Swagbucks: SB Answer

Swagbucks: SB Answer

Swagbucks’ online surveys (also known as SB Answer) has been acknowledged as one of the most popular & trusted free online rewards programs to earn valuable cash-back and gift cards.

The Swagbucks app is the perfect way to put Cashback in your wallet, enabling you to turn your everyday, typical online activities into an unlimited amount of points (called as SB points or swag bucks).

With the SB Answer app, you can simply earn reward points for things like online shopping, watching entertaining videos, answering surveys, completing polls, and more.

Then, you can redeem these SB points for $3 – $25 gift cards to your favorite retailer stores like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Target, and PayPal.

Download App: Android and iOS

2. iPoll


iPoll is a free mobile reward community where you can earn money online by completing surveys, diaries, and missions.

Android and iPhone users can earn free rewards like popular gift cards, airline credits, Cashback, and more by completing iPoll missions or paid surveys.

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These missions include simple fun tasks such as visiting a store, taking photos or sharing opinions about the products & services you use every day.

You can then redeem your free gift cards & cash at www.iPoll.com.

Download App: Android and iOS

3. Foap – Sell Your Photos

Foap - Sell Your Photos

If you’re someone who loves to capture wonderful moments, then there are high chances that you can turn your everyday life adventure photo/video shoots into money.

Foap is an amazing and growing international community of talented photographers where you can upload & sell your photo albums to the most top brands from all over the world.

So, whenever you sell your photos through the Foap market you get 50% of the commission.

Download App: Android and iOS

4. Slidejoy


Slidejoy is one of the most popular & highly-rated money-making apps to earn awesome cash prizes or gift cards.

Slidejoy is a free lock screen app that shows you the latest trending news, stories, and timely promotion ads every time you unlock your device.

Once you register on the Slidejoy app, you just need to Slide left (to get more info about the card), Slide Up (to see another card), and Slide right (to go to your home screen) to earn awesome cash rewards from your favorite brands.

Later, you can easily redeem these cash prizes to your PayPal account.

Slidejoy with its simple and easy-to-use reward system is one of the best apps to make money in a fast & efficient manner.

Download App: Android 

5. BookScouter


BookScouter is a perfect money-earning app with you can easily sell your old used books & textbooks for the best price.

With official BookScouter’s price comparison engine, you can easily compare real-time price offers from over 30 buyback vendors with a single search.

BookScouter not only offers the best price recommendations but also allows you to ship your books for free.

So, BookScouter might come last in the list of best money-making apps, but it is definitely worth to try as it allows you to earn extra money by selling your old unwanted books.

Download App: Android and iOS

Final Verdict

The aforementioned apps are some of the best money making apps for Android & iOS on the basis of ease and popularity.

You can get all these money earning apps on the Google Play and App Store for free; use them and earn free gift cards & cash rewards for everyday online activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite & let the money come to you!

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