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Published Date : Jun 18, 2024
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Vlogging is becoming immensely popular. However, not all vlogs the audience find intriguing. Only a perfectly edited vlog with no loose ends hooks the viewers and ensures a lingering impact on their minds, something the top vlog editing apps listed and explained in this article can help you achieve.

More than 44% of internet users spend time watching vlogs every month. Have you ever wondered what makes vlogs so popular? Well, it is relatability, as vlogs help you connect better with your audience by making them relate to the day-to-day experiences of your life and appreciate the creativity your vlogs reflect. Moreover, a smartphone with a camera is all it takes to create a vlog on the go, making vlog creation an easy task.

Though creating a vlog is simple, making an engaging vlog that truly resonates with your target audience requires editing skills. Editing is a crucial aspect of creating captivating vlogs. You need a bit of editing to perfect the vlog, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vlogger. And, it is what the best vlog video editors for vlogs help you do perfectly.

Even if you have only started your vlogging journey, an editing application for vlogs is all you need to create professional vlogs that draw and keep your viewers’ attention. Hence, this article provides you with a ranked list of carefully selected vlog editors you can use to captivate your audience.

However, before walking you through this list, let us first look at the features you should pay special attention to when selecting an editor for your vlogs.

Features of the Best Vlog Editing App

The top paid or free vlog video editors commonly have the following features.

  • It boasts face-detection capabilities to ensure the subject remains in focus
  • The vlog editor should have a background noise reduction feature
  • It makes your work easier with automatic trimming or assembling of clips
  • Music and sound effects help make the vlog more appealing. Hence, an ideal vlog editor has a built-in library of sound effects and music
  • You should be able to export edited vlog to YouTube or other platforms directly from the application
  • There should be a picture-in-picture feature to help you edit reaction videos or add commentary
  • It should be possible to add slow-motion effects and time-lapse for enhanced storytelling
  • Last but not least, the application should be user-friendly, i.e., you should be able to use it easily

After looking at the standard features of the best video editor for vlogs, let us get started with the applications that have all or most of these features.

Ranked List of the Best Vlog Editing Apps for Android and iOS

Below are our top choices for the best mobile vlog video editing applications with their features to help you choose one for yourself.

1. Inshot

You can choose InShot if you are looking for a free vlog video maker and editor with professional features. This application helps you improve playback quality and perfect your slow-motion videos with its AI smooth feature, add a cinematic feel to your vlogs, effortlessly generate and edit vlog captions in multiple languages, add free music, sound effects, and own voice to your vlogs, and make stunning vlogs with the following features.

Key features of InShot

  • It allows you to trim and cut, split, crop, and export videos in HD quality
  • You can seamlessly merge clips into one using InShot’s video merge and joining feature
  • There are many movie-style filters and effects, such as stop motion, glitch effects, RGB, Old TV, etc.
  • You can add text to your video (many fonts are available)
  • InShot boasts more than 1000 stickers to add to your videos, along with custom images and memes
  • It lets you convert videos to MP4 format
  • With InShot, you can flip video up to down/left to right and rotate videos by 90°
  • You can fit your video in any aspect ratio with InShot


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2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Next, we have Adobe Premiere Rush on our list of the best video editors for vlogs. It is a professional application to shoot, edit, and share videos from anywhere. You can use Adobe Premiere Rush to effortlessly click and drag to add transitions to your videos, add and edit attractive titles with a plethora of built-in templates, enhance your videos via preset and manual color correction, and adjust the video speed. Moreover, the following features of this software help you create vlogs that stand out from the crowd.

Key features of Adobe Premiere Rush

  • You can choose from thousands of soundtracks to add to your vlogs
  • Adobe Premiere Rush is renowned for its multi-track capabilities
  • It lets you effortlessly resize videos for various social media platforms
  • This application lets you directly share the video on social media in the correct aspect ratio

Adobe Premiere Rush

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3. Filmora

Please allow us to introduce you to Filmora, another AI-based free vlog editor. It is popular among users because of its AI Show that transforms your pictures into stunning photos or videos with a single click, infinite zoom capabilities, royalty-free and professional-quality AI music and sound effects, easy music extraction from the video, audio splitting, support for keyframes with color and special effects, and the following notable features.

Key features of Filmora

  • It helps you generate videos with AI copywriting and subtitles
  • You can create professional voiceovers for your vlogs with Filmora
  • It boasts auto speech-to-text support with over 13 languages
  • AI smart cutout lets you effortlessly replace backgrounds and cut anything the way you want
  • Filmora Rhythm Master’s automatic beat-matching syncs rhythm videos to the perfect beat
  • There are many beginner-friendly editing features, such as easy trimming, splitting, video clip merging, text/emoji/sticker addition, an in-built music and sound effects library, an option to add AI and premade effects, video orientation or size adjustment, video ratio adjustment for various social media applications, video speed adjuster, and templates for one-click stunning video creation
  • For professionals, Filmora boasts speed control with personalized and pre-set curves, easy green-screen video editing, picture-in-picture support, masking, and smart tracking capabilities


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4. Apple iMovie

If you are an iOS user looking for the best vlog editing app, you can choose Apple iMovie to turn videos into movie masterpieces. With just a few taps, this application lets you create and share a mesmerizing, custom video. All you have to do is, choose an album or group of videos/images to transform them into stunning videos with titles, transitions, and music. Moreover, you can easily delete or rearrange clips and change the style to amp up the video’s look and feel.

Furthermore, an option to choose from 20 storyboards to get started, the availability of 14 trailer templates with gorgeous graphics and original scores, customizable movie studio logos, cast names, and credits to make Hollywood-style trailers contribute to making Apple iMovie one of the most popular vlog video makers and editors. Additionally, the following features of this application are worth mentioning.

Key features of Apple iMovie

  • You can choose from 8 unique themes, 13 Apple-designed video filters, and 11 animated title styles to create beautiful movies
  • It allows you to adjust titles effortlessly, customize backgrounds, import and edit Cinematic mode videos, and choose from 130+ soundtracks that automatically adjust to your vlog’s length
  • Apple iMovie allows you to add picture-in-picture, green screen, and split-screen effects
  • It lets you transfer videos between your iPhone and iPad via AirDrop or iCloud Drive
  • Apple iMovie lets you share videos with friends and family via Mail and Messages, YouTube, Instagram, and other applications

Apple iMovie

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5. Magisto

Magisto by Vimeo is another mobile vlog video editing app to create amazing videos in minutes. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help you quickly create professional-looking videos by adding eye-catching graphics, effects, filters, and music.

Moreover, you can use Magisto to create attractive moving photo slideshows/video collages even without any video clips and apply ready-to-use templates to make beautiful birthday greetings, event invitations, anniversary announcements, etc. Furthermore, below are some other remarkable features of this application.

Key features of Magisto

  • You can seamlessly cut, trim, merge, and reorder your clips with Magisto
  • It allows you to customize your video by adding text in various fonts, changing orientation, and applying different colors
  • Magisto boasts many colorful stickers to make your videos more fun
  • It makes video sharing easier on social media, messaging applications, and email


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6. Vlogit

Here comes Vlogit on this list of the best YouTube vlog video editors. This application from the makers of Filmora makes vlog editing a piece of cake with its easy clip trimming, instant video preview, availability of animated templates to create video intros, effortless addition of music, sound effects, and voice-overs, professional snapshot, crop, rotate, volume control, and Ken Burns tools, and the following remarkable features.

Key features of Vlogit

  • You can add dynamic text effects with an option to edit the text’s color, size, font, and animation
  • It lets you layer images and video clips with the Picture in Picture track
  • Vlogit allows you to create slow-motion/fast-motion time-lapse clips
  • You can apply transitions and control the transition speed
  • It allows you to flip and play your clips backward
  • Vlogit filters change the video colors
  • This application allows you to export 1080P videos with zero quality loss and share your videos to YouTube, X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, and via email


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7. KineMaster

There is no way to discuss the best paid and free vlog video editors without mentioning KineMaster. Its easy video cutting, trimming, splicing, merging, and zooming help bring videos to life. Moreover, an option to add photos, effects, stickers, text, fonts, 3D materials, voice changer, transition effects, voice changer, color adjustments, color filters, a massive library of copyright-free music, sound, and audio effects, and the following features justify this application’s position on this list.

Key features of KineMaster

  • You can choose from a variety of built-in video editing animation and animation tools
  • It lets you use videos captured from sources, such as screen recorders, drones, GoPro, etc., without conversion
  • KineMaster offers advanced features, such as speed control (slow motion), chroma key (green screen), video reverse, and background removal
  • It lets you save your videos up to 4K and 60FPS and share them on Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook, TikTok, or other social media platforms


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Summing Up the Best Vlog Video Editing Apps

That is all for the best mobile vlog video editing applications that empower vloggers to create high-quality vlogs. You can leverage these apps to share your experiences and learnings with the world with improved storytelling to keep your audience enthralled. Let us now take your leave. We will be back soon with another helpful article. Until then, happy vlogging!

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