8 Best Free Dictation Software for Windows and Mac

Published Date : Feb 05, 2024
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best free dictation software for Windows and Mac

This article introduces you to the best and free dictation software for Mac and Windows so that you can take notes and transcribe documents effortlessly.

Typists and writers are different for a reason. Not every writer can be swift at typing. Moreover, in general, people do not prefer to type much. Therefore, the best dictation software comes in handy when you want to write something like an article or perhaps a novel, create a document for any purpose, or wish to record voice notes.

The best voice dictation software gained popularity quite recently for the accurate and fast transcription they offer. If you are also looking for a program to transcribe your words, i.e., software that allows you to convert speech to text accurately and quickly, you are at the right place.

We dived into the pool of free dictation software available today to select the best ones depending on their features, ease of use, accuracy, and other parameters. We list them in the following section.

8 Best Dictation Software in 2024

According to our research and findings, the following are the best free dictation software for Mac and Windows.

1. Apple Dictation

Apple Dictation

Apple certainly got the qualifications to develop the best dictation software for Mac. Siri-powered dictation software comes in-built into Mac devices. Hence, you do not even need to download anything on your device.

Moreover, the availability of a wide gamut of languages (over 20 languages) is one of the perks of using Apple Dictation. Furthermore, the following features are another reason Apple Dictation is a highly recommended free dictation software for Mac.

Key features of Apple Dictation

  • Works with all applications having typing facilities, such as word processors, social media, and more
  • You can share the recordings
  • Apple Dictation offers over 95% accuracy

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2. Dragon by Nuance

Dragon by Nuance

Dragon’s speech recognition solutions are also a notable name as the best dictation software for writers, students, legal professionals, and all others. With speech recognition based on AI, Dragon is known for highly accurate transcriptions.

In addition to it, the following features also instigated us to call it one of the best voice dictation software.

Key features of Dragon by Nuance

  • Cloud management of documents
  • Computer controls
  • 256-bit encryption to ensure document safety
  • Highly customizable

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3. Braina


Braina is yet another free dictation software for PC. You may use this software to transcribe your dictation in over 100 languages.

Moreover, Braina lets you perform multiple tasks through voice commands such as searching files on your computer, playing songs, finding information on the internet, etc.

Furthermore, the following are some other fascinating features of this software that make it the best dictation software for Windows 10 PC.

Key features of Braina

  • AI-powered voice recognition
  • Inbuilt voice commands for easy navigation inside a document
  • Braina has the ability to understand accents and technical jargon of various fields like medical, etc.

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4. Winscribe


Next, we have Winscribe for everyone who is searching for the best dictation software for Windows 10. Owned by Nuance, this software offers a variety of interesting features such as management of document workflow to organize the text you dictate.

Along with this, below is what else makes Winscribe a great choice if you need the best dictation software with a free trial.

Key features of Winscribe

  • Support for Android, Blackberry devices, iPhone, and PCs
  • Encrypts the data to ensure your privacy stays intact
  • Easy reporting

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5. Speechnotes


Speechnotes is among the best dictation software for Mac/Windows if you are looking for a program that works online. Once you navigate to the Speechnotes online application, you only need to click on the mic to insert even long texts.

In addition to ease of use, Speechnotes is quite famous for its support for a wide variety of languages ranging from Spanish to Turkish. Moreover, the following features also attract users to this software.

Key features of Speechnotes

  • Quick recognition of speech
  • Start and pause dictation with keyboard shortcuts
  • Custom stamps for text
  • Export of dictated text to Google Drive

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6. Otter


Otter is a perfect choice for everyone looking for feature-rich free dictation software. Its AI technology, Ambient Voice Intelligence (AVI), learns as you dictate.

Additionally, the following features of Otter are also a reason sufficient enough to call it the best free voice dictation software.

Key features of Otter

  • Zoom sync for team collaboration
  • Voiceprint sharing
  • Easy user management
  • Live transcription
  • Conversation recording

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7. Windows 10 speech recognition

Windows 10 speech recognition

There is an in-built voice recognition tool if you are searching for the best dictation software for Windows 10. You can use it for a plethora of purposes, such as writing documents, giving voice commands to your computer, and more.

Below are the features that make Windows 10 speech recognition the best dictation software for writers and all others.

Key features of Windows 10 speech recognition

  • Open applications with speech recognition in Windows 10
  • Windows navigation
  • Document creation using voice command
  • Replacement of mouse and keyboard

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8. Dictation.io


Designed by Digital Inspiration, Dictation.io is another best free dictation software for Windows. This browser-based dictation software is easy to use and boasts a clean & intuitive interface. You can easily access all its real-time dictation tools in numerous languages. It supports more than 100 languages so that anyone can easily type documents or emails right into Google Chrome without utilizing a keyboard. However, the biggest drawback of this software is that it cannot be accessed on iPads.

Key Features of Dictation.io:

  • Compatible with more than 100 different languages.
  • Lets you insert punctuations, emojis, and more by simply learning its particular commands.
  • Completely free to use and straightforward.
  • Best for laptop and desktop users.

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Concluding the Best Dictation Software for Mac and Windows

This article looked at the best and free dictation software. You may compare their features with each other to select the one that perfectly suits your needs.

You may write to us in the comments section if the above list misses out on any highly deserving free dictation software for Mac/Windows and if you have any doubts/suggestions.

We promise to be back soon with more useful software recommendations. Until then, you may go through other articles on TechPout to enhance your tech knowledge.

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