US Opera Users Can Now Buy Cryptocurrencies Using Apple Pay

Published Date : Mar 25, 2020
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Opera Users in US Can Now Buy Cryptocurrencies Using Apple Pay

Digital currencies like Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have changed the face of financial transactions across the globe. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is highly simple.

To simplify the process of buying cryptocurrency, US-based Opera has recently announced that its users will now be able to buy digital currency using Apple Pay. As per recent reports, Opera is the first company to introduce a dedicated built-in crypto wallet in various Mac and iOS browsers. 

This step will also enhance the security levels, thereby protecting millions of users from cryptocurrency mining.

Opera is a Norwegian company that owns the Opera Browser. In one of its press releases, it announced that Opera users in the US will now be able to buy Cryptocurrency using the Apple Pay app, just like people can buy it using a debit card.

It is not only the first company to release its very own block-chain ready browser, but is also the first browser to tighten its security levels and safeguard its users from “Cryptojacking”

To extend these services to its users, Opera has partnered with Wyre,  a US-based brokerage firm dealing in cryptocurrency. The partnership is done to provide a digital ground to its users where they can buy digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin using Apple Pay.

All-in-all, the addition of the new Google Go App is a step towards making a bigger mark in the digital financial market. Charles Hamel, the head of the crypto department at Opera said that the recent introduction has been done to make its browser a powerful digital wallet platform. It aims at connecting its users and web services to the global internet-native payment network. 

Hamel further stated that this step will bring a revolution in the cryptocurrency market. Currently buying digital currency is a highly time consuming and tedious task. With the introduction of the new platform, users will now be able to make transactions in less than 30 seconds in a much easier way.

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The new app is currently available for use as a crypto wallet in its web browser and is also available in the iOS browser of Opera Touch devices. The feature is available in several languages and will work seamlessly well on iPads and iPhones. 

Users can download it from the App store. 

Officials from Opera also said that they plan to introduce it outside the US in the near future.

What is Cryptocurrency? 

Crypto-currency is often known as the Global currency of the future. It is an internet-based medium of exchange. It is a digital platform for financial transactions and works on blockchain technology. 

It aims at making digital transactions more transparent, decentralized and immutable. Another most interesting aspect of crypto-currency is that they are not controlled by any government authorities. 

Virtual currency is the currency of the future, and Opera has taken a great step in this direction by introducing a built-in crypto wallet for its users in the US. 

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