Stardock’s Latest WindowBlinds 11 Update Brings Back Windows 95

Published Date : Dec 26, 2022
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Stardock's Latest WindowBlinds 11 Update Brings Back Windows 95

There is good news for everyone who misses the classic feel of Windows 95 on their Windows 11 and 10 computers. Stardock, the developer of Star11, a program to customize the desktop interface themes (skins), has released the latest update to WindowBlinds 11. With the latest version, your Windows 11/10 can look like Windows 95.

The new update introduces “Windows Classic” skin to customize Windows 10 or Windows 11 with Windows 95’s theme at no additional cost. When pairing it with Star11, this new theme changes your taskbar, start menu, and frames to give you the complete Windows 95 feel.

Elaborating on the newly added Windows Classic skin, Stardock describes the Skin Preview option. It lets you view how various available skins will look on your computer. The skin preview window appears like the image shown preview window

In addition to the “Windows Classic” skin, the latest update of WindowBlinds 11 also boasts many new features.

What’s New in WindowBlinds 11

Along with the Windows Classic skin, WindowBlinds 11’s latest update introduces the following features and improvements.

  • Win8 Skin Sub-StylesWin8 Skin Sub-Styles

Though it is not an entirely new feature, the latest update of WindowBlinds 11 has added a couple of Win8 skin sub-styles, like the one shown below.

  • Automatic dark mode

The dark mode is easy on the eyes and resources of your computer. Hence, the updated version of WindowBlinds 11 boasts an automatic dark mode.

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  • Improved high-DPI support

WindowBlinds 11 now comes with high-DPI support for new skins to give you an enhanced experience.

  • Marketplace browser

The new version of WindowBlinds 11 boasts a marketplace browser for the skin library to make customization easier.

  • Autoscaling

The autoscaling option in WindowBlinds 11 improves the visual fidelity of the legacy skins, taking your experience a notch further.

  • Made for Windows 11 and 10

The newly released WindowBlinds 11 is designed specifically for Windows 10 and 11 to keep bugs away.

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In addition to the above additions and improvements, the latest WindowBlinds 11 update fixed many bugs to give you a seamless experience. If the Windows Classic theme that allows you to travel back to the golden era of Windows 95 and other features of WindowBlinds 11 version fit your requirements, you can download it from Stardock’s website.

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