Task Manager Back at Taskbar in Windows 11 Build 25211

Published Date : Sep 30, 2022
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Task Manager Back at Taskbar in Windows 11 Build 25211

The latest build of Windows 11 i.e 25211 has offered some Taskbar & Widget improvements. All the systems enrolled under the Dev Channel of Windows Insider have access to this update. And as always the preview update adds some of exciting features, updates in the existing features, and fixes several bugs.

As per the official announcement of the update, the Windows 11 Build 25211 has brought the option for Task Manager back on your Taskbar. Additionally, it also supports rearranging the icons on your System tray at your convenience. Furthermore, for a Widgets experience, it also introduces a fresh Settings page.

Task Manager at Taskbar in Windows 11
Source: Microsoft

Notably, some of the other features of the update Windows 11 Build 25211 are fixes & improvements for Task Manager, File Explorer, Settings, and Taskbar.

The Widgets Settings have a + button that opens Widget Picker. Whereas, to access the Widget Settings simply click on the ME icon i.e Profile Picture on the top right corner of the window. Also, there’s an option to invoke Widgets board as soon as the users click on the Taskbar icon. Update the Settings to view notifications, announcements, and badges apart from already displayed weather information.

As you expand the Start Menu the list of pinned items is increased. Apart from this users with Insider Program also have access to a new version of Outlook. The app update is similar to the Web version that support personal accounts.

A few elements in File Explorer such as Search & Address Box can be used in Full Screen. Server side fixes for date, time, and time zone settings incorrect error. Also, memory leaks that happened because of repeated invoking of Input Switcher are also fixed. The black Screen issue after enabling the HDR is resolved with the latest build.

However, some of the issues are already known for the update. These are in Settings, File Explorer, Widgets, etc.

Similar to usual Windows updates this 25211 Build of Windows can be downloaded through the Update and Security section if you have enrolled for the Dev Channel. Not enough information is shared to predict when the update will be available for all the users.

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