11 Easy Online Video Editors to Try in 2024

Published Date : Feb 29, 2024
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Easy Online Video Editors to Try in 2024

Video marketing is a powerful tool that boosts engagement, understanding, and sales. Think of it – 84% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads in 2024. This type of content helps brands unleash their creativity to achieve any goal.

If you still think that editing is a long and challenging process, you’re wrong! Desktop software has recently been upgraded. Now you don’t have to download any programs to work. There are dozens of alternatives available online.

Why are Online Video Editors Great?

Imagine a situation where you have been working on a project from your computer at home for several days. It’s finally ready, so you download it on a flashcard and go to the office to show it to the team. Minutes before the presentation, you see that you forgot to insert an important detail in the material.

What would you do next? The fastest and easiest option would be opening an online editor from the office computer and fixing the issue ASAP. In several clicks, you save your material. It’s all simple.

An easy online video editor is suitable for all kinds of people:

  • Professional editors;
  • Bloggers and influencers;
  • Amateurs, etc.

Just like desktop applications, online services may cover separate features or be full-fledged software. It’s all like using a website. The best parts come here – user-friendly designs and faster processes.

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A Fast-Paced Market

Editing video online is a novelty, so it isn’t a surprise that many brands try to promote their software in a rush. Yesterday’s applications are clouded by today’s newcomers. This makes it hard to spot a decent choice.

Tracking the web-based software market is a real challenge. We understand that, so the list below will hopefully help you choose a service that would suit your needs.

11 Best Online Video Editors for Everyone in 2024

Here we shall cover the best web-based software for editing video content. The list will include key features, pros and cons, and pricing.

1. Canva

Although Canva is popular as one of the best online image-editing software, only a few people know that the tool is an easy online video editor. With the help of Canva, you can generate, create, and edit videos online. The website offers multiple features to you for editing. You can add text, crop videos, and do a lot more with Canva by your side.


  • Available for download
  • Multiple editing options
  • Smart UI


  • The website lacks some editing features

2. Wideo


With Wideo, you can easily create an animated video or presentation in several minutes. The user interface is very simple. Even a child could cope with it. You may edit one of the available templates or create a project from scratch.

However, note that the software is pretty primitive. Its features involve aspect ratio editing, media insertion, text overlay, and applying transitions. The basic account type costs $19 per month when paid annually.


  • Up to 10 templates available for free
  • Very simple interface
  • Free stock videos, photos, and music
  • Optimizes PC for better and faster performance
  • Lightning-fast scan speed
  • Simple videos tutorials to instruct users about software
  • Awesome search filters to modify scanning process


  • No downloads unless you upgrade the plan
  • Video length limited to 1 minute
  • Only 50MB of storage

If you want to use templates for any area, Wideo could be the right choice.

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3. PowToon


Once you register with PowToon, you immediately get a free 4-days trial of the Pro account type. The service is used to edit videos and create cartoons, infographics, comics, and other types of content. There are hundreds of templates available.

If you pay attention to the screenshot, you’ll see that the design is very similar to the previous option. One thing is different – there is more functionality. Edit characters, texts, items and apply special effects to any project. The Pro version costs $19 per month when an annual package is purchased.


  • Free 4-day trial
  • HD quality
  • Up to 100 screen and webcam recordings
  • Great functionality


  • Downloads are only available in the paid package
  • Only 100MB of storage
  • Watermark
  • 3 minutes video length limit

PowToon is an exciting choice, especially when the Pro account is on. It is definitely worth working with for marketing, blogs, and personal videos.

4. Fastreel Video Editor

Fastreel Video Editor

Editing videos and using templates online is possible with Fastreel Video Editor. This service is somewhat unique because each tool is a separate edit. You won’t have to waste time searching for different buttons in the interface due to this feature. Also, there are over three dozen templates for almost any occasion.

The design of this editor is very simple. Getting lost in the interface is not an option because every tool is located separately. However, this feature turns out to be a drawback of the app. Switching between every tool is not always convenient. You can pay either $5,95 per video or $9,95 monthly with the annual plan.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited number of exports
  • All the features are available


  • Switching between tools when editing is possible with the Unlimited Premium plan
  • You may edit using 1 tool at a time
  • Watermark

If you are looking for software for easy online video editing, then Fastreel Video Editor is a decent choice. It’s a great help when you have to apply some minor edits to your content.

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5. HippoVideo


Using HippoVideo is a good choice when it comes to general video editing. The service provides different tools like cutting, cropping, overlays, audio and webcam recording, and other features. It has two ways of editing – quick and pro. In the first option, you get a simplified interface. The second one unleashes all the app’s features.

Note that the price plans depend on your account role. If you choose that you’re a student, it’s $5 per month. A sales account will cost $48 per month. The pricing is really different, and it all depends on the type you’ve selected.


  • A 7-day free trial of the pro account
  • Unlimited HD recordings
  • 100GB bandwidth
  • Integrations with Classroom, Docs, Slides, and other services


  • Watermark
  • Advanced features are blocked by a paywall
  • Professional editing is available since the Pro plan

HippoVideo is suitable for education, marketing, sales, and other areas. It provides plans with various features included. Pay for what you use!

6. FlexClip

The most prominent thing about FlexClip is that you can start editing without registering an account. However, when you try to save the results, you will still be forced to create an account. This software covers dozens of templates, elements, overlays, filters, and basic editing tools. The best part is the simplicity of the application.

Speaking of the pricing, the Free Plan is enough for videos up to 1 minute long. The minimum upgrade costs $4,99 per month when buying the annual plan. It removes the watermark, increases video length and quality, and also adds more storage space.


  • Use any tool or template in the free version
  • Nice overlays and dynamic text options
  • Multiple elements and stock materials


  • Video length is limited to 1 minute
  • Video quality is limited to 480p
  • Only available via Chrome
  • A maximum of 12 projects

FlexClip is a decent choice for business and personal content. It is easy to use and has all the tools for amateur editing.

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7. Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter

Like it is said in the name, Online Video Cutter’s main feature is trimming and cutting content. The web application is a set of tools for video, audio, and PDF files. It is very user-friendly and provides access to all features for free. Cut your shots and add text – this is only one of the things this app can do.

While all 41 tools are available for free, there still are some restrictions. You can only download 10 files per day, and each can be no bigger than 500MB. By buying the premium version for $5 per month, you get unlimited downloads, increase the size limit to 4GB, and remove ads.


  • 41 tools for free
  • Intuitive editing process
  • 3-in-1 editing with video, audio, and PDF files


  • 10 downloads per day
  • 500MB file size limit
  • Ads

Online Video Cutter is a fast and easy option to edit any suitable video in no time. However, due to the size restrictions, it will only be helpful for short clips.

8.   Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox

Once you open Video Toolbox, the first thing you’ll see is a statement that the service is absolutely free. It’s true! There are no paywalls. This service will help you convert, merge, cut, crop, and record videos in no time. It also has several other features like text overlay and watermark creation; they are listed on the app’s website.

While Video Toolbox is free, it appears to be somewhat tricky to use. You have to register an account, and only then will the features be unlocked. In the “Help” section, there are several tutorials and explanations about the service usage. Make sure to check them out!


  • Everything is available for free
  • Useful tutorials
  • Good service once you understand how to use it


  • Tricky interface
  • Requires registration
  • Files are deleted after 1 month

If you are ready to get used to this website’s design, it will definitely be worth the effort. The resource is regularly updated.

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9. Clipchamp


Clipchamp is very similar to most desktop video editors. It has a comprehensive timeline, lets you apply templates, special effects, filters, overlays, and all sorts of elements. Additionally, all the basic features are present too.

With the free version, you get unlimited exports and 480p resolution. The cheapest upgrade costs $9 per month. It improves resolution to 720p, applies cloud backups, compression, and provides unlimited audio stock.


  • Great design, the software is easy to use
  • Tools are not hidden behind a paywall
  • Full-fledged editing experience


  • Only available via Chrome or Edge
  • Higher quality exports require additional payment

Therefore, Clipchamp is the best solution for anyone searching for a desktop-like editing program online.

10. Kizoa


Kizoa claims to be an app suitable for both professionals and amateurs. The amount of tools proves it all. You can make collages, movies, apply transitions and effects, add text, and more. However, it will take a while until you understand how things work within this application.

The basic membership (available for free) limits videos to 1 minute, provides 1GB of storage space and 1080p resolution downloads. Upgrading increases the length and resolution of videos along with adding more storage space. The price starts with a one-time $29,99 payment.


  • A ton of features to try out
  • Full HD downloads available in the free version
  • Applicable for different types of video content


  • Difficult interface
  • Newcomers will struggle
  • 1-minute limit

So, if you’re a professional video editor, you will likely have no issues working with Kizoa.

11. Renderforest Video Maker

Renderforest Video Maker

With Renderforest Video Maker, you can easily create different types of content, including explainer videos, logos, congratulations, Instagram stories, and others. While the editing itself is a bit limited, there are hundreds of fantastic templates and mock-ups for any occasion. The service also includes stock materials.

There are 5 different price plans at Renderforest. The free version limits quality to 360p, length to 3 minutes, storage to 300MB, and places watermarks on everything. It costs at least $6,99 per month to buy an increased account level. The upgrade brings improved quality, broadens the length to 5 minutes, removes watermarks, and more.


  • Unlimited exports
  • 200k+ stock videos
  • Multiple great templates


  • 360p resolution
  • Video length is limited to 3 minutes
  • Only 300MB storage

Renderforest Video Maker is a good choice for animated content, thanks to its templates and characters.

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Bring on quality content!

Now that you know where to find an easy video maker online for free, choose one of the services that we have mentioned above and go for it! We suggest you try out more than one service because each is a good choice in a particular area.

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