15 Biggest New Features Coming to iPhones in 2021 [Announced in WWDC 2021]

Published Date : Jun 09, 2021
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15 Biggest New Features Coming to iPhones in 2021 [Announced in WWDC 2021]

Apple is ready to roll out new iOS 15, the 2021 edition. CEO Tim Cook took the virtual WWDC2021 to announce the new update. The new update will bring various new features for the users. The preview of the new iOS update is available for all the Apple Developers Program members at developers.apple.com. The beta version will be released next month at beta.apple.com.

iOS 15 helps users stay connected while sharing experiences in real time, gives them new tools to help reduce distraction and find focus, uses intelligence to enhance the photos experience, and, with huge upgrades to Maps, brings new ways to explore the world,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering.

The new update is compatible with iPhone 6S and above. Here are the features that can be observed in the new iOS 15 update.

1. FaceTime with Android and Windows devices

The update has spatial audio and portrait mode with new grid views. It also has SharePlay features too. Using this user can share while FaceTime, sharing including music, files, and even screen share. The best part is that now users can create a link for FaceTine and share it with other OS devices through messages, calendar, or mail.

2. Search Text in Photos

This feature will help users to search for the text that is present in a photo. The new Optical Character Recognition will trace the words using AI and users can simply search for it on the web.

3. DND and Photos Sharing in Messages

Just like the previous update this time also the company has rolled out new features for Messages. With the new update users can share images along with the emojis. Apart from this the user can even activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ where all other notifications will be muted.

4. Music Support with Photos

The company has added some attractive features which might interest the users. The new iOS 15 update has music support with the memories. The user can easily choose music from apple music and add them.

5. Offline Support on Siri

While most of the users face this issue with Siri that it requires internet connection, but this time the developers have made it available offline. Now users can easily use Siri without the internet.

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6. New Tags in Notes App

Notes app will get new tags which will make it easier for the user to identify and share notes. Apart from this the app also gets a feature to track recent activity, now the user can easily check the history of apps and shared notes.

7. Safari Re-designed

For all the iPad, iPhone and Mac devices compatible with the new update. The iOS 15 brings a new redesigned Safari browser which offers one hand operation, easy swipe between tabs, save tabs like features.

8. New Notification Look

Apart from the Safari browser the developers have also redesigned the notifications of the device. The new update will help users customize, reduce distraction, and batch notifications easily. Other than this the notifications are also managed according to the priority.

9. ‘Announce Notifications’ on Airpods

Now without touching the device users can easily ask Siri to announce notifications. To perform this function the user must have Airpods plugged in.

10. iCloud+ New Features

With the new update the iCloud+ gets more features with the same price. Users can hide emails, expand HomeKit Secure Video Support and new policy for internet privacy. Other than this the plan can be shared with family.

11. Translate Gets More Language

The new update will offer more languages to translate. The users can simply translate in real time and make conversation flow natural.

12. Redesigned Weather App

The new Weather App adds graphs to depict data, full screen maps and other improved layouts. It moreover will reflect the sun’s position and precipitation.

13. New Capabilities in Find My

The new update can locate the  device that is erased or turned off, earlier which needs to be turned on in order to locate them. Apart from this the user can even share location to family and friends.

14. Voice Over feature in Accessibility

User can witness more details about text, table data, images and images. The users can even customize the display and make it look the way they want.  Apple has also brought support for audiograms and hearing test.

15. New Keys Added to Apple Wallet

In recent years update also Apple has added keys. This time also the brand is adding some. With the new update the users can access everyday places with just a tap. The device can be used to unlock home, office or even other rooms.

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These are the feature which has been disclosed by Apple during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021. The beta version will be rolled out next month, the users can experience all the feature in that version.

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