Detailed MobileTrans Review with Features, Pros, and Cons

Published Date : Aug 04, 2022
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MobileTrans Review with Features, Pros, and Cons

An average user switches the mobile device within a year or two of usage. Users these days do not enjoy sticking with the same mobile phone for years and years, all thanks to the ever-evolving features of new mobile devices. However, whenever a user switches to a new device, a question arises in his mind, “how do I transfer everything from my old phone to my new phone.” If you also have a similar query, Wondershare’s MobileTrans may be the answer you need.

We came across this application to transfer data between phones. Tempted by its impressive set of features, we decided to try and review it.

Through this article, we present our honest opinion of this application so that you may decide whether it is the perfect data transfer solution for you or not.

Before diving into the details of the application, let us first have a quick overview of what it is and its requirements.

What Is MobileTrans Application

Simply put, MobileTrans is an application to transfer data to and from an Android to an iOS device or vice versa. You may use it to transfer almost all forms of data, such as images, messages, videos, and more. Moreover, the application is capable of allowing backup and restoration of over 18 types of data to your computer.

Talking about the app’s technical specifications and requirements, here they are for your reference.

Wondershare MobileTrans Technical Specifications

The following are the specifications and requirements of the MobileTrans application you should know before deciding to download it on your device.

CPU required: 1 GHz

RAM needed: Minimum 256 MB, Recommended 1024 MB

Hard Disk Space: At least 200 MB

Operating System:

  • Android 4.6 and above (including Android 12)
  • iOS 6 and above (including iOS 15)
  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • macOS 10.8 and above

Above we looked at the key specifications. Now, the next section focuses your attention on some remarkable MobileTrans features to help you understand whether the app fits your needs or not.

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Noteworthy Features of MobileTrans

The following are the features that make Wondershare MobileTrans worthy of your attention.

1. WhatsApp data migration, backup, and restore

MobileTrans allows you to migrate your WhatsApp data from one phone to another with just a few clicks. With this application, you can transfer WhatsApp data like messages, media, contacts, emojis, documents, etc., from Android to iOS, iOS to Android, Android to Android, or iOS to iOS. Moreover, the MobileTrans app lets you transfer data without a PC, using a QR code, WiFi hotspot, 6 digital key or link, or a USB-C to lightning cable.

In addition to the data transfer, MobileTrans also allows you to backup the WhatsApp data to your Windows/Mac device from the phone and restore it to your new phone easily.WhatsApp data migration, backup, and restore

2. Chat export

In addition to creating WhatsApp chat backups on Android and iPhone, you may export your chats to the computer as a PDF or HTML file that you may review later. This feature proves to be really helpful if you wish to keep some cherished conversations saved.

3. Deleted WhatsApp data restore

Have you accidentally deleted some crucial WhatsApp messages or other app data? If yes, you have Wondershare MobileTrans’s WhatsApp data restore to your rescue. With this feature, you may recover the deleted data and transfer it to your computer to keep it safe.

Deleted WhatsApp data restore

4. GB WhatsApp transfer

MobileTrans also helps you transfer your GB WhatsApp to WhatsApp when migrating from Android to iPhone. It is among the most unique features we spotted on any data transfer application.

5. App transfer

In addition to WhatsApp, you may use MobileTrans to transfer applications like Line, Kik, Viber, and WeChat from one phone to another.

App transfer

6. Phone-to-phone data transfer

Using MobileTrans, you may transfer data, such as contacts, images, videos, etc., from one phone to another with just a few couples of clicks. A lot of users may find this feature really helpful when transitioning from one device to another.

Phone-to-phone data transfer

7. Data import and export

Sometimes, you may not have enough room to store crucial data on your phone or may need to access files on the move. MobileTrans boasts a data import and export feature for situations like these. You may use this feature to transfer photos, music, messages, apps, and videos from mobile to computer or vice versa effortlessly.

Data import and export

8. iCloud data transfer

If for any reason, like switching from iOS to Android, you wish to transfer iCloud data to your Android phone, you may do so effortlessly with MobileTrans’s iCloud data transfer. You may use this feature to transfer all forms of data like photos, videos, contacts, notes, reminders, and calendars.

iCloud data transfer

9. iTunes restore

MobileTrans also offers a valuable iTunes restore feature. You may use it to backup and restore iTunes music and other purchased content with just a few clicks.iTunes restore

In addition to the ones mentioned above, MobileTrans is soon expected to release some exciting new features, such as contact management (to merge duplicate contacts), HEIC Converter (for HEIC to JPG conversion), and GIF maker (to create animated GIFs quickly and easily).

Now that you are familiar with the fascinating features of MobileTrans, you may wish to know how to put them into practice. Well, the next section shows how to use this application and apply its various features.

How to Use MobileTrans

Below is how to put the various features of MobileTrans into action. However, first of all, you may download and install the MobileTrans application from the link shared below.

Download MobileTrans

Performing WhatsApp transfer

You may take the following steps to transfer WhatsApp data using MobileTrans.

  • Choose WhatsApp Transfer from the top menu.WhatsApp Transfer
  • Select the action you want to perform. For example, we wish to WhatsApp transfer from one device to another.
  • Now, connect the source and destination devices using a USB.
  • Click on the Start button to begin the transfer.Performing WhatsApp transfer -Start Button

Executing phone transfer

Making phone data transfer is also a fairly simple task with MobileTrans. Below is how to do it.

  • Launch the MobileTrans application and select Phone Transfer from the menu bar.MobileTrans application and select Phone Transfer
  • Now, choose your desired action. For example, here we intend to make a phone-to-phone data transfer.Phone Transfer
  • Start the transfer.

Using the backup and restore feature

Here are the steps you need to take to use MobileTrans’s data backup and restore option.

  • Open the MobileTrans application.
  • Pick Backup & Restore from the menu bar.
  • Choose whether you want to perform phone backup & restore, app backup & restore, iTunes restore, or restore deleted WhatsApp messages.
  • Now you may backup/restore your data.

MobileTrans is quite easy to use. However, like almost any other application, it has certain advantages and limitations. You should take note of them before using the app. Hence, we share them in the following section.

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Pros of MobileTrans

Following are the perks of using the MobileTrans application.

  • No lengthy series of steps to transfer data, easy to use
  • Fast transfer speed, we transferred 300 music files in only 2 minutes
  • Lightweight, it does not hog the system resources
  • Supports many file types

Cons of MobileTrans

Below we mention the weaknesses we spotted in the MobileTrans application.

  • Data transfer fails occasionally
  • The free trial lets you transfer 10 photos and videos import 20 photos/videos, and export 20 photos/videos only
  • No option to select a specific file to transfer. For example, when transferring photos, we did not find an option to transfer only a particular photo, we had to transfer all the photos

So, these were our genuine views of the Wondershare MobileTrans application. Next, let us see the application’s price plans as pricing is also a crucial factor affecting the decision to use or not use the application.

Price of MobileTrans

MobileTrans with full features for individuals is priced at $39.99/year. You may get WhatsApp transfer, phone transfer, and backup & restore for $29.99/year each.

Teams & Businesses may get the application for a yearly price of $59.95.

MobileTrans for students is available for $30 (full features, 1-5 mobiles, 1 PC), $20 for WhatsApp transfer, and $20 for backup & restore.

Now, let us answer the questions you may have about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we try to answer all the questions that may come to your mind regarding the MobileTrans app.

Q1. Is the MobileTrans app safe?

We cannot comment upon other data transfer applications, but we did not encounter or heard about anyone encountering any safety issue with MobileTrans. In our opinion, it is a safe application to transfer data across devices.

Q2. Does MobileTrans WhatsApp transfer work?

MobileTrans works amazingly to transfer WhatsApp data, such as messages, photos, videos, etc., quickly and easily.

Q3. Can I use MobileTrans for free?

MobileTrans offers a free trial that you can use to transfer 10 photos/videos, import 20 photos/videos, export 20 photos/videos, backup apps, and phone data, and restore 10 photos from your phone and 10 iTunes photos.

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Concluding the MobileTrans Review

In this article, we reviewed MobileTrans in-depth so that you may decide whether or not it is the best data transfer application. We enjoyed our experience with it. However, you should carefully consider all its features, pros, and cons before arriving at your decision.

It is now time for us to bid goodbye. We will return soon with another comprehensive and genuine review of a popular application. Until then, stay connected with us.

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