Microsoft Windows 11 Release Date, Specs, Price, Features & Other Details

Published Date : Jun 25, 2021
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Microsoft Windows 11 Release Date, Specs, Price, Features & Other Details

Finally, Windows 11 is official and arriving this fall. Check out the Windows 11 release date and the entire concept of Windows 11.

Quite a long time, techies were desperately waiting for the arrival of Windows 11. And, fortunately, the wait is over, Windows 11 is coming this fall. It has been long six years since Windows 10 OS was released. Last year, according to some speculations and leaks, reports were doing the rounds on the web of the arrival of Windows 11. But, we were not sure about it until Microsoft officials confirmed the launch of Windows 11 OS.

Now that Microsoft has confirmed Windows 11, everyone is eager to know when will Windows 11 come out. Along with it, many tech enthusiasts want to know features, and the compatibility of Windows 11 with other devices too.

What is the Windows 11 Release Date

Microsoft states that it expects to launch a new Windows 11 system this fall. In addition to this, it is also expected that Windows 11 will be rolled out for Windows 10 users as free Windows operating system upgrades during the same time. However, the upgrade won’t be available for everyone initially. Until the upgrade of Windows 11 won’t live for everyone, the users can continue on Windows 10, until the support is abandoned in 2025.

Furthermore, you have to also make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements of the Windows 11 operating system in order to perform a successful Windows 11 download. After confirmation of Windows 11, there are lots of speculations that have been made over the web across the globe, but now everything is clear.

Microsoft will hold a live stream to present the latest updates of the new operating system, Windows 11. The users can access this Livestream via the official website of Microsoft. You can find the other details regarding the Windows 11 updates below.

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What are the Prominent Features in Windows 11

Talking about the features that we will access in Windows 11, then you may infer that the new Windows 11 won’t pretty differ much from Windows 10. However, you can anticipate the design of OS and patterns to be similar but with a more engaging interface and vigorous colors.

A report from Microsoft Office reveals that in Windows 11 you may receive real-time battery updates through usage indicators. With this feature, the battery continues for the long haul. Below, are the prominent features that Windows 11 offers:

  • Improved Security

Security is one of the major concerns of every PC user. You will get more improved security features in Windows 11 with the support of fingerprint recognition. And, Microsoft has always been appreciated for its high-end security.

  • Better Designs for Icons

Windows 11 will offer way better layout designs for icons, menus, and programs.

  • Widgets on the Taskbar

A slight change in Windows 11 taskbar, all the widgets from various programs will transfer to the right side of the taskbar.

  • Lively and More Color Options

The Windows 10 interface already has a way fascinating designs and color options. Likewise, Windows 11 will also have indeed better colors and designs.

  • Enhanced Power Management

If we talk about power management, then we have to say that Microsoft did excellent work regarding power management especially in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. So, it is being anticipated that Microsoft will do the same in the new Windows 11 version.

  • Advanced Voice Typing

Windows 11 will have, even more, better voice typing technology.

  • Distinct File Explorer and Task Manager

In Windows 11, you may see a separate File Explorer and Task Manager.

  • Enhanced Touch Accessibility

It is being expected that there are better touch options in Windows 11, especially for the tablet mode.

  • Windows Arrangements

Similar to Mac, we expect improved Windows arrangement options in versions of Windows 11.

Apart from these features, the leaks reveal that in Windows 11 all the formations of Windows UI will be in the round. Along with it, the latest operating system may also be equipped with much-awaited gesture technology.

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What is the Price of Windows 11

Now, here is the most asked question. What is the price of Windows 11? Well, professionals hint that the price of Windows 11 will be the same as Windows 10. As you know, all Windows 7 and 8 users got a Windows 10 upgrade for free. So, you can anticipate the same with Windows 11 too. However, as far as Windows 11 pricing matters, then Windows 10 price starts from $100 and you can expect the same with Windows 11.

Bottom Line

So, that was all about the new Windows operating system, Windows 11. Hope, we have addressed all the queries regarding the Windows 11 updates and its release date. However, it is also noting that these are all guesswork, and no one can predict what happens in the next moment. But, don’t worry, you will be informed about every latest update regarding Windows 11.

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