Microsoft is Giving Linux a Major Security Update

Published Date : Jun 28, 2020
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Microsoft is Giving Linux a Major Security Update

Microsoft is all set to level up its security game with the release of the Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) app. Built for Android and Linux systems, the app focuses on strengthening the security walls of your device. 

The first version of the app is already available in the market for both Linux and Android users. 

What is Microsoft Defender ATP?

Microsoft Defender is the Advanced Threat Protection suite used by Microsoft. It is a dedicated security platform which aims at providing breach detection, automated device investigation along with pretentious protection. 

It offers a simple yet effective way to safeguard your device from advanced threats. 

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Microsoft Defender ATP Update for Linux Devices

Announced earlier this year, Microsoft Defender ATP version is readily available for download for Linux Ubuntu 16 LTS and higher versions. 

Relating to the update Microsoft, said that the update is capable to manage both the client and agents threats, easily perform scans, and even provides alert monitoring.

If you wish to download the app you can install it through Ansible, Puppet, alternatively, you can also install it through the existing configuration management tool of Linux. 

The app was announced in the RSA security conference where Microsoft also talked about the targets that are majorly used by cybercriminals to exploit users.

Here is what the app has to offer:

  • It is designed to detect insecure and suspicious websites.
  • It can also perform automated device scanning to detect harmful links, attachments, and other malicious malware.
  • Apart from this, it is also capable of detecting possible phishing attacks.
  • It is also programmed to detect and block the sites whose use is not permissible within an organization. This will enable the respective IT teams to enable the security features in devices to prevent any possible threat.
  • In addition to this, the app can also be used by the IT team to completely block any device which has been infected. Apart from it can also block all user access once a specific employee has left the organization.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President “Rob Lefferts” in a press conference said that we are well aware of the varied needs of our users, and the distinctive environment they work in. We aim at providing a unified security solution that can cater to all the possible requirements of our users. 

He further added that Microsoft also aims at providing a strong security suite for the heterogeneous environment of various enterprise-level organizations.

In addition to the Android and Linux versions, Microsoft has also announced to release the security update for iOS devices but unfortunately, it has been postponed until the end of the year.

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