Microsoft Edge May Overtake Safari as the Second Most Popular Desktop Browser

Published Date : Feb 25, 2022
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Microsoft Edge May Overtake Safari as the Second Most Popular Desktop Browser

As per the data analytics from StatCounter, the MicrosoftEdge browser is on 9.54% of desktops all across the globe which is merely 0.3% less than that of Apple’s Safari users i.e 9.84%. However, the Google Chrome browser tops the list by being the choice of 65.38% of desktop users. And another fellow competitor Mozilla Firefox (with 9.18% desktop users) has now been surpassed by both Edge and safari.

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MicrosoftEdge slowly became the replacement for the most popular Internet Explorer. In the last year, the browser jumped from being the browser preference of 7.81% to 9.54% of desktop users. Earlier the browser overtook the place of Firefox in March’21. If the growth continues it is possible that the browser can gain enough users to overcome Safari in no time.

If not considering the numbers Globally, both the browsers have their strong regional popularity in specific continents. In North America, Safari’s desktop users are 16.87% whereas for Edge the number is down to 11.93%. Meanwhile, the number of Edge users in Europe has crossed the number of Safari users already. Edge desktop users in Europe are 10.9% and that of Safari is 9.95%.

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Although the user base of Safari is high on Smartphones and tablets, MicrosoftEdge is now becoming a danger to Safari in the case of desktop users. When considering all the platforms for using browsers, Safari remains in the second position with 19.84% of users, Google Chrome remains first with 63.06%. However, MicrosoftEdge and Firefox are way behind with 4.12% and 4.18% respectively.

The company officials mentioned that the browsing mode in Edge takes priority by providing extra security protection. The updated version allows users to personalize the experience of multi-profile to form a custom list of websites for switching profiles. Also, a Microsoft blog reads, that the system administrator is now capable to apply group policies to their end-user desktops(i.e Windows, Mac, or Linux) to protect them from the in-the-wild exploits which are often referred to as 0-days.

Considering the above data and growth pattern of MicrosoftEdge there’s a possibility that Microsoft Edge may overtake Safari as the second most popular desktop browser.

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