How to Fix Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Issue in Windows 10, 11

Published Date : Oct 09, 2023
How to Fix Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Issue in Windows 10, 11

If you run into any difficulties while using a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter on Windows 11 or 10 then you are not alone. Many users complained about issues with the Microsoft basic adapter display. There is a possibility that it will not connect, will not function, will not display, or will not produce sound. However, these issues can be addressed with simple solutions.

The following guide elaborates on easy and quick solutions for Microsoft basic display adapter issue on Windows 11, or 10 devices. So without wasting any more time let’s begin.

Methods to Fix Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Driver Issue on Windows 11,10

In a scenario where you face issues with your Microsoft basic display adapter Windows 11, the following methods can be used.

Fix 1: Update Graphics Driver

It’s possible that you’re having a Microsoft basic display driver problem because the graphics driver you’re using is either out of date or incompatible. The issue can be fixed by installing the most recent version of the driver for your graphics card. You have the option of manually updating the driver. However, if you don’t have the time or the requisite skills, you may utilize Win Riser Driver Updater to have it done automatically for you instead.

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Use Win Riser Driver Updater for Automatic Driver Updates:

Win Riser Driver Updater will automatically identify the settings of your computer and search for suitable drivers for the device you have installed. You are not required to have a specific understanding of the operating system that your computer utilizes.

To be more specific, you do not need to have an in-depth understanding of the operating system that your computer utilizes. The Win Riser Driver Updater is responsible for everything, so you don’t need to worry about it.

You have the opportunity to automatically update your drivers regardless of whether you use the free version of Win Riser Driver Updater or the commercial edition of the program. But if you use the Pro version, you can accomplish the same thing with just two clicks. Apart from this, you have access to comprehensive technical support and a guarantee that you may get your money back within the first sixty days.

Steps for Automatic Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Windows 10 Driver Download:

Step 1: Click the icon below to get the most recent version of the Win Riser Driver Updater.


Step 2: As soon as the installation completes it will automatically begin scanning for the issues and pending driver updates.Win Riser Scan the Outdated Driver

Step 3: Wait till the scanning process is complete. After that, select your problem by clicking the Fix Issues Now button.

Win Riser Update the Driver

Step 4: Last but not least, you will need to restart your computer in order for the modifications to take effect.

And that’s it! Investigate to see whether the issue of the Microsoft basic display adapter is fixed. If you are still having problems, you can try one of the additional solutions that are provided below.

Fix 2: Carry out the Windows Update

In order to cure the Microsoft Basic Display adapter issue on Windows 10 you must upgrade to the latest Windows version. You can reinstall the new graphics drivers by using Windows update. Using Windows update, you can reinstall the new graphics drivers regardless of whether you are using an Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD graphics card.

You can follow these steps to utilize Windows Update to obtain and install the appropriate graphics card drivers on your computer:

Step 1: Choose Check for Updates from the menu under Settings > Update & Security.Check for Windows Updates

Step 2: Once you have checked for updates, Windows 10 will automatically look for the drivers that need to be updated.

Step 3: In this particular scenario, it may identify the graphics driver for you.

Restart to apply the latest Windows OS update and check if the Microsoft basic display adapter driver issue is resolved. However, if the problem remains, move on to further solutions.

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Fix 3: Rollback to Older Version of Windows

Another option to address the Microsoft basic display adapter driver issue is to roll back to an earlier version of Windows. This can be carried out in different ways. However, we have explained how you can factory reset your device to roll back to the previous OS version.

Carry out a factory reset:

You could give this approach a try if your computer comes preinstalled with Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Note that if you opt to restore the system to its factory default settings, all of your accounts, files, and settings, as well as any Windows Store apps, will be deleted. It is strongly recommended that you create a backup of your critical information and programs before beginning the process.

Step 1:  Press the Start button, and then select Settings from the menu.

Step 2: Select the Update and Security option.Updates and Security

Step 3: Select Recovery from the menu on the left, and then click Get started under the Reset this PC heading on the menu on the right.

Step 4: Select the option to Restore factory defaults.

Step 5: If your computer has more than one drive on the Windows 10 disk, you will need to choose whether you want to delete all of the contents from only the Windows drive or from all of the drives.

Step 6: You have the option of selecting either Remove files just or Remove files and clean the drive according to your preferences.

Before moving on to the next stage, it is imperative that you verify that you have successfully backed up all of your essential personal files.

Step 7: Select the Restore button.

The process of restoring your data will start right away. Kindly be patient as we wait for this process to reach its conclusion.

Once it completes, check if the Microsoft basic display adapter Windows 10 driver download issue is fixed.

Fix 4: Get your Graphics Card Replaced

If upgrading the driver for your graphics card does not assist to fix the Microsoft basic display driver issue, you will need to seriously consider buying a new graphics card. As the driver or OS updates didn’t work the current graphics card might be defective.

It is important to know several series of display cards do not have driver support for Windows 10. This is because they are not capable of supporting Windows Display Driver Model 1.2 or above.

Hence, it is recommended that you update the display driver that you are now using to one that is more recent. If you want to get a perfect graphics card for your device, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a specialist.

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Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Driver Issue: FIXED

And it’s done. By using the above-listed solutions we hope you were able to fix the Microsoft basic display adapter issue. Make sure the Graphics and other system drivers are up to date to avoid any hardware issues. For a simpler and automatic driver updating experience use the Win Riser Driver Updater tool.

In case you come up with any questions or suggestions drop them in the section below. Also, for more problem-solving guides, tech reviews, and news don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

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