Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ Driver Download for Windows 10/11

Published Date : Nov 24, 2023
Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ Driver Download for Windows 10/11

If you want to run the network adapter smoothly, then take the help of the simple methods provided below to execute the Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ driver download and update on Windows 11/10. 

Everyone uses WiFi on their laptops or desktops. Connecting to any WiFi network is as simple as clicking a button on the taskbar on any Intel-based laptop or PC.

However, some users of Intel-powered devices have complained about difficulties establishing WiFi connections. Among the reported issues were frequent device disconnection, fluctuating data rates, the inability to connect to networks, and the invisibility of WiFi connections.

The lack of or use of obsolete WiFi drivers is the primary cause of these issues. If you are experiencing issues with your WiFi connection and want to fix them, you are not alone. If so, the Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ driver for Windows computers should be downloaded (or updated).

This article explains how to easily update your PC with the most recent version of the WiFi drivers with only a few mouse clicks. You will find both hands-on and automated options. However, for convenience’s sake, we advise using the automatic technique for this task.

How to Download the Driver for Windows Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ

The Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ driver for Windows computers, and instructions for updating or downloading it, are provided below. You may upgrade your WiFi driver to the newest version in whatever manner you choose.

Method 1: Win Riser to Automatically Update the Driver (Recommended)

To spare you all the inconvenience, we propose that you use the Win Riser to download and upgrade the Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ driver. It may also be used to update various types of device drivers to their most recent versions. The software is intuitive enough for novice users to quickly receive the latest information.

This is why we think you’ll like the Win Riser’s many features and benefits. The software allows users to make copies of their drivers in case of emergency. Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ driver updates may be downloaded immediately or scheduled.

The software has a free and paid version. Feel free to switch between the two. The free edition, however, lacks certain functionality that the premium one offers. Below are the methods to update the Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ driver for Windows 11/10 and other operating systems:

  1. Click the link below to get the Win Riser official package and save it to your computer.Download-Button
  2. Launch the installer from the file you downloaded to install the software. Wait while the installation finishes and the tool starts an automatic scanning of the system.Win Riser Scan the Outdated Driver
  3. You may acquire all of the updates at once by clicking the Fix Issues Now button; the WiFi driver can be updated individually by selecting it from the list and clicking the Fix Now button that appears next to it.Win Riser Update the All Outdated Driver Click On Fixes Now
  4. Whenever Win Riser prompts you to, restart the computer.

Following these instructions, you should now have the most recent drivers for your Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ adapter and be ready to use Win Riser to install them.

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Method 2: Perform the Driver Update using the Device Manager

The Device Manager is the next option for upgrading the Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ driver. The program can handle any kind of device and its drivers, including updating, removing, and reinstalling them. To learn how to utilize the Device Manager, please refer to the instructions below.

  1. To access Device Manager, right-click the Start button at the left end of the taskbar.Select Device manager
  2. Broaden the tool’s Network Adapters subheading.Network Adapters
  3. Right-click the WiFi adapter in the device list, and then choose Update driver.Update the Driver in windows pc
  4. If a window pops up, choose the option to automatically look for driver updates.Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software
  5. When the update finishes, you must restart the computer.

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Method 3: Get the Driver from Intel’s official website.

The official support website is where you may download the Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ driver. The WiFi driver may be downloaded from Intel’s support page after entering the necessary product information. For accuracy, please use the following instructions:

  1. Check out Intel’s official Download Center.
  2. Simply enter the Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ and hit “Enter.”Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ
  3. Click on the respective search result to proceed.
  4. Look for a WiFi or wireless driver in the list below, and click on the download button.Download Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ Driver
  5. When the driver has finished downloading, it must be installed.

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Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ Driver Download and Update for Windows: Done

This article’s last section summarizes the simple procedures for acquiring the latest version of the Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ driver for Windows PCs. Use any of these solutions to get the most recent WiFi driver version without delay. In addition, your system files will be protected from harm if you use any of these ways.

According to verified forums discussing installing the Intel Wifi 6 AX201 160MHZ WiFi driver. The Win Riser is a convenient option. The program is free to use, and it allows users to quickly and easily download any driver type with a single click. The tool’s streamlined download system means you won’t waste any time waiting around. You may also choose which drivers to update or not update at all by adding them to a “ignore” list.

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