Instagram has Launched ‘Threads’ (A New Messaging App for Close Friends)

Published Date : Oct 09, 2019
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Instagram Launches Threads: A New Messaging App for Close Friends

Threads is the latest messaging app launched by Instagram. With the help in Insta stories, it has connected a mass population worldwide. This has helped it to take a massive lead over Snapchat, but it still lacks behind with its messaging feature.

That’s why Instagram has launched “Threads” to provide an uninterrupted platform to its users and ensure a clutter-free messaging experience. It is often seen that we have a lot of friends in our contact list, but we usually talk to only a handful of them. This app aims at highlighting the conversations with only those few friends. 

Thread is a camera-centric app, with which you can record videos, click pictures, and also share them with your friends. 

It first came into existence a few months ago and aims at taking on the market of Snapchat. You can use this application to connect with your close friends and stay updated. 

Everything You Need To Know About Threads (Camera-Centric Messaging App):

This newly launched application by Instagram relies on a smart interface that depends on various gestures to switch between different panes. When you start the app, it opens up in a camera UI, from where you can choose your close friends who you connect with frequently. 

You can select five best contacts. Additionally, you can also use a quick shortcut to message them. 

Keeping all the new features aside, the core functionality of Threads is based on the Instagram Direct Message mechanism. You can also use this new feature to click a picture with your friends, which can be easily added to your text messages. 

Currently, there are no pre-set filters; however, there are several gestures available for use.

The Status Update feature in another highlight of this newly introduced app. The status update is enabled by default in this app, which means your status gets updates with your recorded location. 

For instance, it will set your status to “chilling” while you are resting in your bed. However, you can also put your customized status for up to 4 hours if you want. 

Moreover, the app is fully compatible with the most talked-about Dark Mode theme. You can choose from five different types of themes, which include Twilight, Daylight, Aurora, Sunrise, and Midnight. 

With the launch of the Threads app, Instagram plans to separate its messaging clients from other users. The newly launched app will work on both Android and iOS platforms.

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