Important Changes to Gmail Multiple Inboxes Starting February 20, 2020

Published Date : Feb 10, 2020
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Google is making important changes to Gmail

Google recently announced some important changes for users using multiple inboxes in Gmail starting from February 20, 2020.

As per a press release, it will start rolling the updates under the rapid release domain from February 20 followed by a scheduled release domain from March 5, 2020. With the new updates, it aims to provide the users with a unified toolbar, independent scrolling and adjustable width.

Auxiliary Information

Preview Pane Configuration will No Longer be Supported

The users with preview pane configuration will view the notification about upcoming changes in the app. 

When the changes are implemented, the preview pane will turn off and to use this pane, users need to toggle to ‘Inbox Type’ – Settings >>> Inbox >>> Inbox Type

Preview Pane Configuration will No Longer be Supported
Image Source: G Suite Updates

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Configuring Multiple Inboxes and the Reading Pane will be Easy 

With the new updates, Gmail plans to relocate the multiple inboxes settings from the ‘Advanced’ Tab into the ‘Inbox Tab’ for better alignment.

Configuring Multiple Inboxes
Image Source: G Suite Updates

Once these changes come in effect, the user will be able to enable or disable the reading pane on gear icon – Settings >>> Inbox >>> Reading Pane

Reading pane view will support users in manifold ways – opening mail next to users list of conversations, reading emails, writing emails faster with more context.

Image Source: Times Of India

Addition of Individual Scroll Bars, Adjustable Panels, and Collapsible Sections

From February 20, once the configuration (right side) of multiple inboxes is enabled, each inbox will have an individual scroll bar. This feature provides flexibility in navigating the email from either inbox separately as per the user’s need. While in the previous set up, users could only scroll both inboxes simultaneously.

The divider that separates the Inbox and Multiple Inbox section will become more adjustable now. It will enable users to minimize or maximize each panel as per the requirement.

With this update, Additional Sections in multiple inboxes will then be collapsible.

Addition of Individual Scroll Bars, Adjustable Panels, and Collapsible Sections
Image Source: G Suite Updates

Introducing A Single Action Toolbar

A single-action toolbar will allow users to take actions across multiple sections and also ensure that keyboard shortcuts and triage functionality work consistently.

Currently, there is a separate toolbar for each section at the top of each inbox, but no toolbar for additional sections. So with the introduction of a single toolbar, there will be one unified bar in all configurations for the whole inbox.

Admin Rights and End-Users and Availability

There will be no admin control for new features in multiple inboxes. Once the changes are rolled out, the preview panel will be turned off for multiple inboxes. If anyone wants to access the preview pane, they can do it from the Inbox Type.

Changes in multiple inboxes will be available to all G suite and personal Google account users.

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