Top 6 Image Downloader Extensions for Chrome in 2023

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image downloader extensions for chrome

Check out the list of the best image downloader extensions for Chrome and download as many pictures as you want from different websites with ease. 

Chrome is a great web browser. It allows you to download various images from different websites. Just open the image, right-click on it, select the option named Save Image As and download the image. However, there are a few drawbacks to this method. You may not be able to extract and download the images from all websites. Moreover, this process is a little complicated and takes time. The best solution for this problem is image downloader extensions for Chrome.

Just like the name, these extensions allow you to download the images very quickly and effectively within a couple of clicks. Additionally, you can also download images from websites that don’t allow you to download pictures using the conventional method.

So, let’s have a look at the top 6 extensions to download images in Chrome.

Top 6 Best Image Downloader Extensions for Chrome

Below are some of the best and easy-to-use image downloader extensions for Chrome. You can add any or all of these extensions as required to your Google Chrome browser and save tons of images within seconds. Have a look at the description of the extensions beforehand and compare them before downloading.

1. Image Downloader

Image Downloader

Let’s keep it simple; this is the motto of the developers of this extension. Image Downloader is indeed one of the best image downloader extensions for Chrome. The tool offers various features to you for the ease of downloading the images. It allows you to go through the images present on the existing webpage and download them as required.

Additionally, the extension contains various filters to get the desired image results. Apart from different download options, the extension also allows you to open images in a new tab for better analysis. You download the images, rename them, and save them to the desired folder with ease.

Add Image Downloader to Chrome

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2. Image Downloader – Imageye

Image Downloader - Imageye

The next name on this list of the best image downloader extensions for Chrome is the Image downloader from Imageye. Just like the previously listed extension, this one is also quite versatile and easy to use. The extension allows you to download the images after filtering them according to different filters (width, length, pixel, etc.)

Hence, using this tool, you can easily download the desired images from any website. If the webpage contains different images, the extension allows you to download all of these at once. Additionally, this is one of the few image downloaders for Chrome that allow you to select the images to download.

Add Image Downloader – Imageye to Chrome

3. Image Download for Youtube™

Image Download for Youtube™

This addition to the list of image downloader extensions for Chrome is quite different from any other product. This extension works to cater to a specific requirement of the user. Sometimes, while listening to or watching videos on Youtube, you may like the cover of the song or video.

When this situation appears, you may want to download the cover. But the traditional method can not help you in downloading the same. Even the other image downloader extensions for Chrome listed here may fail. This is where the Image Download for Youtube™ extension comes in. Using this extension, you can easily download the cover of songs on the best resolution available.

Add Image Download for Youtube™ to Chrome

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4. Unsplash for Chrome

Unsplash for Chrome

Next on the list is Unsplash for Chrome; one of the best image downloader extensions for Chrome. If you are a writer or developer, then you may require different images to add to your projects. This is where Unsplash comes to your rescue. The working of the extension is quite simple to follow. All you need to do is search for keywords, select the desired images, and download the same on your system.

The extension offers some of the best images with free and universal copyright. Hence, this is one of the best image downloaders for creators.

Add Unsplash to Chrome

5. Loadify – Smart Image Downloader

Loadify - Smart Image Downloader

We are ending this list of the best image downloader extensions for Chrome with a banger. Loadify is a smart, advanced, and interactive extension for you to download images from websites. If you want a quick solution to get the desired images, then you should surely use this one.

The design of the extension is quite simple but attractive. It offers a web color palette to get all the colors of the web in one place. If you are a web designer or integrated by the concert, then you should use this extension for sure.

Add Loadify – Smart Image Downloader to Chrome

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6. Lightshot


Another best image downloader extension for chrome is Lightshot. With Screenshots ruling our lives it has become a necessity to have a tool that can instantly capture your screen image. And that is what Lightshot can do with a single click. It allows users to select the desired screen area and download it on their devices.

Lightshot is way too convenient for beginners as the interface is highly intuitive. You can customize screen captures and edit them according to your requirements. Moreover, it also enables you to search similar screenshots available on your device gallery.

Add Lightshot to Chrome

Best Image Downloader Extensions for Chrome: Listed

So, it must be clear by now that extensions of all types, whether these are the best YouTube to Mp3 Chrome extensions or the ones to do anything else are very important for different users. Similarly, above were some of the best extensions to help you download the desired image from any web page while using Chrome. We are happy to help you in case of queries. Write to us in the comments below regarding the same or provide suggestions as required. Do let us know which one of the image downloader extensions for Chrome you loved the most via comments.

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