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Top 11 Best Hacking Apps for Android 2019

There is no denying that Android is used as one of the most preferred Operating System worldwide. With the rise in Android devices, the market for hacking apps for android has also gone up at a skyrocketing rate.

Here we have prepared a well-researched list of some of the best hacking apps available in the market today. Some of the well-known names are Hackode, Shark for Root and many more.

Based on expert review and experience, here is a list of the best hacking android apps for 2019  which can be used easily by researchers and ethical hackers.

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Best Hacking Apps For Android 2019:

1. Hackode

Hackode - Best Hacking App
Image Source: Future Tricks

This one surely deserves a place in the list of best hacking apps. It is a multi-functional tool that every legitimate hacker, penetration tester and IT specialist can use.

It comes with three working modules namely Scanning, Reconnaissance and Security feed. It comes with a massive list of functionalities including SQL Injection, Whois, DNS lookup, Security RSS feed and many more.

2. AndroRAT

AndroRAT - Best Hacking App
Image Source: Jihosoft

Often known as Android Remote Administrative Tool, AndroRAT was initially developed as a client application.

It majorly works to remotely control your gadget and fetch data from it. You can use this incredible hacking app to collect call, message and location information. Additionally, you can also monitor phone calls, text messages and URL history with it.

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3. Zanti

Zanti - Best Hacking App
Image Source: Futuretricks

Specially designed to support security managers, Zanti works fantastically well as a risk assessment tool and penetration testing suite.

This easy to use tool work’s on a single push mechanism and comes with detailed guidelines. It can easily diagnose system vulnerabilities, malicious activities and stimulate an advanced attack.

It is exceptionally easy to detect system attacks with its customizable network reconnaissance scan feature.

4. Shark for Root

shark for Root - Best Hacking App
Image source: Jihosoft

Shark for Root is one of the best android hacking apps for rooted devices. Best suited for the workplace, it can be used to track the online activities of various employees using traffic sniffing functionality.

It is highly compatible with WiFi and 3G modes.


DSPLOIT - Best Hacking App
Image Source: Effecthacking

Best suited for security experts, this stunning tool can easily conduct network safety testing. You can use it to map networks, check loopholes, real-time traffic manipulation, password sniffing and many more.

Packed with an array of fantastic features, DSploit definitely deserves to be on the list of best hacking apps for android.

6. SSHDroid

SSHDroid - Best Hacking App
Image Source: Effect Hacking

This stunning piece of software is counted amongst the best tool that can add a security layer to machines connected to a remote system.

As an SSH server implementation application, it can easily connect your gadget from a PC. Terminal and ADB Shell are its main working commands.

Extended notification control, shared key authentication, ad-free, automation with intent support are few of its highlight features.

7. WiFiKill

WiFiKill - Best Hacking App
Image Source: Tech Brackets

Best suited for novice this feature-rich open source app comes with an intuitive interface. It is compatible will all Android 4 and later versions.

It works incredibly well in avoiding any unwanted people getting connected to your WIFI connection so that you can enjoy full bandwidth just by yourself.

8. WPS Connect

WPS Connect - Best Hacking App
Image Source: Tech Brackets

Use this stunning app to hack WiFi passwords from a mobile phone. With it, you can also connect to a few routers with WPS protocol.

It uses a few master keys to hack routers connected with WPS protocol and offers the best mechanism to bypass WiFi passwords.

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9. cSploit

csploit - Best Hacking App
Image source: Jihosoft

Due to high-end features, cSploit claims to be the most advanced IT security toolkit for android devices. It can find loopholes, exploit passwords, enumerates local hosts, install backdoors and crack WiFi- passwords.

10. Nmap

Nmap - Best Hacking App
Image Source: Jihosoft

Another most popular app for Android OS is Nmap. It works incredibly well not only on rooted devices but also on non-rooted phones.

On the non-rooted phones, you cannot access high-end features like SYN scan and os fingerprints.

If you are a beginner, then Nmap is a must-have for you.

It comes with a user-friendly interface and can easily detect all unauthorized devices connected to your system. Download it today to discover more about its working and functionalities.

11. USB Cleaver

USB Cleaver - Best Hacking App
Image Source: Tech Brackets

This intelligent application can steal information from connected PC’S. From browser passwords to network information and Wi-Fi credentials it is capable of hacking all information.

Conclusion – Best Hacking Apps

So, these are the top 11 best hacking apps for android devices, which you can use for daily simple testing and hacking activities.

Pick the most suitable one and capitalize on them to have an unforgettable hacking experience.

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