Google Starts Task Mate Testing in India – All That You Should Know!

Published Date : Nov 26, 2020
Category : Tech News
Google Starts Task Mate Testing in India - All That You Should Know!

Google is being recognized as one of the biggest tech companies all over the world and Google has reached this title by providing world-class service to its users with its various useful applications and search engine. Customers are the key factor of any business and google knows it and that’s why Google always has taken every decision in favor of their customers. Google always had a soft corner for its users and they have proved this in every app or project they work on. Google has recently launched an app called, ‘Task Mate’. Helping users to earn money by completing simple tasks. 

In which users can earn money by performing some simple tasks while they are sitting idle. The app is currently available in beta version and its accessibility has limited by a referral code system. This app is available to only those users who have an invitation code sent by Google and cannot be accessed without the referral code. 

Google task mate has classified their tasks into two categories, which are sitting tasks and field tasks. Sitting tasks include transcribing a document, taking a survey, and other tasks that can be done in the comfort of your house. Feild tasks are different, in this, you are told to go outside and do some outdoor tasks like taking pictures of restaurants, visiting a shop, etc. Tasks like taking pictures of a shopfront or adding a route or new location will help google to increase the accuracy of its mapping services. 

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These tasks are posted by various business owners from all around the globe to ease their work and make their customers earn money. You can also see the price of tasks with them. If you are not able to perform a task you can simply skip it. Google can also ask you for a task directly which can be provided to you by seeing your potential and past performance. 

Withdrawals of the earnings are the most hectic part of every money-related app but not with Google. Users can withdraw their earnings easily with their respective E-wallet and other digital payment options. For these payment features the users have to link their E-wallet account with the task mate app. The money will be provided in the local currency of the respective country. 

Task mate is also meant to help its users by simplifying their tasks by helping its users. For eg, if you have to go somewhere for the completion of a task then the task mate app will show you the direction to reach your destination in minimal time.

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