Google Brings Lending DocAI For Enhanced Data Structure

Published Date : Nov 06, 2020
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Google Brings Lending DocAI For Enhanced Data Structure

Indulging in document processes is annoyingly arid as well as time-consuming. Reading between the lines, inculcating and then those hours of segregation and management that follows is a whole another tedious chore. But Google’s addition of Lending DocAI seems to be a promising hand in the contribution for increased efficiency and smart management. 

Google’s new DocAI service will back organizations to use parsers solutions and tools conveniently that also involves Lending DocAI. Using all of such tools and solutions, they will be able to create a less-demanding document processing and thus, a feasible workflow.

A new Document AI (DocAI) has been introduced by Google Cloud that is basically a unified console which will automate and validate the documentation for users and thus will leave no room for mess, leading to accelerated workflow and increased efficiency. 

How It Works?

Google Cloud’s DocAi platform will use OCR (optical character recognition) which will be helpful in using the text and character as well as image recognition. This will be available in over 200 languages without compromising on accuracy check.

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In businesses, where there’s a process of manual extraction and classification of data (Doesn’t matter even if it’s way too complex), there will be a huge relief coming from Google DocAI, thanks to the fast processing of structured data and improved decision-making.

What’s There To Gain?

In this DocAI, users will be able to create the data more accurately and effortlessly with the help of improved interpretation that comes out of the transformation of unorganized data into the well structured one. 

The precise display of data will enable organizations to gain wider insights and thus, will accentuate the betterment in customer experiences. Apart from that, users can count on Google’s security model to safeguard the processing as well as the organization.

The ease this new Google Cloud’s DocAI platform brings will not require users to go through any level of training or any need to map the data. On the top, users are rest assured with Google’s claim about a 250% increase in accuracy of document processing that was experienced by its customers, cutting the cost by 60%. 

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