Google to Introduce Significant Changes in Security Investigation Tools

Published Date : Dec 19, 2020
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Google to Introduce Significant Changes in Security Investigation Tools

Security Investigation tool is a platform initiated by search giant Google in order to enable administrators and security analysts to dig into the potential threats budding via a number of stances. The insights it helps users with help understand online risks effectively and thus, make it easy for organizations to set the limitations against them more effectively.

The search giant is now introducing a number of changes for this cybersecurity tool. These changes include addition in data sources and improvements in the control over operations for organizational units. These enhanced features are available for the security investigation tool users. 

This security investigation tool will now offer the logs on Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Voice, Google Groups and Google Calendar in the Google Workspace update. Apart from these additions, the Organization Units filters will be available in order to make queries limited specifically.

The security investigation was introduced by Google in 2018. This tool aims at making the admin and security researchers be able to recognize the security threats feasibly and allow them to analyze and remediate them. Google’s security investigation tool enables users to emanate insights on different events associated with security and it offers the ability to keep an eye on Gmail log data, file-sharing events along with the tabs on malicious components. 

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Apart from that, this security platform allows admins to create a slew of plans to restrict the influence of online threats and create unwavering walls to prevent uninvited and suspicious components. The calculated ways this tool uses to keep users informed paves a way to take measures. It is more helpful in larger organizations where this tool can be used to detect potential risks and mend the vulnerable spots to amplify security assurance.

These improvements in the security investigation tool have been made available for admins that count among the Google Workspace Enterprise Plus or G Suite Enterprise users. Apart from the G Suite, Nonprofit and Education users, those who use Google Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Business Starter, Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Essentials will not be provided the access to the new options.

Luckily, the administrators will now be able to keep tabs on threats and limit them conveniently with the new data sources and the breakdown of investigations in this security investigation tool.

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