Google to Introduce New Screenshot Feature in Chrome for Android

Published Date : Oct 31, 2020
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Google to Introduce New Screenshot Feature in Chrome for Android

The way one can seamlessly capture any page, conversation or video screen with the help screenshot feature, it has become one of those essential functions that we cannot imagine our devices without. Perhaps that is something which has encouraged Google to try accenting Chrome on Android with a new screenshot feature

Google to Bring a Long Screenshot Feature for Chrome

Android has always been the one to lead the pack of ample functions and specialties. Grabbing a quick shot of screen capture is one of those standard features of any ever-rising feature-packed Android devices. The deal has been quickly and fairly the easy one. All you have to do is just press the power button and the volume button simultaneously. And here you have a capture of anything you want from your phone’s screen.

Given that the screenshot feature has fairly become an inevitable action incorporated into the usage of devices. For what it’s worth, with an ever-growing spirit of Android OS to an expanding range, there’s no denying the fact the update in screen-capture feature on Android Chrome (As suggested by Chrome’s Story itself) will be entertained by users. So what’s this modification basically about? What’s in the new screenshot function on Chrome?

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What is a Long Screenshot Feature?

The tech boss Google is likely to introduce a new screenshot function, what you can call a scrolling screenshot or a long screenshot, that will eradicate your endeavors of being pushed to capture one screenshot in multiple clicks, scrolling up and down. This Long Screenshot aka Scrolling Screenshot feature will finally help you capture the screen scrolling up or down your desired section across the entire web page.

The trick will still be as simple as before. The UI of Chrome will be accelerated to let you take a single long screenshot instead of multiple clicks for an entire screen, and then edit and share them. It all started off with Google’s attempt at experimenting with the same function for the beta versions of Android 11, but unfortunately, it couldn’t lead the success to the launch floor. And thus we have the same ability to use on a web page instead of an Android device’s UI.

There’s no official date has been disclosed for bringing this feature in accentuation for users. All we know is once it is live, you will know. Until then, you can continue with the third-party tools for long screenshots. 

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