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Published Date : Mar 08, 2021
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One of the most known names in organizing chaotic picture galleries right now is Quick Photo Finder. The software has tons of modules to remove duplicate/similar photos and free up space on Windows PC. Read our unbiased review on Quick Photo Finder to know everything about the product! 

Pictures are a very vital-core part of our lives. Who doesn’t like to click pictures? But, what is wrong with it is – we have a habit of keeping all the pictures saved for long eons whether they are copies of similar images. These dupe shots pile up really quickly, take unnecessarily storage space and make the device snail-like slow and buggy. 

Worse still, detecting similar images one-by-one and deleting them respectively is such a daunting yet time-consuming task.

Now, you may have a question in your head that how could you do so within the least time and effort. The answer to this question is – Quick Photo Finder.

What is Quick Photo Finder?

Quick Photo Finder is an intelligent tool that is uniquely programmed for detecting and deleting duplicate pictures in no time. Its high-parameters and in-built tools set the new benchmarks for the other duplicate photo finder and cleaner programs. And, that is quite harder for other tools to match the level of Quick Photo Finder. Especially, in terms of working functionality. Within a short series of steps, you can find and delete dupe shots from your system using Quick Photo Finder.

Follow The Steps To Remove Duplicate Photos Easily

Step 1: Just download and install the Quick Photo Finder

Windows Download Button
Step 2: Launch the application
Step 3: Add the photos or folder containing photos to the scanning list
Step 4: Start the scan
Step 5: Delete the duplicate Photos

Removing duplicate photos can never be so easy! Please drop a comment if it helps.

Now, without further ado, let’s go through our honest and complete review of Quick Photo Finder to know about all the key features, merits and demerits of the application, & other details.

Quick Photo Finder Review 2021: A Complete Guide

Before we head towards the working section, let’s read about the specifications and notable features of Quick Photo Finder!

Specifications & System Requirements of Quick Photo Finder

Developer Name: Digital Protection Services S.R.L.

OS Supported: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Ram: 512 MB

Processor: 1 GHz

Notable Features of Quick Photo Finder

So far now, you must have got a little bit of an idea about Quick Photo Finder. Still, there is one question that surely arises in your head: Why only Quick Photo Finder? Then, here you go! The only answer to this question is its ultimate features. Let’s read them below!

Detecting Duplicate Photos

Quick Photo Finder uses the most standardized algorithms and parameters to detect duplicate pictures quite quickly. And, after detecting the pictures Quick Photo Finder lets you eradicate all the pictures within a single click. Isn’t that so awesome?

Filtered Photo Gallery

One of the best features that Quick Photo Finder offers is – it maintains your entire photos library. By eradicating the unwanted copies from your system it makes your photos library clutter-free.

Group-based Scan Results

What would be better than receiving the accurate yet fast scan results? Plus, it provides you the group-based scan results of duplicate pictures so that you can make your decision quite quickly and easily. Group-oriented results help you to effortlessly make your decision on which group of photos you want to delete.

Enhanced Storage Space

Undoubtedly, we love to click pictures and frequently end up clicking a picture at the same angle multiple times. Plus, many times the copies of similar pictures are left undeleted. And, these undeleted duplicate pictures hog up the storage space which makes our PC sluggish. But, Quick Photo Finder eradicates all the duplicate pictures and enhances the storage space as well.

Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike others, Quick Photo Finder gives complete money back guarantee but only for a limited span of time. So, just in case, if you are not satisfied with the functionalities of Quick Photo Finder, however it will not happen at all. But, still, just in rare cases, if such will happen then you can claim for full refund but only within 60 days of purchase.

The above-mentioned are the core features of Quick Photo Finder. Up till now, you have got an idea of how amazingly and quickly it works. Now, let’s move towards the next section that explains the pros and cons of Quick Photo Finder.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Quick Photo Finder

Like all the programs, there are pros and cons of Quick Photo Finder too. Have a look at them below!


  • Quickly detect and delete the duplicate results.
  • A simple and clean user interface to understand.
  • The scanning accuracy is quite fast.
  • Correct and reliable scan results.
  • Group-based scan results to help to delete duplicate pictures.
  • Enhances the hop-up storage space and makes the system run faster and smoother.
  • Organized cluttered photo gallery.


  • The only shortcoming of Quick Photo Finder is – it doesn’t support the older version of Windows such as XP and Vista.

How does Quick Photo Finder Work?

Quick Photo Finder, a fully automatic tool that works smoothly and effortlessly. Within a concise series of steps, you can get rid of duplicate pictures and can be able to improve the overall performance of the system. Without any further hustle-bustle, let’s read the steps of how it runs!

Step 1:- Download and launch the Quick Photo Finder.


Step 2:- Now, add the folders to the scan area or you can also drag and drop them.

Step 3:- After this, you have to set the matching criteria according to your preference.

Step 4:- Thereafter, to begin the scanning process click on the Scan option.

Step 5:- Once the scanning completes, review the scan results quite carefully and then delete the unwanted copies of the pictures.

Quick Photo Finder

That is it, you need to delete the duplicate pictures from your system using Quick Photo Finder. Don’t you feel Quick Photo Finder is an ultimate duplicate photo finder and remover software? Well, then don’t waste your much time, and hit the download tab given below to launch Quick Photo Finder on your system. And, speed up your sluggish system.


Quick Photo Finder Review 2021- That’s a Wrap!

Thus, that was our complete review on Quick Photo Finder – an ultimate tool to delete duplicate pictures on Windows and Mac. Hopefully, now you can bring back the effective performance of your system which had been snatched because of the filled storage space. Share your opinion on Quick Photo Finder in the comment box below. And, do not forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to stay updated. Till then, use Quick Photo Finder and make your photo gallery clutter-free.

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