Dymo Labelwriter 550 Driver Download for Windows 10, 11

Published Date : Nov 08, 2023
Dymo Labelwriter 550 Driver Download for Windows 10, 11

To download and update the Dymo Labelwriter 550 driver for Windows 10/11, read the complete guide and implement either the manual or automatic methods mentioned below. 

The advanced thermal printing technique used by the Dymo Labelwriter 550 printer makes it one of the top preferred printers across the world. However, despite being the best, users have complained about the issues with drivers for Dymo Labelwriter 550 printer. If the drivers installed on your Windows device are obsolete, mission, or corrupted then the printer might not work as expected. Therefore for the Dymo printer to work properly it is advisable to keep the Dymo Labelwriter 550 driver updated.

The following guide contains three methods for downloading, installing, and updating the driver of Dymo Labelwriter 550. So without any further ado, let’s start.

How to Download and Update Dymo Labelwriter Driver for Windows 11/10

Here in this part of our guide we have mentioned the steps for manual and automatic methods for Dymo Labelwriter drivers. All you need to do is go through all the methods and pick the most suitable option for your device.

Option 1: Automatic Dymo Labelwriter 550 Driver Update with Win Riser

In case you are a beginner or have no time to invest in Dymo Labelwriter 550 driver or other driver updates, switch to the automatic driver updater tool. The Win Riser tool is one of the best options to keep all your system drivers updated.

The features of Win Riser Driver Updater are not limited to driver updates but also include malware detection and removal. Moreover, junk removal and registry cleaning are all fixed with this one-click driver updater tool. For a better and error-free experience, it also maintains a complete backup of your device to roll back to in case it is required. The easy and 24*7 available customer support makes it one of the best options for updating drivers automatically.

Steps to Update Dymo Labelwriter 550 Driver Automatically with Win Riser:

Step 1: For your Windows 11 or 10 device use the following link to download the latest .exe file for Win Riser tool.


Step 2: Double-click and apply the instructions that pop up on your desktop to install the tool. When installed it will launch automatically and start the Scan for obsolete drivers, junk removal, malware, and invalid registries.Win Riser Scan the Outdated Driver

Step 3: In result of the above Scan the Win Riser tool will display a list of pending updates with Fix Issues Now button. Click on it to download driver for Dymo Labelwriter 550 and other updates.Win Riser Update the All Outdated Driver Click On Fixes Now

Step 4: Once done, follow the process for Dymo Labelwriter 550 driver installation and Restart your PC to bring these updates into action.

This method is suitable both for professionals and naive users. However, if you have the time and skills you can also use the underlying manual methods to update driver of  Dymo Labelwriter 550.

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Option 2: Use the Official Website for Dymo Labelwriter 550 Driver Download

The next method is to download the driver for Dymo Labelwriter 550 from the official website.

This is the safest choice to make if you are able to acquire the necessary skills and time to manually download the drivers. Having the most recent Dymo Labelwriter 550 driver installed can assist with the top-notch functioning of your device. As a result, manufacturers publish these updates on the official webpage associated with their brand.

Steps to perform for manual update on Windows 10, 11, or older version devices.

Step 1: Click Here to head to the official website of Dymo or search for it in your system’s browser.

Step 2: Navigate to the top menu and select the Resources and Guides option. Next, expand the Downloads and User Guides tab.Dymo - Downloads and User Guides

Step 3: Expand the category that is titled “The Latest Software & Drivers for all LabelWriters® and LabelManager®” on the page that is presented. Now click on the Download button under this.Latest Software & Drivers for all LabelWriters and LabelManage

Step 4: Once the download is finished, you will need to double-click on the Dymo Labelwriter 550 driver installation and follow the on-screen directions.

Step 5: After updating the drivers, you will need to restart your computer.

Even if the drivers have been thoroughly checked and can be relied upon, this method might not be the best option for you if you are not willing to make time and effort investments.

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Option 3: Download Driver of Dymo Labelwriter 550  Using Device Manager

Windows Device Manager is a Microsoft program that has the potential to serve as a trustworthy source for obtaining the driver of Dymo Labelwriter 550. Following the underlying instructions will allow you to successfully update Dymo Labelwriter 550 driver for Windows 11/10.

Step 1: Press the Windows and R keys on your Keyboard and type devmgmt.msc in the search bar. Press OK to Proceed.Run command devmgmt.msc

Step 2: Expand the Printers or Print queues segment after navigating to it using the appropriate menu option.Select Print Queues in Device manager

Step 3: After that, make use of the right mouse button and select “Update Driver“.Update the Driver

Step 4: In the window that appears next, select the option that allows you to search automatically for the most recent version of the driver software.Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software

Step 5: Wait till Device Manager searches for driver update and install it with the help of the instructions that follow.

Restart your device to apply the updated Dymo Labelwriter 550 driver for Windows 10. In case this method fails to recognize the latest drivers, pick any of the above-listed alternatives.

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Download and Update Dymo Labelwriter 550 Driver: DONE

And it’s done. Manual or automatic methods can be used for the respective download of your Dymo Labelwriter 550 driver for Windows 11 or 10 devices. But if you are seeking an easier way out, sticking to the Win Riser Driver updater tool is the best choice. It will also improve the overall performance of your device. In case you come across any issues after the update you always have a restore point.

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