Google Chrome’s New Feature to Block JavaScript Redirects on Webpage URL

Published Date : Nov 11, 2020
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Google Chrome’s New Feature to Block JavaScript Redirects on Webpage URL

Since cyber threats have been a never-ending struggle, tending to come up with several distinct ways to hijack the sensitive data and corrupting the security, there also hasn’t been any less the number of ways to deal with this concern.

From killing malicious files, blocking programs to avoiding several clicks and taps as a measure to safeguard it all, there have been plenty of services and precautions that have helped users and organizations play safe against phishing attacks. 

Concerning this subject, Chrome is introducing a feature that will block out such creepy intentions and build a secure place to check-in at. This new feature will work by prevailing more security once users click on webpage links that lead to URLs in a different tab.

What Is That All About?

Google Chrome is soon going to offer a feature to block JavaScript directs when the users click on the web page link that actually opens in a different tab or a window. Well, when an author inserts a link in the HTML page, he is able to mention the target=_blank” attribute in order to ask a web browser to open a link in a new window. 

On one side it this attribute is quite useful for those who run sites, but it also brings with itself the concern of security. There is always a chance that the page opened in a new tab or window may be able to use a JavaScript redirect for opening a URL totally different from the one that’s been specified in an HTML code of the site. 

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It all sums up and leads the hacktivist to redirect users into spoofing pages of websites that entertain malicious content. All it takes is just putting in a JavaScript to links on the webpage. Fortunately, this mishap can be prevented now with the help of a rel=”noopener” HTML link attribute that was created to keep a new tab from utilizing the JavaScript to redirect a page. 

Prevention of JavaScript Redirects

Apple, in 2018, had introduced a different way to let Safari handle the HTML links that utilize the target=“_blank” attribute in order to incorporate the noopener attribute. This feature helps prevent the links from getting redirected to a different URL, once it is enabled. Same feature was also commenced by Microsoft Edge as well. 

As far as the release of this new feature is concerned, it is expected to come out by January, 2021.

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