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YouTube Downloader for Mac

In today’s interconnected world, YouTube is acknowledged as one of the most visited video streaming sites, surpassing its competitors with huge numbers. Over the years, YouTube has not only maintained its supremacy with other players but has also given enough competition to broadcast television. 

In this technological era, we need a video streaming platform that can provide plenty of content, is a reliable and stable platform, and can run on high-speed internet connection. Youtube, to your surprise, checks all the boxes and completely dominates the digital video market. 

However, it does not come without loopholes and works well only with a high-speed internet connection. With bandwidth caps and slow internet speed watching uninterrupted content is not possible. 

This is when people wish to download videos; luckily, several apps can be used for downloading Youtube videos. 

If you want to download and watch a video offline, you need the best youtube downloader online. Here we have handpicked the best youtube downloader online for Mac, which will surely solve your issues related to quality videos, instability and download speed. 

5 Best Free YouTube Downloader

With the fall in internet connection speed, your Youtube experience also drops. However, you can still enjoy your favorite video by downloading it and watching it offline on your Mac. 

Listed below are some of the best Youtube downloaders for Mac

1. Airy

This one has secured a decent place in the list of best online youtube downloaders. It perfectly matches your quality demand and lets you download your favorite video within seconds. It gives you two downloading options 

  1. The first option is to copy the link from Youtube, which you wish to download and save. Next step is to paste the link in Airy application and then download it from there. 
  2. Secondly, you may also integrate Airy with your Youtube browser and can download the videos directly from there. 

Considered as one of the friendliest applications, it comes with a massive list of beneficial features. 

With Airy, you can download videos suiting your quality requirements and also extract sound from them. 

You also get a complete playlist and album art with this best Youtube downloader for Mac. 

At times it is also seen that you only require the soundtrack as against the full video, Airy also supports this kind of requirements, and you can also download multiple videos at a time with the robust application. 

It allows you to download 4k and 8k ultra HD videos effortlessly within seconds and therefore has earned a place in the list of best free youtube downloader for mac. 

Lets now have a quick look at some of its pros and cons. 


  • User-friendly application. 
  • It is available in various resolutions and formats. 
  • It comes with an Integration option, with which you can directly download videos from Youtube. 


  • Does not give you an option to select bit-rate.
  • Can give limited access, maximum of 2 videos at a time. 
  • For more limit, you need to purchase the premium version that costs about $20.

2. YouTube Hunter

This robust application can not only download videos from Youtube but also supports other video streaming resources. You can type a keyword in the search bar to look out for your favorite video. 

It also offers to sort videos based on their popularity, recent, most viewed and popular in HD. Moreover, you also get an option to download the whole video, or just the audio soundtrack. 

All in all, this app is a pretty good option available in the category of best youtube downloaders for Mac. 

3. MacX YouTube Video Downloader

This piece of sophisticated software allows you to download videos from Youtube and other video streaming websites like Facebook, Vimeo etc. While downloading videos, you can select from a list of resolutions and formats including 8k, 5k, 4k, Ultra HD resolutions. 

Key features

It comes with a professional-looking interface. 

It’s one of the best options available for downloading videos from video streaming websites. 

4. ClipGrab for Mac

Next in the list of Best Youtube Downloaders is ClipGrab. This free, user-friendly and fast application allows you to download videos in HD form. 

Whenever a user copies and pastes the video link on clipboard, It gets automatically activated and starts the download procedure. 

With its help, you can save videos in various formats including OGG, MPEG, Theora and many more. 

5. WinX HD Video Converter for Mac

Are you searching for a safe and clean Youtube downloader for your Mac? WinX HD should be your optimum choice. 

It helps you to download videos in various resolutions including SD, 4K, SD, UHD etc. and also supports multiple formats like FLV, MP4, WebM etc.

So, these we some of the most trusted options available in the best online youtube downloader category.

 However, if you still wish to search an option on your own mentioned below are a few parameters that should be taken into consideration. 

Parameters for choosing the best YouTube Downloader

  • Bulk Downloading. 
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Browser integration support 
  • Should allow users to choose video quality and formats. 

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