7 Best Free Project Management Software in 2024

Published Date : Dec 15, 2023
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Best Free Project Management Software

If you are looking for some project management software tools to help you with multiple projects at once, then here is a list just for you. Check out the best free project management software listed here and choose the one that fits your needs perfectly. 

When it comes to delivering projects in an efficient and successful manner, project management software is a tool that assists people and teams in planning, resource management, managing, scheduling, and organizing project tasks and resources. The elements that facilitate collaboration assist in keeping the team and tasks organized, which in turn makes it easier to achieve milestones, align on deliverables, deliver within the restrictions of the budget and the timeframe, and ultimately achieve the project objectives.

Through the consolidation of project planning, job management, resource allocation, time tracking, and communication into a single application, project management software tools enable effective administration and control of project variables. It gives project managers the ability to immediately make choices and make adjustments to a project in order to keep it on track by providing real-time awareness of the project’s state.

Because there are what seems to be an infinite number of tools claiming to be the best software for project management, it may be difficult to determine which one is a good free project management software that can meet your requirements. You want to improve the way you plan, manage, and control your projects, but you need to determine which tool will provide you with the most effective results. I have you in my grasp! 

The purpose of this article is to simplify things by using my expertise in managing large, complicated projects and utilizing hundreds of different best free project management software in order to provide you with a shortlist of the finest computer programs for managing projects

Which is the Best Rated Project Management Software in 2024

The answer to which is the best free project management software is not easy. Multiple metrics come into play for deciding the best PM software. Hence, we have curated a list of the top 7 best software for project management that you can use. Go through the alternatives and compare individual tools with your actual requirements to find out the ideal one. 

1. Asana – Best Rated Project Management Software 2024


The first name on this list of the best free project management software is Asana. The basic version of Asana is available for free, but businesses also have the option to sign up for the premium version, which costs $9.99 per month, or the enterprise package, which provides more management and assistance (price is determined based on the request). 

This is one of the best program management software tools that provides features such as dashboards, chats, projects, and tasks in order to facilitate the organization of work. According to a large number of users who are pleased with the tool, the most appealing feature that it provides is the capability to add customer fields and monitor just the information that is relevant to you. 

Additionally, this is good project management software and has Team Pages, which allow for the sharing of ideas and discussions for everyone to see, as well as a ‘Smart Box’ that allows members of the team to get just the most critical project updates rather than all of the messages passing back and forth; thus making it one of the best project management software tools. It is possible to combine it with a wide variety of other platforms, such as Dropbox, Github, Google Drive, MailChimp, and so many more.

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There is a free 14-day trial available for HIVE, the next best free project management software in 2024, as well as a free-for-ever HIVE Solo plan that can accommodate up to ten members. Beginning at $12 per user each month, HIVE Teams memberships are available. HIVE is a platform for managing projects that integrates all of the tools you use in the office together on a single dashboard. 

This is the best rated project management software that allows you to manage projects, communicate with colleagues, send emails, and even begin Zoom conversations without ever having to leave the window. There are a number of features that are available with HIVE. 

Other features of this best software for project management include six different flexible project views including proofing & approvals, time-tracking, timesheets, etc. 

HIVE is the first democratic best free project management software. Customers have the ability to suggest and vote on the features that they would want to see implemented in HIVE via the HIVE Forum, which provides them with access to a public roadmap. There are three ways to access HIVE: via a web browser, through desktop applications for Mac and Windows, and through mobile applications for iOS and Android.

3. Nifty


Let’s have a look at the next best free project management software. The cost for Nifty begins at $39 per month for ten team members, increases to $79 per month for twenty-five team members, and reaches $124 per month for fifty team members. At no additional cost, teams are able to invite an unlimited number of customers or guests to any of the plans they have purchased. 

Nifty is the next best free project management software that streamlines the process of project development cycles and boosts the productivity of teams. It does this by integrating all of the essential aspects of project management into a single piece of software: Nifty. This ultimately results in progress that is driven by milestones, which helps to keep teams motivated and ensures that organizational objectives are met on time. With the software offered by Nifty, you are able to manage tasks using either Kanban or List View. 

Additionally, this is a good project management software that has a built-in calendar that can be combined with Google, as well as the ability to share files and documents. 

Why should you try this best free project management software? Because each project on Nifty has its own particular discussion thread, which encourages communication that is specific to the topic, working together on Nifty is a natural process. In addition, Nifty features an interaction with Github, which really distinguishes it from other best project management tools by fostering cooperation across different departments in a manner that is unparalleled.

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4. BaseCamp


For a monthly fee of $99, you can get the best free project management software in 2024. Neither the instructors nor the pupils are required to pay anything for BaseCamp. Multiple PM teams make extensive use of Basecamp, which is a well-known piece of software for managing projects. 

This is good project management software and provides a number of various features that facilitate cooperation, such as a specific discussion space in which users may leave comments behind. In addition, a daily email is provided to you that contains a summary of the projects that your team is working on, including statuses and updates about those projects. Email is another method that users may use to participate in conversations. 

You may utilize the strong search feature that this best free project management software provides in order to seek files or discussions in the event that you are unable to identify a certain thing. On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks, such as the absence of milestones and customization choices, as well as the inability to specify an anticipated length for a work or assign it to more than one person.

5. MeisterTask 


MeisterTask is the next best free project management software that provides a free Basic edition that includes a selection of the platform’s basic features. For single users, the Pro package ($8.25 per user per month) provides a more extensive feature set. On the other hand, the Business package ($20.75 per user per month) and the Enterprise package (upon request) are the most suitable options for supporting teams. 

MeisterTask’s Kanban framework, which is both straightforward and powerful, makes it easier to manage projects in an efficient manner. This clever and easy online alternative amongst the project management software tools is a popular option for teams who place high importance on maintaining a clean visual design and providing a positive user experience. It offers a broad variety of collaboration possibilities. 

Watching, mentioning, tagging, and task scheduling are some of the features that make this best free project management software easy and pleasurable to cooperate with coworkers, whether they are located in the office or at home. 

Additionally, MeisterTask, the best rated project management software, comes with a personal board that allows users to pin and organize tasks from any project. This agenda is the first of its kind. By using a wide variety of clever automation(s) and solid native connections with applications such as G Suite, Slack, and GitHub, MeisterTask is able to maintain its speed and logic despite its enormous capabilities.

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6. ProjectManager


People are able to plan projects, construct processes, and manage resources with the assistance of ProjectManager, which provides strong capabilities that anybody on your team may utilize. There are five different project views available in this one of the best free project management software. 

These views include Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists, calendars, and sheet views. This allows teams to work in the manner that most suits them. What’s more that justifies this tool as a viable alternative to best project management tools? You can keep yourself on track with the aid of the sophisticated Gantt chart, which connects all four kinds of work dependencies, filters for the important route, and establishes a baseline to document project deviation. 

When compared to lightweight best project management tools, real-time dashboards provide you with a comprehensive picture of your project or projects without the need for the time-consuming setup that is necessary. Reports that may be customized go more deeply into the data and can be sent in a variety of forms to ensure that stakeholders are kept up to date. 

This highly collaborative application is the best software for project management that allows users to exchange files and comment on tasks. In addition, it offers features that automate workflow, task approvals, and risk management, as well as the management of resources and tasks.

7. Smartsheet


Smartsheet is the best free project management software for managing projects that are built on a table view, which offers a visual representation that is comparable to that of an Excel spreadsheet. In addition to being cloud-based, this application gives users the ability to move between a few different data visualization options. This software simplifies the process of planning, monitoring, and reporting on projects because of its intuitive user interface and adaptable functionality. 

Why is this one of the best project management software tools in 2024? When it comes to organizing tasks, assigning responsibilities, and setting deadlines, users have the ability to create sheets and templates. The powerful connections that Smartsheet provides with well-known products such as Microsoft Office and G Suite make it possible to transmit data without any interruptions and result in increased productivity. 

Additionally, this is the best project mgmt software that offers real-time updates, which enables teams to remain on top of developments and make choices based on accurate information throughout the process. You may also take over some of the more monotonous day-to-day work with the aid of Smartsheet’s work automation processes, which help you decrease the number of manual activities you have to do and automate procedures that occur repeatedly. 

In general, Smartsheet is a good free project management software that makes project management easier and enhances communication, which ultimately results in greater productivity and excellent outcomes for the project.

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Great Project Management Tools for Windows: Listed 

So, these were some of the best free project management software. In the previous sections, you must have reviewed the description and review of different program management software tools. We think that we were able to help you with exactly what you were looking for. 

Use the comments section below to tell us which one of the program management software tools you found most useful. Also, if you need our help in choosing the best one out of the great project management tools, write your queries in the comments below. We will get back to you soon. 

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