Best Free Inventory Management Software for Small Business in 2024

Published Date : Jan 05, 2024
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Best Free Inventory Management Software for Small Business

Here’s a list of the best inventory management software for free for a small business in 2024 which you can try and manage the stock with ease. 

The tool that is used for inventory management is software, plus is meant to monitor and manage products as they move through the different phases of the supply chain. Some of the features of such inventory management programs include inventory item classification, barcode scanning, stock level management, automated reorder point buying, and monitoring of sales orders/purchase orders.

Scaled-down systems that are primarily focused on keeping perpetual inventory data and inventory levels are often available for the use of retail enterprises. On the other hand, organizations that have complicated supply chains frequently make use of the inventory management capability that is included in ERP systems or that has strong warehouse management connectors.

It is possible that you may want capabilities that support numerous sales channels, multiple warehouse management, and a mobile application, depending on the complexity of your asset tracking and physical inventory requirements.

Despite the fact that a spreadsheet app may be used to keep track of inventory, they are only useful for conducting periodic inventory counts. This means that the inventory system is only updated at regular intervals, usually after physical stock counts. It is essential to have inventory software in order to allow a genuine dynamic inventory system, which is characterized by the constant updating of stock levels in response to sales and the receipt of items.

So, to help you meet such requirements, we have curated a list of the best inventory management software for free.

Top Best Inventory Management Programs for All Businesses in 2024

Below, is a list of the free inventory management system tools for your business. To opt for the best tool out of the list, we suggest that you go through the description of the tool at once and then try any inventory management software for free as required. So, without any further ado, let’s proceed to learn more about such big/small business inventory management tools.

1. OCS Inventory Management Software

OCS Inventory Management Software

When it comes to third-party fulfillment and logistics services, OCS Inventory Software is the industry leader and one of the best inventory management software for free. Previously, the company introduced Merchant Plus, a standalone version of its robust inventory management software. Shippers may now utilize OCS’s cutting-edge supply chain, inventory, and shipping capabilities for merchandise that they manage and transport from their own facilities.

Unlike some of the other inventory management programs, OCS’s solutions are available only for shippers. Additionally, customers are able to make use of OCS’s countrywide carrier networks, comprehensive fulfillment experience, and individualized assistance. Let’s know some more about this open-source inventory management software.

Top Features of OCS Inventory Software

  1. And the best part is that OCS’s full-service third-party logistics option is only a click away if you need to extend your storage and fulfillment operations outside your own facilities.
  2. OCS’s Merchant Plus provides all of the features that are necessary for the success of e-commerce, business-to-business, and multichannel merchants.
  3. In addition, it has support for kitted orders and component assemblies, complex pick-and-pack procedures, electronic data interchange connections to suppliers, dropshippers, and retail customers, and seamless interfaces with almost all online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms for order and return processing.
  4. Other features include automated purchase orders, monitoring of inventory across multiple warehouses, and shipping.

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2. Zoho Inventory Management Software

Zoho Inventory Management Software

In the case of startups and enterprises that are expanding, Zoho provides one of the best inventory management software for free that is packed with features. A wide variety of shipping-based enterprises may benefit from Zoho’s comprehensive order management, inventory monitoring, and shipping solutions.

Even product bundling and kitting features, which this free inventory management system refers to as composite goods are accessible and available in the free version of the software. Any company that sells tailored, made-to-order, or subscription box products should have this functionality since it is an essential component. Is Zoho suitable as an inventory management software for small business? Judge for yourself from the features below.

Top Features of Zoho Inventory Software

  1. Additionally, Zoho offers a comprehensive online knowledge base in addition to providing phone assistance via chat and email around the clock, with typical response times ranging from one to two hours.
  2. You may begin with a small business and continue to use Zoho as your business expands since the top-tier plans of Zoho are designed to accommodate large-scale vendors.
  3. Some of the features that save time include the ability to autofill purchase orders, handle dropshipping with a single click, and manage several warehouses.
  4. One option to take into consideration is Zoho if these are the sales channels that you choose to use.
  5. It is only possible to combine Zoho with the e-commerce platforms Shopify and Zoho Commerce, as well as the marketplaces of Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.
  6. There are just a few e-commerce connectors available for Zoho, which is the sole reason it did not get the Best Overall slot.

3. inFlow Inventory Management Software

inFlow Inventory Management Software

In addition to providing all of the functions that you would expect to find in the best inventory management software for free, such as stock monitoring, buying, and fulfillment, inFlow also provides benefits that are tailored particularly to the needs of wholesale and business-to-business companies.

It is possible for this free inventory management system to fulfill the requirements of both producers and merchants from beginning to finish.

This tool allows for the monitoring of components, assemblies, and final units with or without barcodes, as well as the administration of several warehouses, dropshipping, and buying automation. Additionally, this is one of the few inventory management software freeware that interfaces with leading e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping applications, and third-party logistics providers.

Top Features of inFlow Inventory Software

  1. In addition to providing live chat and email help, as well as a comprehensive online resource center that includes video training, inFlow operates a live phone support service during certain hours on business days.
  2. In addition, inFlow accommodates business-to-business quotations and billing, order routing for sales representatives, production workflows for manufacturing, kitting for made-to-order products, and location mapping for effective pick-and-pack procedures.
  3. You are able to establish virtual showrooms by employing certain inventory items and specifying the data that different customers view, such as the prices, the minimum quantities, and the delivery durations.
  4. Business-to-business and wholesale functionalities are where inFlow differs from its competitors.

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4. Fishbowl Inventory Management Software

Fishbowl Inventory Management Software

Larger manufacturers, e-commerce enterprises, and multichannel sellers are the target audience for Fishbowl Inventory, which is the best inventory management software for free that’s full of features. Despite the fact that Fishbowl Inventory’s many manufacturing and warehouse logistics solutions are available to any company, the program was developed to function without any problems inside the QuickBooks and Xero accounting software settings.

Fishbowl, an effective inventory management system software, is able to consolidate all of the data about the monitoring of inventory components and completed items, as well as the purchase and storage of suppliers, and then make this information accessible to all users in one or more places. Understand why the tool is a popular inventory management software from the features below.

Top Features of Fishbowl Inventory:

  1. The online training videos and resource center that Fishbowl provides are another place where users may discover answers.
  2. It is also possible for large-scale shippers, particularly those that offer subscription boxes or bundle items, to reap the benefits of Fishbowl’s granular multichannel sales and multi-warehouse fulfillment capabilities.
  3. Manufacturing companies, on the other hand, may expedite manufacturing by monitoring components through the various processes of assembly, storage, and delivery.
  4. Small firms that have several users may find Fishbowl Inventory to be too expensive due to its initial price tag of $4,395 per user and its yearly maintenance renewals beginning at about $1,395 per user.

5. Inventory Management Software Inventory Management Software is the first name on this list of the best inventory management software for free; and a cloud-based workforce, project, and operations management system that provides a diverse set of inventory management features. It is highly adaptable and supports a wide range of configurations. is powered by hundreds of different templates that are fully functional, one of which is a ready-to-use inventory template that is included in the free plan.

Unlike other inventory management programs, works immediately. Just after installation, this template will keep track of the stock levels, suppliers, and warehouse locations of the products in your inventory. In order to automate a wide range of operations, such as order-based stock updates, reorder alerts, and restock or dropship purchase orders, you may link the data to other sheets or templates. Let’s know more about this inventory management software freeware.

Top Features of

  1. In addition to offering online ticket help around the clock, also has a comprehensive resource area that includes hundreds of free templates and tips for modification.
  2. Although there is a steep learning curve associated with, it is an excellent platform for new enterprises and small organizations who are eager to make connections.
  3. Features such as item barcodes, automatic purchase orders, sales-based forecasting, and multi-warehouse automation(s) need modification or widget add-ons, which might result in an increase in your expenses.
  4. Despite the fact that is capable of meeting the inventory requirements of small businesses, it is not a completely sophisticated inventory management software system like the others in this article.
  5. You also have the option of directly importing orders from e-commerce and marketplace platforms, or you can export them using Zapier connections.

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6. Sortly Inventory Management Software 

Sortly Inventory Management Software

The next best inventory management software for free is Sortly. The inventory and asset monitoring software known as Sortly is not only cheap but also simple to use, and it performs very well for a variety of purposes. Not only is it not as expensive as the other inventory solutions, but it is also not an end-to-end order, inventory, and shipping management system like many other inventory solutions.

What’s the best part about the free inventory management system? The ability to effortlessly monitor the amounts and whereabouts of a wide variety of objects, such as commodities for sale, office supplies, project materials, and equipment assets utilized in your company, is one of Sortly’s strengths. Even though there is no buy-order capability, you are able to establish reorder levels and get alerts when there is a low supply of products. Know more about this top inventory management software below.

Top Features of Sortly:

  1. In addition to providing assistance via email and online help centers, Sortly also offers scheduled phone support for its most expensive plan tier.
  2. Restocking store shelves, keeping track of equipment that has been allocated to teams, and bundling components for projects are all made easier by this.
  3. There is also the option of categorizing goods according to their storage location or other characteristics, such as the display area, projects, customers, or teams.
  4. In the event that you need to label components for completed items or attach equipment or supplies to a project, this is a useful advantage to have.
  5. With Sortly, you can produce barcodes for easy scanning and counting, and it also supports QR codes, which, when scanned, reveal information on the item as well as other relevant information.

7. Skubana or Extensiv Inventory Management Software 

Skubana or Extensiv Inventory Management Software

Extensiv, which was formerly known as Skubana, is another best inventory management software for free. This tool was developed with the express purpose of providing assistance to high-volume sellers on leading online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, as well as effective for small business inventory management; in addition to nearly any e-commerce platform that can be imagined.

The functions that it offers include multichannel order management, inventory management, warehouse management, reporting management, and supplier management. Additionally, Extensiv is able to synchronize stock in real-time across all sales platforms and directs orders to an infinite number of warehouses and fulfillment centers across the world. Learn more about this online inventory management software from the features below.

Top Features of Extensiv:

  1. In addition to offering a comprehensive online knowledge base, Extensiv offers customer help via a ticket system.
  2. Even though Extensiv is not a beginner-friendly system, it is a strong option if you want to automate a significant amount of your sales and dropshipping is the primary driver of your revenue.
  3. Extensiv removes this time-consuming activity from your plate by providing you with FTP and API access to supplier data, tailor-made dropship buys order rules, individualized templates, and the ability to automatically transmit purchase orders.
  4. Although there are a number of inventory management systems that provide dropshipping support, the automated processes offered by Extensiv are in a class all by themselves.
  5. Extensiv provides cutting-edge order routing automation(s) for high-volume dropshippers, in addition to providing assistance for power-sellers on worldwide marketplaces.

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Which One of the Free Inventory Management Software Did You Like?

So, that’s all we had to share with you related to the free inventory management system. Previously, we had a look at the top 7 industry-leading small business inventory management tools. The broad description of the tools will easily help you choose the best one out of the alternatives.

Do let us know which tool you select for your business in the comments below.

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