7 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2024

Published Date : Feb 08, 2024
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Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

This article acquaints you with the most popular and the best sites and platforms to create, store, and publish your podcasts to reach a wider audience.

Podcasts have been around for a long time as a medium to share your ideas with the world. It helps you build an audience to which you can convey your thoughts and expertise on various topics, such as sports, entertainment, news, etc. However, one cannot become a start influencer without the best podcast platforms.

The best podcast hosting sites help you store your audio episodes and provide a platform to deliver them to the rest of the world. Moreover, these sites automatically send your uploads to directories like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc., widening your reach.

However, choosing the best podcast hosting platform from a wide range of options is challenging. Therefore, this article is here to help you.

This write-up shares a list of the podcast sites we compiled after thorough research, analysis, and comparison of the most popular podcast platforms. The following section takes you through it.

List of the 7 Best Podcast Platforms in 2024

The following is our carefully curated list of the best sites and platforms for podcast hosting.

1. Buzzsprout


Next, we would like to focus your attention on Buzzsprout. It is among the most popular podcast platforms for its attractive dashboard, episode chapter markers to make them more convenient for your audience, and a lot of other features.

We liked Buzzsprout the most for its high automation. The platform takes care of all things automatically after you upload your podcasts. It submits your podcasts to various directories according to your publishing preferences.

Additionally, the following are its other attractive features.

Key features of Buzzsprout

  • Advanced analytics gives you direct insight into details like the number of downloads per episode and where your podcasts are popular
  • Lets you add or remove pre and post-roll segments along with dynamic content
  • Availability of in-built episode transcription
  • Magic Mastering for perfect-sounding episodes
  • Helps your Buzzsprout site grow with affiliate marketing integration
  • There is a text editor for showing notes

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2. Captivate


Let us introduce you to Captivate. It bagged the first position in this list dedicated to the best podcast platforms for a variety of reasons, such as a user-friendly dashboard, an in-built CTA (Call to action) to direct your audience wherever you wish, and much more.

Moreover, private podcasting and the following features further justify Captivate’s placement in our list.

Key features of Captivate

  • Advanced yet easy-to-understand analytics
  • No limits on how much content you can store and upload
  • Lets you embed a website, playlist player, and social media
  • Support for transcription
  • Allows link customization
  • Supports all major podcast streaming applications
  • Availability of international customer support
  • Allows batch uploading

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3. Castos


Here comes yet another one of the best podcast platforms. There is no limit on how many podcasts you can create, store, and publish with Castos.

As far as monetization is concerned, it supports direct donation collection from listeners to help you make more profit. Moreover, the following are its exciting features, making it the best podcast hosting platform.

Key features of Castos

  • No restrictions on how many shows you can launch
  • Allows you to test different styles for your podcasts and make longer episodes
  • The “Seriously Simple Podcasting” plugin allows you to upload episodes and manage them directly via WordPress
  • Lets you launch multiple shows simultaneously
  • Availability of a few private subscribers with every subscription plan
  • Automatic transcription to boost your reach
  • Lets you customize the podcast webpage
  • Auditing of podcasts
  • One-click publishing and YouTube republishing

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4. Resonate


Let us now talk about Resonate. It is among the best podcast hosting sites to reach your audience faster. It only needs a single click to distribute your podcasts across various listening applications.

Moreover, Resonate is a platform where you can find professional editing and production services for seamless show hosting. Furthermore, below are its other notable features.

Key features of Resonate

  • Live visual dashboard showing insights about your podcast’s performance
  • A podcast player you can add to your social channels, blogs, and website
  • Private podcast hosting allows you to choose the audience of your podcast
  • Real-time support over chat
  • Automatic podcast microsite creation
  • Supports addition and management of podcast ads

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5. Transistor


Next, we would like to introduce you to Transistor. It is one of the best podcast platforms with incredible analytical and private podcast hosting capabilities.

Moreover, detailed analytics is what attracted us the most to Transistor. It gives you in-depth information about subscriber count, per-episode downloads, current trends, and crucial metrics from apps where your episodes are listed.

Additionally, below are a few other noteworthy features of this platform.

Key features of Transistor

  • In-built website customization according to the brand of your podcast
  • Supports multiple podcast creation
  • Allows you to embed podcasts on your blog, websites, and social media
  • User-friendly podcast management
  • Allows multiple users to log in and collaborate with each other

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6. PodBean


With a subscriber base of more than 600,000 subscribers, PodBean makes it to the sixth position on our list of the best podcast hosting sites. It allows you to both record and live-stream your podcasts.

Moreover, it offers a free and customizable website for your brand. Furthermore, it imposes no limits on the content you can record or download using this platform.

Additionally, below we share other PodBean features you should know before trying it.

Key features of PodBean

  • Easy episode listing on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other sites
  • Automatic sharing of all uploads to your social networks
  • Podcast scheduling according to your requirements
  • Podcast cover art creation with a variety of templates, fonts, and images
  • Performance statistics such as download numbers
  • Boasts an advertising marketplace to help you find sponsors
  • Lets you chat with the audience and interact with them in real-time during live streaming of podcast
  • Mobile application for easy podcast management

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7. SoundCloud


No list of the best podcast hosting platforms can be complete without SoundCloud. Ideal for beginners, it allows you to upload a podcast of 3 hours every month for free.

Moreover, SoundCloud boasts the following attractive features.

Key features of SoundCloud

  • Easy podcast scheduling
  • Timed comments
  • Embedded players
  • Twitter cards
  • Effortless podcast uploading and sharing
  • A lot of monetization options

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Concluding the Best Podcast Platforms

This article discussed the best sites and platforms for podcast hosting. You can use them to create podcasts and upload them to reach a wider audience.

If you wish to add some other most popular podcast platforms to the above list or have any other suggestions/questions about this write-up, feel free to leave a comment. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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