17 Best Free Media Players For Windows in 2024

Published Date : Jan 30, 2024
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Best Free Media Players For Windows

With the advent of technology and the internet, enjoying easy and accessible media is no longer a difficult task. Over a period of time, the importance of media has grown at an exponential rate. We stream music and video almost every day. But, for uninterrupted enjoyment, we need the best media players. 

The market is filled with an ocean of options, however, to make your task easy we have handpicked some of the best media players in 2024 that you can consider. 

Why is a Best Free Media Player Required in 2024? 

Well, the answer is quite simple. Busy in our daily lives we often fail to take out time for ourselves and going out to movies has become quite impossible. The open-source media player is what comes to our rescue in such scenarios and provides readily available media at the tip of your fingers. 

You may either use the built-in player or choose to pick a good media player For Windows to keep your thirst for good media at bay.

The article below will talk about some of the best PC Media players that you can get in 2024 for your Windows PC. 

17 Best Media Players For Windows in 2024

1. VLC Media Player

Best Media Players For Windows - VLC Media Player
Image Source: VideoLan

Well, this one deserves first place on our list of the best video player for PC for several good reasons. It is not only the most popular but also the oldest in the lot. It is a go-to option for all media lovers which can support multiple types of media files. 

It can play almost anything and everything that one can probably think of. The freeware tool comes with a list of features and can support 360-degree videos, compressed video formats, and clips and movies with up to 8K resolution.

It also allows you to tweak its settings and add filters for better audio quality and user experience. 

What sets this market giant apart from other competitors?

  • It can play almost everything.
  • It is compatible with multiple platforms including Windows 10/8.1/7/XP and Vista.
  • It is a free and open-source Media player.

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2. GOM Media Player

Best Media Players For Windows - GOM Media Player
Image Source: GOMlab

Gretech Online Movie Player or commonly known as GOM player is known to offer an incredible user experience. In most cases, it also works as the best alternative for people who don’t like the default Windows Player. 

It is loaded with all basic functionalities with Screen capture, Media player capture, speed control, and A-B repeat being the most prominent ones. 

It can support multiple video formats including MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV, and many more. Apart from this, it comes with several customization features to suit users’ requirements. 

All-in-all with its easy navigation and user-friendly interface, GOM makes a perfect choice for people looking for a completely free Windows media player. 

3. PotPlayer

Best Media Players For Windows - PotPlayer
Image Source: Pot Player

If you are looking for a fast and user-friendly Media player, then PotPlayer can be a good pick for you. It is packed with modern features like hardware acceleration and many more.

The application, however, cannot support as many formats as VLC but still supports plenty of formats. Its ability to support 3D viewing makes it everyone’s favorite and can seamlessly work with a TV with the necessary support. 

Choose it to enjoy a theatre-like feel at your home tv. 

4. 5K Player

Best Media Players For Windows - 5K Player
Image Source: 5KPlayer

If we go as per the user’s review, 5K Player is a powerful yet easy-to-use Open-Source media player that one can currently find. The freeware tools come with a comprehensive list of features and offer an easy way to manage your video collection.

It can support multiple video formats including 8K and 360-degree resolution videos. Its ability to download videos from Youtube and send it to your TV via Airplay completely sets it apart.

Apart from this, you can also use it to adjust the brightness of your movie. The only downside of this incredible media player tool is that it supports ads which can get annoying at times.

5. Real Player

Best Media Players For Windows - Real Player
Image Source: Real

Real players are one of the oldest Media Players that one can find for their Windows system. Its ability to keep selected videos private earns it a place on our list of best Video Player For PC. Access is only allowed with a preset PIN. 

The software comes in a free version but if you wish to enjoy some added features you may opt for its paid subscription. Use it to convert video to different formats, and stream HD content on your TV via Chromecast. 

Enjoy soulful media with utmost ease with Real Player.

6. Media Player Classic

Best Free Media Players For Windows - Media Player Classic
Image Source: MPC-HC

Loaded with modern and effective functions Media Player Classic comes with a convenient interface and simple work. With this Best Free Media Players For Windows Operating System, you can easily tweak and customize various settings as per your requirements. 

It can seamlessly play DVD and VCD files and is fully compatible with various Windows versions including 10/8/7.

It is completely free and is very simple to use. 

7. Kodi

Best Free Media Players For Windows - Kodi
Image Source: Kodi

Next on our list of best free and open-source media players in 2024 is Kodi. The application comes with several customization options to give you a media-center-like experience.

It supports almost all formats of music and video files, podcasts, and other digital media files. With its massive list of features and offerings, it gives tough competition to all the top contenders along with a smooth user experience.

You can also use its plug-ins to enjoy multiple functionalities like Hulu, Netflix, and much more. It is compatible with Windows 10/8//7 versions.

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8. SM Player

Best Media Players For Windows - SM Player
Image Source: SM Player

Experience the greatest pleasure of online content and media with this powerful platform. It is highly popular for its ability to remember different music settings and comes at no cost at all.

It also allows you to resume a movie if you have to leave it in between for some reason. Apart from this, its built-in codec support allows it to play multiple media formats. It comes in around 30 different languages for catering to the needs of global audiences. 

Use it to play your favorite video from Youtube with subtitles. 

9. Plex

Best Media Players For Windows - Plex
Image Source: Plex.TV

Plex is a relatively new addition but works incredibly well for a new one. Use it to manage and organize your files and enjoy easy access. The thing which sets it apart from other players is its ability to stream media simultaneously on two devices.

Its installation process is simple. You may also use its pre-renaming styles to organize your music store and directory properly.

10. DivX Player

Best Media Players For Windows - DivX Player
Image Source: DivX

Get complete control over online media with this incredible and free Windows Media Player. It is known to support as many video formats that you can think of. 

Its biggest highlight is its ability to support HEVC videos which ensures premium quality media experience.

It is completely free from annoying ads and has several advanced converter features to offer. 

11. Media Monkey

Best Free Media Players For Windows - Media Monkey

Image Source: Media Monkey

Media Monkey is a giant and well-known media platform. Loaded with smart functioning it can support over 100,000 video and audio files. 

Moreover, its auto-file renaming and auto-tagging features support easy media management. It can also sink smoothly with your home media set-up. 

In addition to its free version, a paid version with advanced features is also available.

12. MPlayer

Best Media Players For Windows - MPlayer
Image Source: MPlayer HQ

Mplayer is known for its compatibility across various platforms. Besides, it also supports a massive range of video drivers making it a good choice for Windows 10 and earlier versions. 

It’s a great pick for users who want simple yet efficient software for all their media needs. 

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13. UMPlayer

Best Media Players For Windows - UMPlayer
Image Source: Source Forge

The next on our list of the best video player for PC is a universal media player, also known as UMPlayer

It comes with a lot of distinctive features with simple working and user interface. Use it to stream and watch online media. It is a lightweight but powerful tool that you can use to listen to your favorite stream.

14. KM Player

KM Player
Image Source: KM Player

Another best media player for Windows in 2024 is KM Player. It is one of the most preferred videos playback media players. With record viewers, the player is highly rated on the app store and other downloading platforms. It supports UHD, 3D, 4K, and 2K videos. The only drawback is you can come across some annoying ads in the middle of your music sessions.

15. Zoom Player

Zoom Player
Image Source: Inmatrix

The next name on this list of the best media players for Windows for free is the Zoom Player. The interface of the Zoom Player app is quite simple but a little unattractive. However, the tool makes up for its outdated UI by offering ease of access. Any beginner or professional user can easily take the help of the tool and play anything as required with ease.

16. Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Blu-ray Player

Let us introduce you to the Leawo Blu-ray Player. It is yet another user-friendly and one of the best free media players for Windows because of its Dolby, TrueHD, AAC, and DTS-HD support, customizable background and skins, and multi-angle feature to play videos.

Moreover, it is well-known for conserving CPU and battery life with a highly useful power management tool, full-screen video playing, effortless subtitle adjustment, and an easy option to change audio and video settings.

Furthermore, you can use this software to play HD videos, DVDs, audio files, ISO files, and Blu-ray (including 4K UHD). Additionally, it allows you to capture video screenshots and save them in a plethora of formats.

17. PowerDVD


If you want the best free media player for Windows to run DVD files on your device, then you should try PowerDVD. This is a simple yet effective alternative to the above tools. The tool allows you to run videos and audio files of multiple formats with ease. Moreover, you can even set the dimensions and screen ratios of the videos with this app. PowerDVD also offers feasible and uninterrupted playback options for both videos and audio.

Wrapping Words

So, these are some of our top picks of the best media players for you. Choose the best-suited one to experience the utmost media satisfaction at your home TV. 

We hope that the article was of enough help to you. Refer to our well-researched rundown and check which Best Video Player you can eye for your PC. 

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