7 Best PhotoBucket Alternative, Similar Sites and Apps in 2024

Published Date : Jan 04, 2024
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Best PhotoBucket Alternatives, Similar Sites and Apps in 2020

The shift from free to paid services has forced users to look out for the best Photobucket alternatives. Our blog here brings to you a well-researched rundown of the top alternatives to Photobucket that you can pick in 2024.

PhotoBucket is hands-down the most popular and prominent application for photo sharing and hosting websites. It enjoys a rich customer base worldwide and is used to share & upload photographs, post HTML codes, and embed links.

Until 2017 the app was completely free of cost but has now changed to a paid service. Ever since it started charging for its services numerous users have started looking for a suitable alternative to Photobucket with at par features and functionality. It is currently charging $5.00 for 25GB storage or 2500 images.

If you have been a long time fan of Photobucket, our blog on Photobucket alternatives will surely be of great help to you. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

7 Best Photobucket Alternatives In 2024

Our list here will talk about some of the best and free Alternatives to Photobucket that promises hotlinks at absolutely no cost.

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1. Flickr – Similar Site of PhotoBucket

Flickr - Similar Site of PhotoBucket

Flickr grabs a permanent spot on our list because of fairly good reasons. The application is owned by Yahoo and is an excellent video and picture hosting website. The website only supports hosting of videos and images and does not give an option of commenting to its users.

With Flickr you get an option to choose from three types of accounts:

  • Ad-Free: This one is completely free of all types of annoying ads and pop-up banners.
  • Free: This is a completely free account and gives you 1000GB of storage space. It allows you to upload photographs with a maximum of 200MB size and videos of up to 3 minutes.
  • Double: With this account, you can access up to 2000 GB of free storage space.

If you are looking for a rock-solid Photobucket alternative, then Flickr is worth a try.

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2. ImgurFree Alternatives to Photobucket

Imgur - free alternatives to Photobucket

Next on our list of best and free alternatives to Photobucket is Imgur. It is an incredible photo hosting site that also allows you to host GIFs for free. It does not impose any signup obligations on its users and allows you to host pictures both publicly and anonymously.

Imgur gives you four different upload options including:

  • Paste from the clipboard.
  • Browse your PC.
  • Drag and Drop the image.
  • Enter the image URL.

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The most beautiful part of Imgur is that it is completely free of restrictions on the number and quality of the images that you choose to upload. The site also offers all the basic editing features along with class-apart image embedding and captioning features. Pick Imgur today to get multiple hotlines and embed your photographs in your blogs, websites in a hassle-free manner.

Apart from all the above-mentioned highlights, it also gives you an option to crop and resize your images online which makes it a perfect Photobucket alternative.

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3. SmugMug – Powerful Website for Photo Hosting

SmugMug powerful website for photo hosting

SmugMug is another excellent and impressive alternative to Photobucket. It is a highly powerful website for photo hosting that offers truly unlimited storage space, which means you don’t have to worry about the size and quality of your images.

Apart from this, it is also popular for its easy working, intuitive interface backed with a powerful organization mechanism, incredible sharing tools, and privacy and security benchmarks.

If you want to upload your photos and videos in full-resolution, SmugMug is an impressive Photobucket alternative that you can pick. It also promises anywhere and easy access. Pick this incredible website to not only post but also preserve your long-cherished photographs and images.

The tool also works comfortably on iOS and Android devices and is worth every penny. To get a hang of it we would recommend you opt for its trial version first.

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4. 500px – Photobucket Similar Site

500px - Discover and share the world's best photos

500px is a trending name in the world of photo and video hosting websites and more than that it is also a trading platform where users can buy and sell their images. Use it to host and share your photographs with others.

Enhance your photography skills and grow as a photographer with this amazing Photobucket alternative. The tool focuses on picture designs and offers an easy and straightforward route to showcase your images.

If you choose 500px you also get to upload and host multiple theme based pictures and stories in a group. 500px enjoys a rich customer base of over 15 million and is also available as an Android and iOS app. With its free version you can upload around seven images in a week, but if you opt for its paid membership you get unlimited uploads.

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5. Google Photos – Most Recommended Free Alternative of Photobucket

Google Photos - The Best free alternative of Photobucket

Google photos do not need any introduction and deserve a spot on our list of free alternatives to Photobucket. Unlimited backup of all your images and videos along with cloud storage is what makes it everyone’s favorite.

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Make it the permanent home of all your videos and images, apart from this if you are using an Android smartphone, you get it as an in-build application and automatically stored all the clicked pictures. It also allows you to share your photos, both publicly and privately, however you cannot use it to embed pictures in public forums.

All-in-all Google Photos is a great Photobucket alternative that you can pick to enjoy at par services and save some extra bugs.

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6. Free Image Hosting – Best Free Alternative of Photobucket

Best Photobucket alternative for Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting is a feature-rich Photobucket alternative, powered with efficient photo-sharing capabilities. It is a free tool and is free from all restrictions. If you are not interested in registering for its services it also gives you an option of direct links to share pictures without registration.

Use multiple hotlinks to embed images and videos in your blogs and forums. You can easily upload files of up to 3 MB side and on top of that, with this Photobucket alternative, you can also upload GIFs.

Free Image Hosting knows its job pretty well and promises hassle-free and effortless working.

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7. Imgbox – Best Photobucket Alternative

Imgbox simple image host - top rated Photobucket alternatives

Last on our list of top-rated Photobucket alternatives is imgbox. The website is completely free of cost and promises no limitations on hotlinking. It does not put any restrictions on the image size and also allows you to post unlimited photos. Getting hotlinks is incredibly easy and you can use them on various blogs, forums websites, etc.

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Imgbox comes with a clean and convenient interface powered with a simple working, just launch the site, upload the photo and your job is done. Overall imgbox is a great website for hosting and sharing photos and videos which makes it a perfect free alternative for Photobucket.

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So, these are our top-rated and best Photobucket alternatives that you can pick to host images and videos in 2024.

There is no denying that Photobucket is an unbeatable platform but the recent changes in its pricing policy have forced many users to look out for its alternative. If you are one of them then our blog on best and free alternatives of Photobucket will surely be of great assistance to you.

Enjoy numerous hotlinks and hassle-free working these Photobucket alternatives.

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