11 Best Photo Organizing Software For Windows 10/8/7

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Best Photo Organizing Software For Windows

Photography is not limited to professional photographers anymore. With the advancement of technology, clicking high-quality pictures is no longer a constraint.

Clicking pictures and capturing moments is a part of our daily lives and with time our smartphones get filled with hundreds and thousands of images. This means arranging and organizing can get difficult and tiresome. If you want to organize your photo gallery in a well-mannered way, you can opt for a Photo Organizing Software. 

With a good photo management tool, you don’t have to bother to sort and manage your images manually. Apart from this, these tools also offer several editing features. 

What to look for in an Image Organizing Tool? 

Before we move on to check the available options, let’s have a quick look at some of the basic features that your photo management tool must offer. 

  • It should be able to move images to different folders and locations.
  • They should be able to search and find images easily. 
  • It should be able to create different folders and subfolders.
  • It should be able to search, tag and categorize various pictures. 
  • Most importantly, it should be able to process a large number of photographs without making your gadget slow.

What are the Benefits of Using an Automated Tool? 

  • Automated tools can categorize and move your photographs in different folders.
  • It can tag and rename multiple images for better sorting and identification purposes.
  • It helps you in creating multiple batches for easy naming and transferring of images.
  • With an Image Organizing Tool, you can rate your pictures which makes editing easy.

So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at some of the Best Software to Organize Photos on Windows 10/8/7 in 2020. 

Best Free Photo Organizer Softwares for Windows in 2020:

1. CyberLink PhotoDirector 10

Best Photo Organizing Software - CyberLink PhotoDirector 10
Image Source: Toptenreviews
  • Convenient and clean UI.
  • Offers simple ways to organize images, you can also use it to create slideshows.
  • It provides easy navigation tools.
  • It offers multiple basic and advanced photo organizing and editing tools.

First on our list of Best Photo Organizing Software is this multi-functional tool. Its advanced features allow you to tag and sort images based on certain keywords, color labels, faces, locations, dates and many more. 

The tool not only offers image organizing features but also comes with several advanced editing tools like cosmetic retouching tools for whitening teeth and removing blemishes. Apart from this, you can also use it to make color adjustments, remove red eyes, get rid of unwanted objects in the background and also adjust the brightness level.

As an additional feature, it also allows its users to capture and edit video clips and make slideshows. You can pick pictures, make a slideshow of them, add music and also share it on Youtube directly using Cyberlink.

The best part is, with Photo Editor you get direct access to Cyberlink’s free online storage. This also allows you to get in touch with a Cyberlink representative over the phone or via email.

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2. Adobe Lightroom

Best Photo Organizing Software - Adobe Lightroom
Image Source: Photoworkout
  • A single tool that offers unmatched image organization and photo editing features.
  • It supports effortless and easy sorting, import/export of images into various folders and subfolders.
  • It allows for easy cataloging.

Next on our list is this incredible tool with cutting edge image organizing, editing, storing and sharing capabilities. It is one of the best picks for professional and amateur photographers. 

With Adobe Lightroom you get access to magnificent organizing capabilities and phenomenal photo editing tools at a single price. Apart from tagging, organizing and moving images to various folders it also allows you to create virtual folders and catalogs for better image management.

You can sort your images by adding keywords, tags, captions, and titles to your photographs. Apart from this, you can sort them based on the star rating and colors and group them later on.  
Easy exporting and bulk renaming are few other features of this incredible Photo Organizing Software.

3. Nikon ViewNX-i

Best Photo Organizing Software - Nikon ViewNX-i
Image Source: Geckoandfly

Nikon ViewNZ-i is an advanced version of the conventional ViewNX2 software and comes with top-notch working and usability. Its Photo Tray functionality is one of its highlight features which allows users to store images in temporary folders for easy sorting. This also helps in the easy editing and printing of various images.

With its ViewNX-Movie Editor, you can effortlessly edit movies and it’s Capture NX-D provides detailed adjustment options for still photographs.

Moreover, it also allows you to upload your files directly on Youtube, Facebook, and Nikon Imaging Space.

4. Adobe Bridge

Best Photo Organizing Software - Adobe Bridge
Image Source: Geckoandfly

If you are looking for a Free Picture Organizer Software, then Adobe Bridge can be a good pick for you. It is completely free of cost and offers a wide variety of organizing and photo managing functions. 

With this fantastic tool, you can manage images and create a detailed hierarchy of multiple folders within seconds. It also comes with a high-quality import feature that supports the easy transfer of photographs from your smartphone or camera device.

For better sorting, it also allows you to add and rename images with keywords. Apart from all these incredible features, it can support batch processing of multiple pictures. 

5. Digicam Photo Manager

Best Photo Organizing Software for Windows - Digicam Photo Manager
Image Source: Geckoandfly

If you are looking for a high-end and best Photo Organizing Software for your Windows, Mac-OSX or Linux then digiKam Photo Manager can be a good choice to consider. 

It got its inspiration from hundreds of photographers who were looking for an all in one tool for editing, organizing, managing, tagging and sharing multiple images. It helps you to import and manage digital images. 

Its working methodology is based on a simple strategy of Import, improve and impress. Moreover, it is exceptionally easy to use and install.

6. FastStone Image Viewer

Best Photo Organizing Software for Windows - FastStone Image Viewer
Image Source: itechtics

Next on our list of Free Picture Organizer Software is Faststone Image viewer. This multi-purpose tool is powered with a user-friendly interface and simple working.

It comes with a few advanced editing features which can crop, resize your photographs, do color adjustments and also remove the red-eye defect from them. Apart from this, it supports multiple image formats including JPEG, EPS, TGA, PNG, RAF, ARW, PEF and many more.

7. XnView

Best Photo Organizing Software - XnView
Image Source: itechtics

Maintain and enhance your massive photo collection with this incredible Image Organizing Tool. XnView is developed for mostly non-commercial use and comes with highly advanced yet simple to use features. 

Its handy interface allows easy managing of images, batch processing, identification of duplicate images and at the same time provides metadata support. 

Apart from simple organizing features it also allows its users to edit, crop, resize, rotate and adjust the color brightness of multiple photographs.

8. PicaJet Digital Photo Management

Best Photo Organizing Software - PicaJet Digital Photo Management
Image Source: Geckoandfly

Looking for a tool that will support easy transferring of pictures from your camera, then PicaJet is the tool you need. With this Photo Management Tool, you can sort and view your images based on various categories including name, rating, date, timeline, keywords, etc. 

Apart from this it also supports color adjustment, image sharpening, cropping, and red-eye correction.

Download this free software today and organize your photo gallery in a hassle-free manner.

9. FreshView Multimedia Organizer

Best Photo Organizing Software - FreshView Multimedia Organizer
Image Source: itechtics

Enjoy the ability to manage and organize images, video and audio files at your fingertips with this stunning Image Organizing Tool. It is completely free of cost and does not contain any annoying ads and spyware. 

FreshView supports more than 86 different types of image formats and can display images in various views including thumbnails. 

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10. Pictomio

Best Photo Organizing Software - Pictomio
Image Source: itechtics

Next on our list of Free Picture Organizer Software is Pictomio. It allows you to manage your vast photo gallery in a much easier and approachable way. 

In addition, you can use it to categorize and group pictures in various orders. Apart from this, you can also group 2D and 3D effect pictures in a slide with multiple effects. 

Enhance and organize your images in a better way with Pictomio.

11. StudioLine Photo Basic 3

Best Photo Organizing Software - StudioLine Photo Basic 3
Image Source: Studioline

Are you looking for an all-in-one tool that can effortlessly manage and organize your hundreds and thousands of images, then Studioline Photo Basic 3 can be your lifesaver. 

You can use it to create slideshows of your 2D and 3d images and upload them on various online platforms. It also allows you to tag multiple images. Crop, rotate, edit, resize and do color adjustments with this power-packed tool. 

Wrapping Up 

Organizing pictures can be fun, but doing it manually is something that nobody enjoys. Automated tools like Photo Organizing Software for Windows 8/7/10 is what you need to manage and organize your photo gallery.

Refer to our list and pick the best-suited option for you and start organizing your photographs and images. 

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