9 Best Payroll Management Software in 2024 [Automate Process]

Published Date : Jan 03, 2024
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10 Best Payroll Management Software in 2021 [Automate Process]

There are many things which you need to manage while being in a business or at a managerial post. The toughest part is to manage expenses and keep a check on them, but to make your life simpler we have shared the best payroll management software to help you save time and effort. Keep reading to know more. 

Whether you are working in a large-scale business or you own one you need to manage a lot of things at the same time. Keeping a track of expenses becomes very tough as with time the numbers keep on growing. So you need to use manpower as well as software to ease the work. Every department requires dedicated tools to help them work effectively and efficiently. 

Here in this article, we are going to help you with the tools using which you can manage payrolls. These HR management and payroll system software can help you in reminding at the time of payment and along with that, you can keep a track of all the payments. Are you impressed by the work? If yes then follow this article till the end as you will find the best Payroll system software. 

Top 9 Best Software for Payroll Management in 2024

Here are the best payroll management system software that you can use to manage all the salary expenses. 

1. Run by ADP

Run by ADP

Run is another great payroll system software but unfortunately, you cannot consider it in the list of free payroll management software. It offers various services under four different plans, you can choose the plan that suits your needs and goes with the work. The plans are as follows: Essential payroll, it offers basic tools for managing tax and salary. Enhanced Payroll, in this plan you get additional insurance compliances and benefits that you need to manage with your annual salary. 

The last two plans are very effective for easing the work as they offer the best features. Here is what the plan offers. In the Complete Payroll plan, you get a dedicated module for HR service whereas on the HR Pro Payroll you get enhanced support with legal assistance and many other tools. Apart from these plans, there are several offerings that might interest you. 

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Notable Offerings of Run by ADP

  • Run offers all HR management and payroll system software features 
  • You can easily use this application on various platforms including PC, mobile, and web 
  • The higher-end plan also includes automatic employee hiring documentation, an online database, and reports. 
  • You get loads of features including HR toolkits, modules, and others

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2. Quickbooks Pro

Quickbooks Pro

Quickbooks is a great payroll system software that offers various integration. The software is very popular for its convenient interface and offerings which makes the work really easy. The software has ten products including business expenses management, capital flow management, automated accounting, and various others which can help you in every aspect of the business. Apart from this, there are many other features too, we have listed some of them below. 

Notable Offerings of Quickbooks Pro

  • The software offers automatic calculation of taxes and paycheck
  • It has a separate workforce portal where employees can check and monitor salary
  • You can even manage benefits and other compensations
  • It has a dedicated HR support Center
  • Other integrations can help with capital flow management 

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3. Wave Payroll

Wave Payroll

Wave Payroll is another best payroll management software that offers a complete solution for all your accounts and sales management. The software is very easy to use, all it requires is the knowledge of accounts to identify various sections of the software. You can easily monitor profit/loss, cash flow, and other components of accounts. 

The payroll features ease the work by automatically calculating payments and deductions. It offers the result by calculating every expense with all costs. You should definitely try this software as most of the users have given positive feedback for the software and its functionality.

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Notable Offerings of Wave Payroll

  • The software offers you all the payroll tasks including salaries, database, tax deductions, and pay cuts. 
  • You get to use this software for free and at no extra charges
  • It offers a brief report of the data so that you can easily monitor and manage
  • This is a capital management software with tools for payroll management system

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4. Xero


Next up on our list of best payroll management software is Xero Payroll. The software has integration with the accounting software of Xero. Though you can use payroll management as it offers a separate tool for that.  The tools offer features that can help you in managing attendance, calendar, reimbursements, and leaves like HR work. 

The best part is that you can easily adapt to the interface as it is very easy and intuitive. The database of the employees makes it really easy for you to track each payment and work effectively. It moreover has a mobile application that lets you manage payslips, leaves, timing, and other day-to-day activity. You can easily monitor it whenever you want with your device. 

Notable Offerings of Xero

  • The software offers a great package for managing all the payrolls and other business activities
  • You can easily add the employee’s data and account for automatic payments
  • It offers features using which you can easily monitor timing and leaves
  • The mobile application even help you track important tasks and activities through your mobile phone
  • The software integrates and managers the salary and expenses to offer a detailed report for capital flow management

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5. Zenefits


Zenefits is one of the best software for payroll management as it offers features that combine HR and payroll management. You can easily manage and track salaries, changes in salaries, employee work timings, and leaves like important tasks easily. The software even offers features that can be used for keeping track of employee benefits. Later, you can easily have the accurate deductions and addons on the list for better management of the capital. The software is easy and can be used by newcomers too. 

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Notable Offerings of Zenefits

  • The software automatically syncs the salary and payment changes
  • You get the freedom to add salary benefits for accurate results
  • It lets you manage various other HR work effectively in no time
  • For leaves, employees can directly use the application than having a face to face communication 

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6. Patriot Payroll

Patriot Payroll

Patriot Payroll is another great free payroll management software that can be ideal for small and medium businesses. Here in this software, you need to add payroll depending on the time period and amount. Later the software automatically transfers as per the entered amount. The interface is simple and easy. You can easily work with any tutorials. 

For companies having more than 100 employees can face issues with this software as it is not meant for those. Though you have to pay some amount for this software, but the efficiency and accuracy of the software are worth spending. Just like other payroll system software you can perform every day to day activities and manage all your expenses/payments. 

Notable Offerings of Patriot Payroll

  • Patriot Payroll is developed for medium and small businesses
  • The software lets you manage 100 employee portals easily
  • It effectively calculates and automates the tax filings of every employee
  • You can easily maintain separate data for contractual or temporary employees
  • The software can deposit direct salary and printing of checks

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7. Sage Business Payroll

Sage Business Payroll

UK’s Safe Group developed the Sage Business Payroll software which is great for accounting data of 25 employees. The software might not work properly if the data is increased, the small capacity of accounting is the reason why it is placed at a lower position on the list of best payroll management software. But apart from that, the software works great for small businesses as it offers features that can help in accounting, expenses, and management of inventory. 

This payroll system software is the basic e-payroll platform as compared to other software on the list. Though you get timely monitoring and accuracy with all the tools so that you can easily manage the business work. The interface on the other hand is simple yet descriptive, you can easily use and find all your data. 

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Notable Offerings of Sage Business Payroll

  • Great software for small businesses with upto 25 employees
  • You can easily monitor and manage salary and tax deductions
  • It offers separate tools for tax filing, and employee leaves for accurate calculation
  • It lets you share payslips directly through email to every employee

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8. Paychex


Paychex is another great free payroll management system software that you can use for all HR and payroll services. The software offers features to manage employee payrolls, hiring, attendance, and other expenses. It works great in filing tax and automatic deduction of tax. It works professionally and with utmost accuracy. You can use this software for all the managerial work and can perform them effortlessly. 

Notable Offerings of Paychex

  • You can keep a track of salary and deductions effectively for all employees
  • The employees can get help through the portal itself
  • It offers automated documentation for new employees 
  • You can track attendance and timing of the employees for record

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9. Gusto


At last on our list of best payroll management software, we have Gusto. The software offers loads of features for keeping track of every account. Using the software you can manage salary accounts, automated deductions/ filings, and other expenses which occur. It offers an integrated platform that can be merged with e-payroll systems like Xero and Quickbooks.  You can easily track salaries and other expenses with Gusto. 

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Notable Offerings of Gusto

  • The software automatically files for taxes and deductions for every employee
  • You can keep a check on employees timings and attendance for accurate paydays
  • All other benefits and expenses are included in accounts and managed for accurate cash flow
  • You can use it with other accounting software 

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Final Words on the List of Best Payroll Management Software 2024

Now that you have read about the best software for payroll management you can easily choose the best software and then use them for keeping your accounts. After using the software you can easily relax as the software will work for you with accuracy and efficiency. The list is created on the basis of performance and reviews by the users. If we missed out on any software please let us know in the comments section below. We will add them to the list. 

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