13 Best Free VPN For Mac in 2021

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13 Best Free VPN For Mac in 2021: Protect Your Mac With Fast VPN

Are you seeking a safe way out through the murky waters of the cyberworld? If so, then acquire the best VPN for your Mac system and navigate without the risk of being tracked and losing your data to cyber exploiters easily.

This article is therefore here to guide you through the various options of VPN services available in the software market, so that you can make your best choice for sufficing your needs.

A VPN app is not only capable of hiding your identity, system IP address from prying eyes of cybercriminals, it can even prevent sites from tracking your exact geo-location, apart from helping you access geo-blocked content. 

Another important thing to note before opting to acquire a VPN software is to find out whether the tool itself has no data retention policies, otherwise using a VPN is of no use. Bearing all this in mind, we have prepared a list of the best free VPN tools for Mac that you can use in 2021.

What is the Best Free VPN Software For MacOS?

Below is the list of the exclusive VPN services that can protect your data in multiple ways.

1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN - Best Free VPN For Mac
Image Source: PCWorld

One of the most popular and best free VPN for Mac is the NordVPN. Being a cross-platform VPN service, it is suitable for various products and supports up to 6 devices besides being user friendly.

What you can avail is complete end-to-end security with military-grade encryption facility along with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) feature to transmit data with 256 bit-encryption.

This VPN tool for PC does not keep user logs or track and record any personal information and is hence completely safe to use. It supports more than 5200 servers and a huge number of server locations.

Prominent Features

  • The software supports up to 6 devices
  • This VPN uses military-grade encryption to keep the data secure
  • The software keeps the privacy intact as it does not store or tracks the activity of the user
  • The VPN offers more than 5000 servers along server locations too

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2. ClearVPN

Image Source: ClearVPN

Next software on our list of best free VPN is ClearVPN. This VPN is developed by a well-known and established software development company of Mac and iOS devices, i.e., MacPaw. The software is very easy to use, and it doesn’t require any special knowledge to use it. Unlike other VPNs, it keeps your data safe as it has AES2 256 encryption for security.

The software offers more than 19 location access to the users. The software can be used on six devices with the premium plan. The best part about this VPN is it offers a high-speed experience to the user without any interruption. You can easily stream on your favorite sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Hulu. Till now, the software has gotten a positive response from users; you can also try this software and drop your feedback in the comments section.

Prominent Features

  • The software’s interface is straightforward and can be adapted by anyone easily.
  • It offers to speed up to 3.7 Mbps on every server and location
  • You can choose any location according to your need from the list
  • It supports torrent, which can be used to download anything from the restricted sites

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3. Express VPN

Express VPN - Best VPN in 2021
Image Source: Tech.co

If you are wondering which is the best VPN in 2021, then go with Express VPN  because it’s extremely easy to use, has a multilingual interface and is a cross-platform service provider with support for both mobile and desktop devices.

This best free VPN for Mac comes with a best-in-class data encryption facility and split tunneling feature. You can avail 24/7 technical assistance, 30-day money-back guarantee for this government-grade encryption facility provider.

The best part of Express VPN is that it helps you to overcome geo-blocks effectively so that you can freely access any content on the internet.

Prominent Features

  • The interface of the software is very easy
  • Your data is safe while you browse using Express VPN
  • Anyone can use this VPN as it free to use
  • This VPN comes with a geo-block feature that provides access to all the content on the internet

4. Surf Shark

Surf Shark - Best VPN Services
Image Source: Surf Shark

If you are looking for the best VPN services in the tech market, then Surf Shark can be the right choice for you. Besides encrypting the data and hiding IP address, it can also provide you a clean browsing experience by blocking ads, malware, etc.

With AES 256-GCM encryption, your data is entirely safe and secure from cyber criminals and third-parties. 

The most striking feature of this excellent VPN for Mac is that it offers a camouflage mode that masks your identity even from your internet service provider.

Prominent Features

  • This VPN offers an uninterrupted browsing experience by blocking ads and malware
  • Your data is safe and encrypted by AED 256-GCM encryption
  • The camouflage feature hides your identity even from the internet service provider as well

5. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN
Image Source: CyberGhost VPN

A complete VPN service for Mac is CyberGhost VPN that lets you access blocked sites, stream sports and videos from any region, and do a lot more. 

This VPN service comes with one tap protection to encrypt data transfer, safeguards your banking transactions and other online activities. High DNS with IP leak protection, automatic kill switch, unlimited bandwidth with high speed internet are some of it’s other notable offerings.

You can avail up to 3100 servers from more than 60 locations. Any error with the tool can be resolved quickly with it’s round the clock customer service assistance.

Prominent Features

  • Using this VPN is very easy with its simple interface
  • You can access blocked sites, steam sports and enjoy browsing
  • By encrypting the browsing this VPN safeguards your banking details and other histories
  • The software offers more than 300 servers of 60+ locations

6. HotSpot Shield

HotSpot Shield - Best Free VPN Service Provider
Image Source: Techworld

HotSpot Shield can be the free VPN service provider for PCs with ultra-fast VPN servers, military grade-encryption, supporting various platforms and devices. It provides secure internet access without being hacked or tracked.

With the Kill Switch protection, you can protect your identity even if you lose the internet connection for sometime. Besides hiding your IP address, it also hides the physical location of VPN servers with the help of virtual tunnel technology.

Prominent Features

  • You can easily select the country to change your IP address
  • This VPN software is free to use
  • Your browsing is secured and no one can track it
  • The software offers a kill switch feature that protects your identity even if you are offline

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7. TunnelBear

TunnelBear - Best Free VPN For Mac in 2021
Image Source: TunnelBear

Here is the best free VPN for Mac 2021 that can help you browse the web safely without being tracked. TunnelBear can hide your IP address, location from websites, ads, and hackers.

This VPN software for Mac restricts advertisers from tracking your online activities. It is enabled with AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard your confidential data.

Additionally, TunnelBear can be used with the Ghostbear feature to protect your data from ISPs, governments, etc.

Prominent Features

  • The software uses AES 256-bit encryption to keep the data secure
  • You can easily hide your IP and data easily even from the ISPs and governments
  • Ads are blocked so that you get an uninterrupted browsing experience

8. Windscribe

Windscribe - Best VPN Service Provider
Image Source: Techworld

This is a competent VPN service provider that unlocks all locations and hides your IP address and timestamp. It comes with a config generator and has an AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key.

You can generate OpenVPN, SOCKS, and IKEv2 config for all types of devices you own. This VPN service for Mac is capable of blocking ads, trackers and can also change your timezone. You can easily access websites having geographical restrictions.

Prominent Features

  • You can adjust every setting according to your ease and requirement
  • The software uses various method to keep the data secure
  • Ads and tracker are blocked by the software
  • Using the software you can easily access website having geographical restrictions

9. VyprVPN

VyprVPN - Mac VPN Service Provider
Image Source: Restore Privacy

With this VPN service provider for Mac you can access 700 plus servers across 32 locations worldwide. This tool is enabled with numerous encryption protocols and chameleon technology to overcome VPN blocking.

There is no reduction in internet speed due to the simultaneous operation of the VPN service. Zero-knowledge DNS, NAT firewall are among its other notable offerings.

Prominent Features

  • The software offers a list of server and ping so that you can choose the best option
  • You get access to 70+ servers from all across the world
  • The speed of the internet doesn’t decrease while using this VPN
  • It offers a NAT firewall to protect the system

10. Speedify VPN

Speedify VPN - Best VPN Service
Image Source: Lifewire

Another best VPN service for Mac is Speedify VPN that comes with superior features and supports 

More than 1000 servers in 28 locations, this VPN uses CHa-Cha encryption algorithm that can keep even pro hackers away from tracking and stealing your data.

This VPN software for Mac is based on channel bonding which utilizes multiple internet connections like WiFi, cellular, Ethernet, etc. to provide enhanced bandwidth of internet.

Prominent Features

  • This VPN has more than 1000 server and 28 locations to offer
  • To keep the data secure the software uses the CHa-CHa encryption algorithm
  • The software is based on channel bonding

11. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish - Best Free VPN For Mac
Image Source: Comparitech

Our next pick in the list of best free VPN for Mac is IPVanish VPN. Having more than 1100 servers in more than 60 prime locations worldwide, this exclusive VPN service is capable of supporting up to 10 devices.

Users can uninterruptedly surf the internet owing to its unlimited bandwidth and high-speed connectivity for downloads as well as uploads.

You can avail 256-bits of AES encryption, and also access free torrenting, geo-locked content, and download SOCKS5 web proxy with this amazing VPN service.

Prominent Features

  • Using this VPN you can connect up to 10 devices
  • The software has access to 60 location and 1100 servers
  • 256-AES encryption is used to keep the data of users safe

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12. ProtonVPN

 ProtonVPN - VPN Software For Mac
Image Source: ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a powerful VPN software for Mac and is highly effective in safeguarding your data privacy and identity online. It strictly follows a no-log policy and does not retain any activity logs of users. 

The prime feature of this VPN service includes DNS leak protection. The UI is simple yet effective. ProtonMail is an additional benefit for users of this swiss-based VPN provider. Users can connect up to 10 devices and enjoy it’s services.

Prominent Features

  • ProtonVPN has a no-log policy which means no data will be retained
  • The user interface of this software is very simple and even a beginner can use it
  • The software support up to 10 devices

13. Hide me

Hide me
Image Source: Hide.me

Maintain absolute anonymity and encrypt your data with this splendid free VPN for Mac. Hide me has up to 150 dedicated gigabit servers throughout the US, Asia, and Europe. 

This VPN provider uses VPN protocols like PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, SoftEther, etc. Additionally, it comes with AES 256-bit encryption with 8192-bit keys. 

Your data and online activity remains safe because Hide me does not retain any user data. Users can even be safe while they are connected to public Wi-Fi.

Prominent Features

  • Hide me offers 150 servers from various locations
  • The software offers AES 256-bit encryption with 8192-bit keys
  • The software does not use any of the user’s data or even retains it

Concluding Words

With the description and offerings of the above 13 VPN service providers for Mac, we arrive at the concluding point of this article. Now that you have a fair idea about each of the 13 tools in the category of excellent VPN software for Mac, you can thus take your best pick to encrypt your data and protect your online identity.

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