8 Best Free ChatGPT VPN to Use in 2024

Published Date : Dec 27, 2023
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Best Free ChatGPT VPN to Use

Here is the list of some best free ChatGPT VPN tools that you can try in 2024 and run ChatGPT after surpassing the barriers set up by the government of your country. 

ChatGPT is an up-and-coming AI-powered chat platform that is gaining huge popularity. With the help of the AIbot, a lot of users are getting information on various fronts and domains for use. The bot provides answers, detailed or brief as asked, by the users. Hence, all these features of the tool resulted in its huge growth and popularity in a small span of time. Additionally, ever since ChatGPT has cleared some popular exams and dissertations, more and more students and even professionals are taking the help of the tool to create and present reliable content.

Seeing the huge popularity of the tool for academic purposes and others, some governments saw the AI tool as a threat and hence, banned the platform. However, there are certain methods that allow you to bypass these barriers and run the AI tool with ease.

With the help of an effective and reliable best free ChatGPT VPN, you can access ChatGPT and run it to get the required results. All the free VPN tools may fail to provide you with this access, but there are some reliable alternatives that you can try. With this article, we have brought forward these alternatives for your ease. Using any of the products provided in this write-up, you can run ChatGPT on your device with ease. So, let’s have a look at the tools right away.

Top 8 Best Free ChatGPT VPN Tools for You in 2024

In the coming sections of this guide, we will list all the best free ChatGPT VPN tools in 2024 for you. Using these tools, you can easily run the platform on your device. The description of all the tools is provided along with the pros and cons to help you understand better and then make an informed decision.

1. Express VPN


The best free ChatGPT VPN should be ExpressVPN because of its user-friendly features and multilingual layout. This program is compatible with both desktop and mobile versions of the operating system.

This is the most effective method for circumventing geographical restrictions and gaining access to any material while maintaining the highest possible level of data security and encryption.

The split tunnel function enables the user to choose which applications need access to the best VPN for ChatGPT and which should be excluded from the choice since they do not require VPN security.

For all kinds of companies to retain their privacy, it offers a government-grade encryption capability and advanced features. This is without a doubt the most reliable free ChatGPT VPN for Windows 10 since it comes with a money-back guarantee that is valid for 30 days and technical support that is available around the clock.

If you are seeking a dependable tool for the Windows device, then ExpressVPN is the best option available to you.


  • VPN connection that is loaded with features and uses encryption that is suitable for government use.
  • Assure that the user is completely anonymous.
  • Quick setup and really user-friendly.
  • It works very well with major streaming software like Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and others.
  • Very strong and secure VPN software.
  • An audited policy with zero logs.
  • 24/7 client software.


  • Not compatible with the Linux operating system.
  • That is expensive.

Download ExpressVPN Today!

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2. SurfSharkVPN

SurfShark VPN

Another free ChatGPT VPN program for Windows that offers unrestricted access is this one. Even your internet software provider cannot tell who you are while you are using the camouflage mode. You only need to download it and get started utilizing it right away.

You are able to whitelist certain applications and websites with this program, allowing them to circumvent even the greatest VPN for ChatGPT. It does not keep track of the things you do. Every server has its own private DNS along with an IPV4 stack that guarantees that there is no data loss and that the server is secure in its entirety. Surf Shark VPN is not a totally free VPN software for personal computers, but it does come at a price that is quite reasonable and has much to look forward to.


  • Very safe to use.
  • Supports practically all streaming providers.
  • Simple.
  • Supports an infinite number of servers.
  • Offers 24/7 user support.


  • Paid connection.
  • The Privacy Policy seems unclear and provides little information.
  • Limitedness of a free trial

Download SurfSharkVPN Today!

3. NordVPN


This VPN software is available across several platforms and is amongst the top free ChatGPT VPN software for gaining online privacy. The NordVPN software is compatible with Netflix, and users have the option of paying with either fiat currency or one of many cryptocurrencies.

The best VPN for ChatGPT as it does not monitor, record, or store any of your personal information.

When sending any kind of information that has to be encrypted with 256 bits, the AES is employed. Even in the event that you unexpectedly lose access to the internet, your data will continue to be protected by the automated kill switch.


  • Tor and Multihop connectivity
  • a huge network of servers.
  • Simple in both its construction and its operation.
  • Other software, such as Nord Password Manager and NordLocker, are available for a subscription price.
  • 24/7 client software.


  • It is a paid VPN software.

Download NordVPN Today!

4. ProtonVPN


Since it comes equipped with all features that are desirable in a virtual private network (VPN), ProtonVPN is amongst the top free ChatGPT VPNs for Windows 10 as well as earlier versions. Additionally, the company’s goods are optimized for use on Apple iOS and Mac computers.

If you use this program, you will have no problems streaming from any of your preferred websites, and there will be no interruptions. The tool can run the most popular streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, and Netflix.

The best VPN for ChatGPT makes use of cutting-edge technologies to safeguard its users and provide cutting-edge software. AES-256 encryption and DynamicFlow technologies are both provided by the program. The program is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems and platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.


  • Flexible plans at a reasonable price.
  • Tor connection and Multihop VPN.
  • Security audits.
  • Disney+, Amazon, Netflix, and iPlayer may all be accessed with the premium plan.


  • Very pricey than other available choices.
  • Concerns about the lack of consistency in performance

Download ProtonVPN Today!

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5. AtlasVPN

Atlas VPN

AtlasVPN, which is amongst the top free ChatGPT VPNs available, gives you ten gigabytes of data that you may utilize. Those users who tweet the app will also get 5 GB of storage space.

They also provide a firewall and an add blocker, all of which contribute to the company’s overall high level of security. This best VPN for ChatGPT will wipe all the data within three minutes of you logging out, to ensure that customers will have complete privacy while using the software.

The Location Warp function spoofs your GPS position and its Time Warp system of our top free ChatGPT VPN alters your timezone so that it corresponds with the time accordingly to the server location connected.


  • The application provides a greater number of capabilities to protect the confidentiality of your data.
  • There are many different plans available to pick from, depending on the requirements of the user.
  • Using Atlas VPN won’t prevent you from downloading torrents, either.
  • Stream media software with ease.


  • Access to the software’s sophisticated functionality requires a membership to the software, which users must purchase separately.

Download AtlasVPN Today!

6. CyberGhost VPN

Cyberghost VPN

Users like to use this CyberGhost VPN because it boosts the internet connection, and there is a chat or call facility accessible to address any issues that may arise.

The best VPN for ChatGPT provides high DNS and IP leak security, unlimited bandwidth, automated kill switches, and amazing internet speed. These are the qualities that users like the most. The stringent policy against logging is quite amazing as well.

It is equipped with an AES encryption system, OpenVPN technology, and the L2TP-IPSec protocol, which enables it to manage many connections simultaneously. Although if it can not provide you with a free VPN connection, you can enjoy a money-back surety for up to 45 days.


  • Simple operation and quick download speeds.
  • Huge server network.
  • There are no compatibility problems.
  • Zero IP leaks.
  • 24/7 technical assistance.


  • The functionalities available on Android and macOS are restricted.
  • Costly

Download CyberGhost VPN Today!

7. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN

Users of this ChatGPT VPN software for Windows, which has been hailed as the greatest free VPN software in the world, may take pleasure in continuous software and lightning-fast connection. Users of the IPVanish VPN get access to an infinite amount of bandwidth and a connection that is both fast and reliable for downloading and uploading content.

This best VPN for ChatGPT uses 256 bits of AES encryption, which provides a fantastic surfing experience while also protecting your privacy and preventing hackers.

In addition, you will be able to download the SOCKS5 web proxy and acquire access to material that is normally restricted due to its location.


  • Excellent for torrenting and anonymous streaming.
  • Allows for the simultaneous use of up to ten different devices.
  • Quick work and ease of use.
  • Zero- IP logs.


  • Disney+ cannot be unblocked at this time.
  • Support for Netflix is inconsistent.
  • Complicated privacy policies.
  • The interface is cluttered.
  • There is no support for Bitcoin.

Download IPVanish VPN Today!

8. Norton VPN

Norton Secure VPN

Norton VPN is yet another secure and best VPN for ChatGPT to use in 2024. There are more than 1000 servers available in 29 countries, ensuring a better and smoother ChatGPT experience with stable performance. Similar to other top VPNs, this VPN service also provides a genuine kill switch for preventing data leaks in situations when the encrypted network connection drops. It also comes with an in-built WiFi Security feature as well as an Ad Blocker, which ensures complete safety while using public hotspots.


  • Availability of reliable Kill Switch.
  • Offers free trial period.
  • Stable speeds.
  • No-log policy.
  • Ad blocker feature is available.


  • Does not support WireGuard Protocol.

Download Norton VPN Today!

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Summing Up: Top 8 Best Free ChatGPT VPN Tools

After your education on the enticing characteristics of the best VPN for ChatGPT on Windows 10, you are free to choose the VPN software that best suits your needs from the options shown above. Throughout their numerous surfing sessions, every internet user has the right to online privacy.

The data that is exchanged using the best VPN for ChatGPT connections is guaranteed to be private and unaltered even if it is routed via an intermediary network.

So, if the government or your internet software provider has placed limitations on the usage of ChatGPT in your region, you may still use these top-rated free ChatGPT VPNs to run ChatGPT. All of these instruments are used in very similar ways. Download the program, launch it, choose the location or server you wish to connect with, and then click the connect button.

We may be able to answer any queries you have about the best free ChatGPT VPN. Put your questions and concerns in the comments area down below. You may count on us to assist you in any manner that we can. In addition, please let us know what you think about the article by commenting below. If you thought our work was good, you should sign up for our newsletter. By subscribing to the blog, you will be able to get fast and real-time information about the latest posts that have been added to the blog.

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