7 Best Free Teleprompter Software for Mac in 2024

Published Date : Jan 16, 2024
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Best Free Teleprompter Software for Mac

This article shares the best teleprompter software for Mac you may use freely to present yourself more confidently.

Not everybody is an impromptu speaker. We need planning and preparation to speak on any given topic. Moreover, often we require a written note of what we have to say in front of our audience to ensure we convey our views correctly and in the best possible way.

Talking about written notes of text you need to speak, modern users use the best teleprompter software for Mac for this purpose. The teleprompter apps show the text you have to speak on the screen so that you can confidently and convincingly connect with your audience. Most news/media publications and video content creators use such applications.

If you also wish to use the best Mac teleprompter, you may pick one for your needs from the well-researched list in the following section.

7 Best Free Teleprompter Software for Mac in 2024

You may choose the perfect software for your requirements from the best Mac teleprompters listed below.

1. Prompt+ Teleprompter

Prompt+ Teleprompter

We feel delighted to kickstart the list of the best free teleprompter software for Mac with Prompt+ Teleprompter. It is feature-rich software that is also easy to use.

Talking about the top Prompt+ Teleprompter features, it boasts voice recognition, automatic scrolling, and many other benefits. The following are the most advantageous features of this software.

Key features of Prompt+ Teleprompter

  • Script import from , OneDrive, iCloud, .txt, .pdf, .rtf, and other formats of Google Doc
  • Clock display and timer for content that is time-bound
  • Options for changing and pausing the scrolling speed
  • Allows you to customize the colors, text alignment, font size, and text area’s width
  • Text mirroring for using it in a physical teleprompter
  • Rich text formatting
  • Various options to manage the script remotely

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2. PowerPrompter Express

PowerPrompter Express

PowerPrompter Express is also one of the best free teleprompter software for Mac for all those looking for a powerful yet no-cost teleprompter. It is highly professional and beginner-friendly software with many features to delight users.

Some of the most attractive features of PowerPrompter Express include optimizations for both M1 Macs and Intel. In addition to it, below is what you may expect from this software.

Key features of PowerPrompter Express

  • Timer for time-based scripts
  • Lets you open more than one teleprompter window simultaneously
  • Option to make windows transparent
  • A lot of settings are available under Displays, Script, and Overlay

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3. Virtual Teleprompter Lite

Virtual Teleprompter Lite

Taking the list forward, let us take a look at Virtual Teleprompter Lite. The perfect choice for presentations during meetings and lectures, the app has various useful features to justify its position as the best teleprompter software for Mac.

For instance, Virtual Teleprompter Lite becomes transparent automatically when you select start, shows a timer, and boasts automatic scrolling. Moreover, the following are its other top features.

Key features of Virtual Teleprompter Lite

  • Option to adjust scrolling speed with arrow keys
  • Font size adjustment
  • Black, green, and white color options
  • Supports RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic

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4. Teleprompter: Floating Notes

Teleprompter- Floating Notes

Next, we have Teleprompter: Floating Notes as the best free teleprompter software for Mac. In a minimal and easy-to-use interface, this software packs all the essential features you may need.

Some of the noteworthy features of Teleprompter: Floating Notes include the addition of a floating window and the ones shared below.

Key features of Teleprompter: Floating Notes

  • Lets you change the background color and font
  • Support for remote control
  • Script display on the top of any application
  • Many ratio options
  • Full-screen script display
  • Text copy and paste
  • Many font options
  • Scrolling speed and font color adjustment
  • Better recognition with background color change

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5. Teleprompter Software

Teleprompter Software

Here comes a free teleprompter software for Mac you can use without downloading anything. All you need is a web browser to use this software.

In addition to being the best online Mac teleprompter software, below is what this program offers to deserve to be on this list.

Key features of Teleprompter Software

  • You can set the scrolling speed
  • Font size adjustments
  • Option to shrink margins to ensure convenience

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6. SpeakFlow


Here is another free and the best teleprompter software for Mac you may use online. This software is rich in features with two modes. The first mode is the flow mode which scrolls when you speak. The second mode scrolls according to an already set pace.

Moreover, the following features of SpeakFlow captured our attention the most.

Key features of SpeakFlow

  • Option to wrap words in brackets to add instructions and directions
  • Remote control support to let you sync more than one screen
  • Text formatting, color changing, and font size adjustment options
  • Better editing experience with auto-saving and history revision for your entire team
  • Easy team collaboration

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7. Teleprompter Premium+

Teleprompter Premium+

The next name on this list of the best Mac teleprompter software for Mac is Teleprompter Premium+. We like this software because of features such as the storage of multiple scripts and a timer to display and predict the remaining time.

In addition to it, the following are some other remarkable features of the Teleprompter Premium+.

Key features of Teleprompter Premium+

  • Option to control the software remotely
  • Video recording
  • Instant import of txt, PDF, and rtf files from other applications
  • Lets you control the scrolling speed
  • Easy export of settings and scripts to share with others

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Concluding the Best Free Teleprompter Software for Mac

Above were our top choices for the best teleprompter software for Mac. You may choose the one that fits your needs perfectly.

If you know any other software that also deserves to be called the best Mac teleprompter, you may share it in the comments for us to review and add it.

You may also use the comments section to share your questions, doubts, and suggestions about this article.

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