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A good night’s sleep is the secret to a healthy life as your body repairs and recharges itself when you are fast asleep. Hence, you may use the 8 best sleep tracker apps to monitor your sleep for free and improve your sleep quality.

How many hours do you sleep daily? As recommended by healthcare experts, it is essential to be in sleeping mode for at least seven to eight hours. Not getting enough sleep can have multiple repercussions, such as heart problems, feeling of fatigue, and tiredness throughout the day. Now the question is how to know whether you are sleeping adequately or not. Well, the best free sleep tracker apps are the answer you need.

The best sleep tracking apps for Apple watch give you a clear picture of your sleeping pattern. They let you know your Rapid Eye Movements, sleep disturbances, and many other crucial insights using sound, wake time, heart rate, movements, and bedtime as inputs.

Hence, without any further ado, let us look at the well-researched list of the best paid and free sleep tracker applications to help you improve your sleep quality and avoid related problems.

Well-Researched List of the Best Free Sleep Tracker Apps

The following are the best watch sleep trackers for Apple Watch to help you manage your sleep well.

1. SleepScore


SleepScore tops our list of the best sleep tracker applications for a variety of reasons. For instance, it uses sonar technology to monitor your sleep. The sonar waves accurately measure breathing and other sounds to identify your sleep patterns.

Moreover, it is among the best sleep trackers for iPhone that give your sleep a score. The score helps you set better goals for sleep improvement. Furthermore, here are some other notable features of SleepScore.

Key features of SleepScore

  • Clear sleep pattern analysis
  • Smart alarms
  • Monitoring of light and sound to ensure optimal sleep conditions
  • Goal setting and reminders for the bedtime
  • Sleep history of the past seven days
  • Unlimited tracking of sleep history, sleep pattern visualization charts, doctor’s report pointing out your sleep concerns, and sleep coaching if you get the pro version

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2. Sleep++


Next, we have Sleep++, one of the best free sleep tracker applications well known for its clean and simple design. Apart from the uncluttered interface, we liked it, particularly for its easy-to-understand reports.

As far as Sleep++’s features are concerned, below is what you may expect from it.

Key features of Sleep++

  • Measurements of average and daily sleep times, hours of restful/restless sleep, and awake hours/minutes
  • Automatic sleep tracking when you are wearing an Apple watch

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3. SleepWatch


It is impossible to skip SleepWatch when discussing the best sleep tracking apps for the Apple watch. Automatic data collection from the watch, accurate analysis, and the analyzed data’s clear presentation is the most likable feature of SleepWatch.

Apart from it, this application also tracks sleep-impacting behaviors, such as late-night snacking and alcohol consumption. Moreover, the following features also make SleepWatch one of the best sleep tracker apps.

Key features of SleepWatch

  • Clearly defined metrics so that you know what they mean and their importance
  • Sleep score and an in-depth analysis of your sleep pattern
  • Easy-to-understand graphs

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4. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Let us now take a look at the Sleep Cycle. It is also among the best free sleep tracker apps you may use to keep your sleep patterns in check. It analyzes sounds like snoring, coughing, and talking to give you a clearer picture of how well you sleep.

Going deeper into the Sleep Cycle’s features, here is what it offers to delight the users.

Key features of Sleep Cycle

  • Graphical sleep cycle tracking
  • Identification of both long-term and short-term sleep trends
  • A highly versatile app, available on multiple platforms

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5. NapBot


Relatively a newcomer to the App Store, NapBot has made its mark as one of the best watch sleep trackers within a short period of time. A lot of features contributed to this application’s success.

For instance, the NapBot app offers a calendar tab to give a detailed overview of your day-to-day sleep patterns. Moreover, you can tap on any day of the week to get insights like heart rate and sleep phases.

Furthermore, the following are some other remarkable features of NapBot.

Key features of NapBot

  • An easy-to-understand and use interface
  • Analyzes your environmental sound exposure
  • Features like sleep history and sleep trends in the pro version

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6. Pillow


Skipping Pillow is not an option when talking about the best sleep tracking apps for the Apple watch. In addition to all regular features like automatic sleep cycle analysis, the Pillow offers many fascinating features.

For example, the Pillow performs detailed heart rate analysis and the following delightful offerings.

Key features of Pillow

  • Records all crucial audio events like snoring, sleep talking, and sleep apnea
  • A detailed diagram for all sleep stages, such as REM, light sleep, and deep sleep
  • Availability of sleep history and trends
  • Sleep melodies to help you fall asleep
  • Alarms and wake-up sounds
  • Sleep cycle analysis to find the optimal bedtime
  • Features like sleep notes and nap modes in the premium version

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7. ShutEye


Finally, let us complete the list of the best sleep tracker apps to track your sleep for free with ShutEye. The ShutEye application uses artificial intelligence to recognize, calculate, and analyze the microphone’s recorded files to provide your sleep status information.

It is worth mentioning that it is a highly accurate application. And you may find the following delightful features in ShutEye.

Key features of ShutEye

  • A variety of sleep sounds are available
  • Availability of relaxing music and sleep stories to unwind after a long day
  • Easily understandable sleep tracking
  • Smart alarm to wake up gently
  • Snore detection

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8. AutoSleep


Another popular and beloved app for tracking sleep is AutoSleep. As the name depicts without any specific instruction the application automatically provide the input to track your sleep. All you need to do is grant these permissions. An ad-free experience makes adds to its clean user interface.

The readiness score offered by the app provides a score on how ready you are depending upon your sleep time and quality of sleep.

Key Features of AutoSleep

  • Monitor your time asleep, sleep ratings, stages, bedtime, etc.
  • Set smart alarms and measure environmental noise.
  • No analytic tracking which ensures 100% privacy
  • No in-app purchases or subscriptions required
  • Set up your shortcuts to perform specific tasks

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Concluding the Best Free Sleep Tracker Apps

This article acquainted you with the top 8 best sleep tracker apps available for free. You may use the app that perfectly satisfies your requirements to monitor and improve your sleeping habits.

If you know some other application that the above list of the best free sleep trackers for iPhone/Apple watch misses out on, you may mention it in the comments section. We will do our best to review and add it.

And for more application recommendations, stay hooked to TechPout.

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