Best Free Pregnancy Apps For Android And iPhone In 2020

Published Date : Sep 20, 2020
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Best Free Pregnancy Apps For Android And iPhone In 2020

You just have received the great good news and you cannot help but start prepping up for an exquisite kind of welcome of this wonderful new step of your life. And then, there is lots of expert advice to follow and regular follow-ups with your doctor and probably, yoga routine. In the middle of this, we have curated the best free pregnancy apps for Android and iPhone that will keep you and your health company during this beautiful phase. These pregnancy trackers are certainly there to track every step of this journey with health tips, progress evaluation and your tiny one’s development.

Best Pregnancy Apps For Expectant Parents

The pregnancy trackers have witnessed a great surge of success in recent years because of their features that offer a hand of health advice, weight monitoring and even let the mothers to-be watch their little ones move and kick inside. Not to mention, the important dos and don’ts during pregnancy including perfect exercises and diet plans play vital role in healthy acceleration which can be tracked with help of these best free pregnancy apps for Android and iPhone.

While these apps give a hand of friend to momma to-be, they can be counted as best pregnancy apps for dads as well for they can also track if the mother and baby are heading to the right direction. So let us not spare any minute and dig up the best pregnancy apps to take extra care of the tiny one as well as your mind and body.

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Here are 10 best free pregnancy apps for iPhone and Android to incorporate in celebratory stage of your life:

1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is one of the best pregnancy apps for iPhone as well as Android and is a favourite one to many expectant parents out there. This app keeps track of baby’s growth and allows you to view your baby’s illustration with a feature called ‘Womb’ which could not be any better. Expectant mothers can track their health with custom health tracker settings in this app which helps them ensure their well-being. This one is probably one of the most useful software to keep track of babies’ development as well as mothers’ health.

Features to expect from Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

  • Ovia provides weekly progress reports of pregnant women and allows them to know how well they are doing with its feedback feature.
  •  This app features the countdown to your due date.
  • It helps you to gain insights on pregnancy and understand the dos and don’ts during this phase with helpful tips and advice in informative articles.
  •  It allows expectant parents to see the illustrated view of their baby’s development.

Download: iPhone and Android

2. The Bump

The Bump

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free

Engineered to ensure the dynamic features and a great company for expectant mothers, The Bump is one of the best pregnancy apps for Android and iPhone which watches over every single glint of change in body of the mother and the baby. It features a 3D interface with help of which you can view your little one’s growth weekly. Besides, ask it anything and the answer will be fetched to you quickly. Know what to say yes/no to during your pregnancy and learn how to stay as elated as possible with this super helpful tool.

Features to expect from The Bump

  • The Bump allows you to view your baby’s developing body week-by-week.
  • This pregnancy tracker app shares expert advice and articles that help you stay healthy and provides every tip to maintain the cheer around.
  • It allows you to discover the dos and don’ts of pregnancy and ensures health safety by answering your questions.
  • It features a baby store where you can find the products for the little one from major retailers.

Download: iPhone and Android

3. Flo


Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free (In-app purchases)

Made to track women’s health in the best way possible, Flo is probably everything that you need if you are expecting a baby or just want to track your menstruation cycle. This one is one of handy tools to make notes with. It allows you to calculate your due date and view the countdown. It brings you the knowledge and tips about pregnancy with several articles that give you insights about baby’s growth and health. Besides, it features ovulation calendars to help you know if you are ready to get pregnant and also features a health tracker where you are on the track.

Features to expect from Flo

  • With Flo, you can know your ovulation period accurately.
  • It enlightens you about pregnancy and provides many health tips to stay happy.
  • This pregnancy and baby tracker app offers you to calculate your due date and features the countdown.
  • It tracks your growth alongside your baby’s and lets you know if you are going in the right direction.

Download: iPhone and Android

4. Pregnancy +

Pregnancy +

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free (In-app purchases)

How often do you just wish if you could just take a glance at a life created inside of you? Pregnancy+, one of the best pregnancy apps for Android and iPhone, has got a way in for you. If you wish to view your baby’s development in the most surreal way possible then go for this app as it allows you to visualise the little one vividly. It helps you rejoice in every day of those months by providing realistic pictures and weekly progress reports to keep your health in check. This tool also allows you to make a shopping to-do list and provides ideas for your baby’s name.

Features to expect from Pregnancy+

  • Pregnancy+ allows you to view your baby’s development with realistic images.
  • You can easily discover your health status week-by-week as this app provides weekly progress reports.
  • It features a contraction timer to help your view and understand the contraction pattern.
  • It allows you to create a shopping list for your baby and explore the names for the little one.

Download: iPhone and Android

5. BabyCenter


Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free

Counting on another best free pregnancy app for iPhone and Android, we cannot help but include BabyCenter. It is probably one of the best pregnancy apps to decorate the cheers of this beautiful phase of your life with tracker and countdown. It provides videos to teach you about each stage of pregnancy and helps you explore the tips and tricks to make your health be at its perfection. Besides, it ensures your knowledge on the role of exercises and helps you be a fit mother-to-be. Check your ovulation and fertility status with this amazing software and make sure you extract the best of its offers.

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Features to expect from BabyCenter

  • BabyCenter allows you to be updated about ever-burgeoning health tips and updates on pregnancy.
  • It helps you with the best pregnancy exercises tips and also provides videos about the stages of pregnancy to help you dig better insights on everything related to this big time of milestones.
  • This app updates you about ovulation and fertility, allowing you to be mindful of your health in the best way possible.

Download: iPhone and Android

6. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free (In-app purchases)

Sprout Pregnancy is one of most popular and best free pregnancy apps for Android and iOS and is near and dear to many expectant parents for its power-packed features and information to keep everything in check. It features a 3D model with which you will be able to view the blooming side of your baby. Check your little one’s movements, heartbeats and get to view the kicks that add milestones to your life. However its free version offers limited perks and the premium one has free-trial for two weeks.

Features to expect from Sprout Pregnancy

  • Sprout allows you to view every part of your baby’s growth including kicks and movements.
  • It features a 3D model to help you view your baby vividly.
  • It features a kick counter and tracks your weight.
  • You can become informative about this phase of your life with a custom timeline feature in this app, allowing yourself to discover every update on this process.

Download: iPhone and Android

7. Pregnancy Week By Week

Pregnancy Week By Week

Compatibility: Android

Cost: Free (In-app purchases)

With features synonymous with its name, this software called Pregnancy Week By Week is one of the best free pregnancy apps for Android. This app features a simple interface with a minimal impression and it has all the answers regarding your progress as a mother to-be alongside your little one’s development. One beautiful feature about this app is that it is your gateway to a wonderful world of milestones where you can track your baby’s kicks. Besides, shed any sickness or health mayhem with the healthy diet plan offered by this app.

Features to expect from Week By Week

  • This pregnancy tracker app features minimal appearance and is easy to use.
  • It allows you to track your baby’s kicks with its kick counter feature.
  • It provides a health tracker to help you keep a check of your health status and also provides help with diet plans.
  • This pregnancy and parenting app allows you to calculate the due date.

Download: Android

8. Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker

Compatibility: Android & iPhone 

Cost: Free (In-app purchases)

When the much-awaited time is finally here and there are cheers, balloons and crackles surrounding you and your little bundle of joy, Baby Tracker ensures to capture every moment to create souvenirs for a lifetime. It is one of the best free pregnancy apps for iPhone and Android which allows you to click pictures of your adorb and compose a collection with its built-in album feature. This one comes under the category of best pregnancy apps for dads who cannot contain the excitement of making every moment of newborn’s birth count.

Features to expect from Baby Tracker

  • Baby Tracker features a built-in album to help you click and collect images of your little one.
  • It allows you to keep an eye on feeding your baby with its feeding tracker and even helps you keep track of diaper changes.
  • It features night mode.

Download: iPhone and Android

9. Full Term – Contraction Timer

Full Term – Contraction Timer

Compatibility: Android & iPhone 

Cost: Free (In-app purchases)

If you wish to track your labor contractions efficiently, this software called Full Term is probably going to let you discover everything accurately. Full Term is a contraction time and also counts as one of the best free pregnancy apps for iPhone and Android as it features advanced functions to bring best insights of your pregnancy period. It features a button to watch over the start and the end of your contraction and also allows you to track your baby’s kicks with a kick counter. Check intensity, frequency and duration of your labor period and even discover the process again chronologically with this amazing tool. This one is a wonderful app to track your weight and know if you are doing well.

Features to expect from Full Term

  • Full Term features built-in graphs to let you view the progress of your labor more realistically.
  • This app offers the track of contraction right from the start till the end of every period with a single button.
  • It features a kick counter and weight tracker to gain insights on your as well the baby’s health and fitness status.

Download: iPhone and Android

10. Glow Nurture

Glow Nurture

Compatibility: iPhone 

Cost: Free

Glow Nurture is one of the best free pregnancy apps for iOS and can be of great utility to make every step and stage of pregnancy count. This one is a pretty simple and straightforward pregnancy tracker to become informative about every progress during your pregnancy period. This app features customisable functions that you can use as per your needs. You will find quite informative articles on this app alongside the community of people who love to share their journey and thoughts. As you use this app, it gradually begins to pioneer the best journey for your health and fitness by understanding your needs and demands.

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Features to expect from My Pregnancy

  • Glow Nurture offers pretty custom functions that you can use and change as per your requirements.
  •  It features reminders to remind you about medications and appointments.
  • This pregnancy and period tracker app allows you to share your thoughts with like-minded people.
  • This application is quite intuitive and gradually begins to understand what it is that you require and what it is that you don’t.

Download: iPhone

Track Your Pregnancy in Most Efficient Way with These Pregnancy Apps

Let’s just hope you have found your perfect pregnancy tracker to add more insights about this journey. Some of you may only wish to keep track of how your tiny one is developing and visualise your baby’s progress while there is also a group of mothers to-be who want to dig deeper in pregnancy and its stages by reading informative articles and how-to guides. Let the reason be whatever, these pregnancy trackers make a source of utility for those parents who wish to make every single step in this journey worthwhile. If you found this article helpful or have anything to add, feel free to jump to the comment section and let it all spill.

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