8 Best Free PimEyes Alternative to Use in 2024

Published Date : Jan 05, 2024
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Best Free PimEyes Alternative

You can take control of your photos and prevent their misuse online at no cost using the top alternatives to PimEyes shared in this article.

If you ever wish to perform a reverse image search, PimEyes is the first name that comes to mind. It is an online face search engine that digs deep into the internet to detect pictures with given faces. However, shortcomings like expensive price plans, limited social media coverage (covers only publicly available photos), and false positives prompted many users to try the best free PimEyes alternatives.

Are you also looking for the best sites like PimEyes? If yes, the search engine has brought you to the correct place. This article lists the top alternative websites you can use instead of PimEyes for reverse picture searching curated after much research and analysis of all the available options. The next section walks you through them without further ado.

Top 8 Best PimEyes Alternatives (Free) in 2024

You can use the following best free alternative sites like PimEyes (which are even better in terms of features and functionality).

1. Yandex Images

Yandex Images

Let us introduce you to Yandex Images. It is among the best free PimEyes alternatives for its advanced facial and image recognition technology. Moreover, highly accurate detection, crop options (increasing the chances of finding the correct image), and the following features justify its position on our list.

Key features of Yandex Images

  • Finds similar objects and faces using AI face recognition and Neural Networks
  • Needs no registration or setup
  • Allows unlimited searches per day for free

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2. Google Lens

Google Lens

Next, we have Google Lens as one of the best alternatives to PimEyes. Google Lens is a highly popular image search program. It allows you to detect products, text, and photos by capturing their picture. Moreover, this advanced vision technology and machine learning-based software offers the following incredible features.

Key features of Google Lens

  • Needs no setup or installation
  • Lets you solve a mathematical problem by taking a photo of it
  • Allows you to find information about landmarks, restaurants, books, storefronts, etc.

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3. TinEye


TinEye is yet another one of the best free sites like PimEyes. You can Visit TinEye as a mobile application or a Google Chrome plugin to perform reverse image searches for professional purposes.

Talking about the features, TinEye offers an enormous database of over 62 billion pictures, easy image source detection, effortless spotting of alterations, no image saving (ensures the security of your pictures), and the following wonderful features.

Key features of TinEye

  • Allows you to sort search results according to their size, date added, accuracy, and other parameters
  • One-click comparison of the reference images and search results
  • Lets you find even altered or edited pictures online

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4. FindClone


Earlier known as SearchFace, FindClone is a well-known free PimEyes alternative with facial recognition technology. Moreover, we like FindClone for its accurate social media profile detection (even if your photo has many people), and the following useful features.

Key features of FindClone

  • Finds image matches on VKontakte, Russia’s popular social network
  • You can use your browser’s translation feature to translate FindClone into English

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5. PicTriev


Here comes PicTriev on our list of the best free sites like PimEyes. You can use the photo search feature of this platform to find similar faces online. One of the most unique features of this site is that it analyzes facial features to determine whether they look more masculine or feminine.

Moreover, availability in 14 languages, no sign-up or Visit requirements, and the following features contribute to making PicTriev one of the best PicTriev alternatives.

Key features of PicTriev

  • No daily search limits
  • Highlights the approximate age of the person in the reference picture
  • You can find your look-alikes on the internet with the similarity percentage between the two faces
  • Clicking on the search result redirects you to their page on Wikipedia

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6. SauceNao


Here is yet another popular PimEyes alternative site called SauceNao to locate an image’s source. It has billions of images in its database to help you find any image’s location.

Moreover, SauceNao is a renowned name for its pixel-matching technology for image comparison, email notifications of the detected matches, availability of over 40 databases, and the following remarkable features.

Key features of SauceNao

  • Finds similar product images to help you verify whether or not the product is original
  • Fast image search with the availability of extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Safe search eliminates adult content from the search results

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7. Pixsy


Let us now have a look at Pixsy. It is among the most accurate alternatives to PimEyes available currently. With the power of AI face recognition and Neural Networks, Pixsy allows you to scan up to 500 photos for free for non-professional purposes. Moreover, you can use this platform to send individual or bulk legal takedown notices and get compensation if your image privacy is compromised.

Furthermore, the following are some other noteworthy features of this program.

Key features of Pixsy

  • You can apply filters to sort and customize your matches
  • Allows you to maintain a database of images you think are used without your permission

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8. Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search is quite similar to Google Lens. Just as Google Lens allows you to scan for any image by clicking a picture, Bing Visual Search works on the same principle. The platform, after searching for an image, offers reliable results from multiple websites and web pages. Using this search engine, you won’t face any problem looking for details of the targeted images.

Key features of Bing Visual Search

  • It is a smart search engine that offers copyright-protected/unprotected images for you.
  • You can even drag and drop an image instead of capturing it.
  • The tool also works quite well if you paste the URL of the image for further information.

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Concluding the Best Free PimEyes Alternatives

This article introduced you to the best PimEyes alternatives you can use to see how and where your images are used online. These sites go a long way in helping you prevent the misuse of your photos and violation of your privacy.

You can compare the above sites like PimEyes based on their features and choose the one that fits your needs the most. We would be pleased to know your experience with these websites and your views about this article through the comments section.

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